TRAVEL: London Living Could Be Just What You Need When Holidaying On A Budget

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For those of us who love to travel, the world is a big place. You might enjoy casting your net far away. It’s not always practical to go the distance in your travel pursuits, though. For those times when you need something a little closer to home, London offers it all. If you don’t have long, or don’t have the funds for a holiday further afield, London won't disappoint. If you’ve never been before, or haven’t been in a long time, you’ll be surprised what the city has to offer. This guide can give you an idea of what you can expect during your stay. Be warned, the list is sure to tempt you! 
First on the agenda for any trip is a place to stay. Without a hotel booked, there won’t be any holiday! London has a rich variety of hotels on offer. Your decision depends on your budget. If you’re planning to splash out on your trip, you could book into some of the famous Mayfair hotels. This top spot offers hotels such as The Ritz and the Dukes. They're sure to give you the London experience of luxury. If you don't want to splash that much cash, there are plenty of alternatives on offer. Looking at areas a little further afield will lead you to many cheaper options. There are many hotels In Shepherds Bush and other such areas which will be more affordable. 
There are many opportunities to get educated while staying in London. You could get cultured with a visit to Tate Modern, where you’ll see many amazing art pieces on display. Are isn’t the only option. There’s plenty for the historians among you, too. The Natural History Museum offers a rich exploration of the natural history of the world. It's even home to an iconic T-rex skeleton! If you prefer your history up close and personal, London can offer that too. A trip to the Tower of London will take you straight into Tudor history and is something you won’t forget in a hurry. Get to grips with the bloody history of the site by signing up for a tour. You’ll find out some fascinating history you never knew!

You can’t visit London without doing a little sightseeing. A perfect way to do this is to take a ride on the London Eye. Built in the year 2000, this spectacular carousel will take you high into the London sky. Rest assured that you'd be able to get a good look at all the sights while you’re up there. This is no fast ride. Trips usually take between 30 - 40 minutes, so you’ll get a good look at everything. If you prefer, you can walk the city to see the sights. That way, you can get close to them. There’s Buckingham Palace, the houses of Parliament and Big Ben, among others. Do some research and plan your way around London!

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