Tangle Teaser - Ultimate Finishing Brush

For anyone who has the fine hair curse, keeping your little locks of hair healthy and not having them shed everywhere is a mammoth task. We all want thick, luscious hair that doesn't need any boosting or much attention, but that is a near to impossible thing to achieve, and sometimes our hair needs a little extra assistance.

I was kindly sent the Tangle Teaser Ultimate Hairbrush. I had never delved into the world of tangle teasers before, having just used the ordinary brush, swept it through my hair and thought nothing more of it, this was a little treat! It is pink, super girly and undeniably cute, with a good thick sturdy wad of bristles. Designed to work on any hair, and even hair extensions, I thought I would give it a little whiz and see if it lived upto expectations of creating volumizing hair, without causing any damage.

Tangle Teaser

Tangle Teaser bristles

The bristles are very fine, they were light and when brushing my hair, I did feel a tiny bit of resistance, but it brushed through my hair without seeing any fallen hairs sticking to the brush. I tend to shed a lot of hair anyway, as do most people but my hair is super fine, so keeping my hair healthy is essential to stop it looking sparse. The brush works well on both wet hair and dry hair, I found that on wet hair it did seem to brush through a little easier, but I began to style my hair as normal with the brush, using it to brush back as I dried my hair. I could tell just from using it once that my hair did not feel as fly-away as it can with a regular brush. It added a little bit of volume, I will say that, but I can imagine this would be a perfect brush for someone with thicker hair who likes to do the occasional fancy up-do because of it's large surface area.

I will happily continue using the Tangle Teaser, it's a good investment for people who love haircare and are thinking of changing up their haircare routine. Regular old brushes are renowned to cause microtears and over time this can make your hair damaged, cause more split ends and ultimately make your hair unmanagable. For more information on the brush, click here!

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