Organised Files, Organised Mind

Wherever your mind is during the day, whether it's on work, coffee or the cute crazy cat videos that pop up on Facebook, your working space should be tidy. If you're the kind of person (like me I hate to admit it), that finds organisation a serious task, then it's probably time for a rethink and a New Year's Resolution. They say, a tidy desk is a tidy mind, and I concur. Keeping tidy is the first step to achieving your goals, even daily tasks, keeping prioritized and being on top of everything you need to do. 

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Firstly, here are some of the things that are vital you keep on top of and can keep in a filing cabinet:

  • Your bills - any household bills, and information regarding them that you may need to keep track of or whip out to refer to when needed
  • Bank Statements - keeping upto date bank statements is very important, especially over the past twelve months, just to keep on top of your incomings and outgoings, and to be vigilant when it comes to fraud
  • Appointment letters - sometimes you need to take your letters along with you to any appointments, such as doctors, hospital appointments, dentists, etc and keeping them in a safe place is really important 
  • Policies - keeping your insurance policies in order is important in case you need to refer to them or use them at any point 
  • Government Letters - any letters sent out regarding tax, or any correspondence 
  • Council Letters - important information regarding numbers, dates for specific events in the area or any changes to your area 
  • Names and Addresses - keeping a folder with lists of contacts, personal or professional is needed for informing of any changes to your life (if it's a professional contact) or just to get in touch with old friends and family (if you don't have all their names and numbers stored in a diary)

If you're one of these people who keeps your files all stacked up or thrown into a drawer, then perhaps it is time to change your tactics and look at investing in a set of filing cabinets. Have a browse at the ones for you, and this way you can section of each drawer and alphabetize every single file, including a miscellaneous section. A filing cabinet is also a stylish way to keep things neat, because drawers become easily messy and there's a tendancy to throw old papers in, or pens, paperclips, any little bits of junk that have no other home. You can get a cabinet to fit your decor and lifestyle, and you can have the worry of losing your papers, and having them creased and crumpled in a drawer expelled forever.

I always find alphabetizing a very efficient way for appointments and letters and contacts, however for bank statements and bils, keeping them in order in your filing cabinet in date order is best, to backtrack through the months. Keeping coloured sticky markers and colour coordinating is always good, for example green for priority, yellow for archive, pink for recent, and blue for non-important. Of course the ideas are upto you but these are little pointers that help your organisation become tidier.

So it's time...make it your plan for 2017! Get tidy...and get creative! 

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