Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

It's no surprise that the new Joan Collins range, Timeless Beauty was, of course going to have chic written all over it, but the new compact, is deliciously goreous, with an elegance and style that is befitting of any woman who like sto look good and feel good. The compact encapsulates chic classic style, with a modern twist, a lipstick that sits perfectly in the compact, making it the best compact to slip neatly in your bag, and makes for a beautiful travelling companion. 

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

This compact comes with a pressed powder in a delicate shade, and a little applicator, which is soft and dainty. The lipstick in this compact is the Divine Lips 'Amanda', a daring, bold bright lip that effortlessly mixes a classic red colour with a deep fiery terracotta colour. It's rustic and autumnal, which makes it a good choice for most skin tones, I would say it may compliment a darker skin tone more, but on pale skin, it brightens up the dullness, adds a bit of glam, and is easily buildable for a night look. Dramatic and fierce, it is perfect for a lady ready to make a statement!

The application is creamy and dreamy, doesn't smudge easily, and it's also easily rectified if you slip over the lipline a little. It sets with a satin finish, velvety and sits nicely on the lips without drying out, or feeling too liquidy. The longevity is reasonable, it can withstand a cup of coffee and a good few hours without needing any touch ups. The deep colour bleeds into the lip lovely, so it only really requires a very mild handed touch up.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Lipstick 'Amanda' swatch 

The range also features a very generous sized Countour Eyeliner, in Black, which looks incredibly long lasting and longer than many eyeliners I have seen before. It's soft, made with Japan Wax, from natural ingredients, and creates a very soft smoky look if you use a heavy hand, or a precise neat line.  The eyeliner is packed in with Vitamin E, making it a current favourite to reach for. Products that are laced with good stuff, makes them even more pleasurable to wear and use! 

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Eyeliner 'Black'

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