Whatever The Weather!

For any of my fellow Brits, you will be painfully aware, that this unpredictable little island, the weather can be somewhat unpleasent and grim. Many of us rush out of the house without an umbrella, only have to face that impending raincloud that drenches your nice coat, not to mention your hair, which only creates a ball of frizz on top of your head. It's certainly easy to grab the lightest jacket you can find because you spot that little bit of sunshine and hope for the best, only to find out that it's much colder than anticipated! 

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We live in such a busy world, that sometimes checking the weather on a morning can be one of the last things we do. I often find that the weather report can sometimes be inaccurate and of course tend to focus on the larger areas as opposed to your exact location, therefore making it a little more difficult to pinpoint exactly what the weather will be like. This is why you should look at this weather app, a winning app that gives accurate current and future weather reports, which allows you to be on the go, and with one quick click, check how the will progress throughout the day, ensuring you can be prepared for that little burst of rain, or flurry of snow, which may make you want to take a raincheck on those evening drinks!

WeatherBug App

Available on iPhone and Android, the app is free and it is powered by the world's largest network of professional weather stations, which means quick, real-time updates of the weather no matter where you are in the world. Offering 18 animated maps, lightening alerts, measures wind units, and much more, you can set up alerts to keep track of any changes in your area, to ensure you keep warm, cool, prepared....and safe. A perfect app for frequent travellers, who are not too sure what travelling outfit to wear for the weather difference at your destination. Also for those of us who are prone to a little bit of hayfever through those warmer months, it can give you a reading of how much pollen is in the air, to make sure you pack those all important anti-histamines. 

WeatherBug App

Remember, you never have to be caught out again by this precarious weather. Don't forget, stay on top of the weather radar! You're only one click away!

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