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Surprising Ways Your Social Life Can Damage Your Health (And What To Do About It)

Of course, having a thriving social life is so important. After all, friends are essential to put a smile on our face. And with good friends, you are more likely to live a healthy and happy long life. But you need to be careful about your health when you are around your friends. After all, there are times that your friends can cause your health to decline. Therefore, here are some surprising ways your social life can damage your health and what to do about it.

You might drink too much with friends
When you are young, you are bound to go out and have a few bevvies with your mates. After all, it’s part of growing up. However, you need to be so careful about how much you are drinking. After all, if you start having boozy sessions a couple of times a week, you could cause significant damage to your liver. And not only this but too much alcohol can cause you to put on weight. Therefore, you need to try and cut back on boozy nights out with friends. Try and think of other things you can do all do which will be just as fun. After all, if they are real friends, they will be happy to cut back on their drinking sessions to spend quality time with you. And if you do want to go out, just have one or two drinks to protect your health.

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You might smoke socially 
It can be easy to make a few mistakes when you are with your mates. After all, we tend to follow what the others are doing. And one of these is smoking. So many people don’t usually smoke, but when they are in a group, they feel like they should socially smoke. And although you might not think you are doing damage to your health, it could be having an impact on your lungs. And not only this, it could cause your blood pressure to rise. Therefore, say no next time to a cigarette. You could always use a vapor instead; you can get some fun e liquid which you use around your friends!

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Bad friendships can affect your mental health
Although most of us are lucky to have great friends, there are some friendships which are toxic. They expect you to spend all your time with them and they never want to listen to what you have to say. And they can often drag you into their arguments they are having with other people. These type of friendships are draining and can affect our mental health. After all, you should be living a happy life, not worrying about what your friend will do next! Therefore, for the sake of your health, you should cut yourself off from this so-called friend. Spend other time with your friends who care about you and are not hard work. It will do you a world of good to slowly dissolve bad friendships!

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And remember to avoid eating lots of junk with your friends. After all, as this article says, women tend to match their eating to who they’re with. Therefore, you might make bad choices if your friend likes consuming bad food. Stick to your guns to ensure you don’t eat poorly!

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