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It's Time To Ditch The Socks! Unique Gifts To Dazzle The Men In Your Life

Be honest. Are you guilty of buying your dad socks every year? Does your boyfriend end up with an annual influx of jumpers? If so, make this the year you think outside the box and dazzle your favourite people with spectacular, unique gifts. We often find that shopping for female relatives is much easier. But if you put your mind to it, and use your imagination, you can come up with the goods. Here are some unique gift ideas for the men in your life. It’s time to ditch those socks!
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Gadgets and gizmos

Most men love a gadget, and Christmas is a great time of year to buy into new innovations and inventions. Many companies launch new products at this time of year, and they are usually special offers on in the run-up to Christmas. There are so many different types of gadget on offer, and this can make it tough to decide what to buy. You can buy everything from virtual reality gaming headsets to self-stirring mugs. Think about what your partner or your brother has already got, and what kinds of gadgets would entertain them or make their life easier. You could go for something practical if they’re a whizz in the kitchen or a DIY lover, or something fun if they love gaming, for example. If you’re not au fait with the latest gadgets, read some tech blogs, or ask shop assistants for advice.

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Next level clothing and accessories

Buying clothing isn’t the most original idea. But what about if you add a personal touch? Nowadays, you can customise everything from trainers and football boots to caps. If this idea sounds appealing, do some research online. You could add their name or a special date, for example. Another idea is to take your man on a shopping spree. They can choose what they want, and you can offer some styling tips. Make a day of it by booking a table for lunch or dinner or stay over and enjoy a few drinks at the hotel bar.

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Sporting gifts

If you live with a sports fan, the options are endless. Indulge their passion with a stadium tour, match tickets, or a private lesson. Buy books, DVDs or novelty golf balls as stocking fillers. Research signed shirts or retro football online. If you’re married to a gym bunny, read up on the best wearable gadgets, or order a personalised gym bag. There are gifts out there to suit every budget, and for lovers of every sport.

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Manly hampers

If you’re searching for unique presents for him, look no further than a bespoke manly hamper. You can order a hamper online, or buy your basket and fill it with ingredients. This is a great idea for friends and relatives who love to eat and drink. Popular items include alcohol miniatures, chocolates, cheese, nuts, and condiments. If you make your own, you can put all your loved one’s favourite things inside. You can also use this idea to create a hamper for those who love to look after themselves. You can add shower and shave gel, candles, soap, and beard oil.

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Are you fed up of trawling the Internet or pounding the pavements looking for the perfect gifts for your dad, brother or boyfriend? If you can’t find anything in the shops, why not change tact, and go for an experience instead? This is a growing trend, and the range of options is increasing all the time. Book a bungee jump, skydiving or rally driving experience for the family adrenaline junkie. Go for wine tasting or chocolate making for a foodie. Or book a zookeeper for a day voucher for an animal lover. There’s something for everyone, and if you’re keen to get involved, there are plenty of options that are suitable for 2 or more people. You could also create your own experiences by booking a weekend away or organising a day out. Visit Paris or Rome for a romantic city break or go to Iceland and see the Northern Lights. If you’re keen to stay closer to home, Scotland and the Lake District are perfect choices for rustic winter retreats.

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Who said that buying gifts for men was impossible? If you’ve been struggling for inspiration, hopefully, this guide will solve all your shopping dilemmas. Search online for ideas, think about your loved one’s interests, and do something different. Add a personal touch or swap traditional gifts for experiences. Sometimes, the chance to create memories is the best gift you can buy.