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The Best Way To Start 2017

Let's be honest, 2016 has thrown us some crap. Without going into too much unpleasent detail and without spewing out expletives over the year it's been, I will look to the positives, because, the title of the blog 'The Best Way To Start 2017', must and will begin on a positive note.

Sitting down and making those painstakingly difficult New Year's Resolution Lists, that last a matter of days, sometimes only not something we relish. It's good to make lists, we can't deny that list-making and being proactive and organized is the key to a healthy mind and less stress; however, when it comes to making changes, it can be a little trickier to muster up the strength. Here are some of my 5 top tips of how to make a positive change to the New Year, because I do believe that we all endeavour to make at least the first month of any New Year, a positive, life-changing, goal-making, dream-creating one. Mostly. Right?

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Top Tips For A Healthier & Happier 2017

Get Out More

Getting out doesn't necessarily mean, going out socalizing every night, burning the candles at both ends and spending an exorbitant amount of money that you don't have, just to say 'you've been out'. Whilst socializing is a very important part of keeping a healthy mind and attitude towards life, there are ways of doing it without breaking the bank after Christmas. Invite some friends round, and have a cooking night together and a catch can be diffictult to find energy if you work 9-5. Another way to get out and about would be to take an hour off at the weekend with a friend or family member and go swimming or go to play your favourite sport. You'll be amazed how good sport is as a bonding session with your friends and family. If you work from home, try taking a long stroll in your area before you sit down to work, it gets the blood going, gives you a little bit of energy, releasing the endorphins, and you're engaged in your body and mind, ready for the day.

Change Your Habits

If you know that you have a habit that you need to stop, in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle, then why not take the bull by the horns, and quit whatever it is. Quitting anything cold turkey is a huge adjustment, but if you're wanting to stop smoking after the Christmas period, make your friends and family proud, and have bundles more energy and less irritating chest problems, then why not ease away from cigarettes by using vape kits! It's a much less risky habit than smoking and if you enjoy smoking and socalizing together, then having an e-cigarette will not hold you back. It will be lighter on your wallet, and you can vape a range of different flavours, depending on your mood, environment and what you're drinking and eating. Vaping has become such a trend in recent months, and I am sure many of your friends, even family vape or know someone who does, and this can easily become the perfect transition from smoking.

Planning Ahead

Keeping a planner is an essential anyway, especially for someone who has a million errands to run week by week and is trying to juggle a social life, a relationship possibly and maybe even children all in one. However, planning ahead I find is one sure way to make you feel more positive in the moment. If you plan a nice evening meal a few weeks in advance, maybe even a city break or even just a shopping trip; you always have little things in the pipeline to look forward to, which I find has always kept a healthy happy mind. Being spontaneous is also incredible but for people who find their lives to be mundane, especially after the comedown of the Christmas period, then making sure you get things down on your calandar in advance, can be a little trick to keep you feeling higher and not lower...we all have those moments of panic, freak out, mental breakdown and feeling as if life is taking a nosedive. It's not. You can always elevate yourself somehow, and remember of course, you are never alone!

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Be Thoughtful

Doing a little good deed can make you feel on top of the world. This does not have to include money, and sometimes, it may not even need much time, but being thoughtful to others, and spreading a little bit of joy, and a touch of sparkle into someone's life can be fulfilling. Little things, such as leaving sweet, kind postits on your colleagues' desks, or sending someone a text who you haven't spoken to in a while, or even an e-card on email, just to make someone smile when they open it. Smile at strangers, give a bit of spare change to a homeless person, even a few pence, go look for some bargains in the charity shops and support a good cause, or even just compliment a stranger. Everyone loves a good compliment. Striving to be content is vital, and it all comes from within yourself.

Don't Rush

We all rush around in life a mile a minute, moments and people whiz by and another week has flashed before our eyes. It's easy to rush, whether it be rushing to get chores done, or rushing around the supermarket, or rushing to do your daily tasks, it can be avoided, firstly with a little bit of planning and secondly by keeping calm! Stress, worry, and anxiety are huge illness triggers, whether it be minor issues or bigger issues, they can really tamper with your system and it's important not to allow the stresses of life to consume you. Take a few deep breaths, and count to ten. It works wonders. Remember that these little daily stresses will be so far from your mind by next year, and by taking your time, and being methodical, you can really have a more productive day, month and year!

If you're setting your own New Year's Resolutions, then feel free to share all your tricks and tips and let's make 2017, a healthy, positive and happy one!