Microblade Your Way Into 2017

Brows have been the biggest trend for 2016. The bigger the better, the thicker the better, no fears of forgetting to pluck your eyebrows this year, because full lush eyebrows have been the hottest beauty trend. Yet, for those of us who are not lucky enough to have a mass of thick black eyebrows, and perhaps have a more sparse brow, trying to get those eyebrows 'on fleek' is not going to come easy. Every woman suits a different shape eyebrow depending on their face shape and eye shape, yet, it is important to have good eyebrows...they define and structure your face, and when your brows are on, your make up is definitely half way there! 

This is why Microblading is set to become the hottest new trend of 2017. A form of tattooing, it permanently creates neat, flawless looking brows that you never have to worry about again. It has become incredibly popular already across the celebrity universe, with stars like Michelle Keegan jumping on the Microblading bandwagon! It is also a really savvy alternative if you are suffering with any form of medical condition where you may have lost your brow hairs. 

The go to woman is Karen Betts, who has twenty years in Microblading and endeavours to create flawless, natural looking brows, and has a plethora of satisfied customers. 

"My technique involves using a small handheld device, with a very sharp blade at the bottom; which is used to draw on small hair-like strokes to the brows. These are drawn on in different lengths and directions using my KB PRO Pigments that are designed to blend in with the client's natural hair colouring; giving impeccable and unbeatable results. It is incredibly important to me and my team that the brows we create suit the facial shape, thickness and natural colouring of the person; to make the brows look natural." - Karen 

Karen Betts

Microblading is a wonderful way to achieve those gorgeous, filled, perfectly shaped brows that you have always wanted, without the hassle of trying to create natural and neat brows on your own. It is a real treat for all the brow junkies out there and be sure to check out Karen Betts over on her website here! Get ready and set for the Microblading trend of 2017! 

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