Tips For Tinnitus Sufferers

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Tinnitus is an exceptionally overwhelmingly difficult condition to live with. Tinnitus is a condition which creates a severe ringing in the ears, sometimes a roaring or hissing, which can often lead to anxiety, stress and much more. Around five years ago, I came home from a music concert, only the next day, to be very aware of a ringing in my ears that was exceptionally loud and very disturbing to me. I felt perhaps it would disappear and that it was the after effects of listening to very loud music in a small venue. The ringing didn't fade. I went to the doctors, and a referral to an ear specialist, the ringing was incredibly worrying to me, very noticeable and when it was quiet, I felt as though my head was going to pop. It was discovered by doctors that my hearing was top notch. Thankfully it had not affected my hearing, but my anxiety was sky high, and for someone who already has anxiety issues, this was not a pleasant experience at all.

It gets better however. I was never given much advice on how to control my Tinnitus. Some say, it may go away forever, it may go away and come back, or it may never go away. There's nothing we can do, and your ears are perfectly healthy. It doesn't have to end here. Tinnitus varies from person to person, and mine has never gone away, yet I have learned to turn off from it, and I'm no longer struck with a feeling of utter helplessness and the drowning feeling of being trapped in my own head.

Photo Courtesy of: Pixabay

Tip One: Keep low sound around you all the time!

At night, I felt my Tinnitus was at its worst. The darkness enveloped me and coupled with my Tinnitus, I got barely any sleep, I didn't know what to do and it was only when I discovered phone apps that play sounds, that I realized I could finally get my life back. It sounds simple. It is...and it's worth a try. Keeping sounds on low and focusing solely on what you hear can allow you to stop hearing the ringing in your ears. It takes a strict mind, and you have to train your mind to forget but the night times are so much easier for me. I turn on my waterfall sound or rain sounds, and I do not tune in at all to the ringing in my ears. During the day, I tend to keep headphones in if I'm home alone or the TV on low. Keeping other sounds around you are really important.

Tip Two: Do NOT have loud music or loud sounds around you or directly into your ears!

This will only aggravate your Tinnitus in the long run and it's something I have tried and bitterly regretted. Keep it low, or moderate.

Tip Three: Use preventative measures

If you are wanting to go to a loud venue, then taking preventative measures is a must. I often use ear plugs, easy to pop in, and they really muffle the sound meaning your ears don't take as much of the strain and in the long-run, your Tinnitus won't become worse. I often find some basic ones from the chemist do the trick.

Of course every case is different and you have to also remember that there are many tips and tricks to help you live an easier, anxiety free life, which won't stop you from doing the things you love. If you want more information, then please take a look at Action On Hearing Loss who have a whole section dedicated to Tinnitus and what you can do. They are also currently looking into cures for Tinnitus. You are never alone.

Find them on Twitter here.

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