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During these snappy cold winter days, the summer wanderlust inevitably kicks in, and with Christmas around the corner, the pressures of buying a meaningful gift are prevalent. So why not look to the summer seasons already, be dreamy whilst you sit by the crackling fire indulging in your Camembert and see where you could jet off to when the warm sun makes an appearance again. 

Photo Courtesy of Dream Villa Rentals

Ibiza is often renowned as the misunderstood island, often renowned for its party scene, but hidden beyond the summer crowds, stands a beautiful island, full of history, charm and private villas. Sat waiting for you, are Dream Villa Rentals. They feature over 200 luxurious Ibiza villas to rent across The White Isle. They offer many other locations although Ibiza is quickly becoming a hot spot; only this year it has become a popular location for many luxury bloggers. The bohemian chic style, crystal waters and Michelin Star Restaurants to feast your eyes on; with luxury beach clubs and at your Dream Villa Rental, make Ibiza your home away from home. With your own private pool, soak up the vitamin D and vitamin Sea, whilst cooking up some Spanish tapas and watching the sun go down. Opt for a beach villa or a villa in-land; there are plenty of villa choices for everyone. Take your stay on the island to the next level, and hire your own private chef to create some delicious Spanish cuisine; the brilliant team at Dream Villa Rentals will cater to your every need. Take upto 10 people, and prepare to have the holiday of a lifetime on this gorgeous island of Ibiza!

Photo Courtesy of Dream Villa Rentals
Photo Courtesy of Dream Villa Rentals

Ibiza itself, a beautiful Spanish island has traditional Spain at its core, with plenty to see and do. Such as history, walks through the old town, a spot of shopping, high street or luxury, and aqua sports on the beaches, it has something to offer everyone, not to mention it’s insanely Instagrammable views.

Why not look at Dream Villa Rentals and check their full collection of beautiful villas worldwide to book direct.

Top 5 Locations With Jet2

November 30 marked the date of the Jet2 Influencer Dinner held at the ever-so-stylish off the map The Tetley in Leeds, a venue I'd never been to before and one I'm edging to go back to already. Jet2 are my go-to travel company, for flights and holidays, and have served to quench the thirst of my wanderlust on many an occasion, just recently in Krakow, I took a Jet2 Holiday to Poland, and what an adventure it became! The Influencer dinner was a lovely evening, in a gorgeous traditional themed Christmas room with delicious food, and even better company. Chatting to fellow bloggers and like minded people is always such a blessing, and even better when your love of travel can be honoured, over glasses of free flowing wine!

The Evening

The evening began with chit chat, we sat down at our seat, all cute and labelled out for us. We indulged in a three course meal, and finally, after far too much food, Camembert, Nut Roast and Rice Pudding, I endeavoured to complete the Jet2 Christmas quiz where a city break was up for grabs. Berlin, a fantastic location which I have yet to explore; however I am sure one day I will get there! Stumbling through the Christmas themed questions, I didn't quite make the winner's spot but the prize did go to a deserving winner, the lovely Emma over at Paper Planes & Caramel Waffles. Scroll down for a stereotypical 2015 bathroom mirror pose.

The Tetley. Outfit: Closet London

Jet2 have such a friendly team and there is definitely no disputing their incredible deals, and their last minute deals are definitely hot picks! The night was delightful, and there was even a little appearance of snow, adding to the definite spirit in the air. Thank you for an incredible night. Here are some of the destinations I've been to with Jet2 and what makes them super special and the reason why you should book for 2018! Be prepared for some ultra retro photos from way back when but let's call it an early Throwback Thursday!


You can read my detailed breakdown of my visit to Krakow and some fun things to do here, but I took this last Jet2 Holiday trip back in November from Birmingham at an incredibly good price (under £200) for 4 nights. We stayed at the INX Design Hotel, which I'd highly recommend for its interior, brand new, clean and modern, although a good ten minute walk from the main hum of the city. Krakow is a fantastic first time city for people who have never been to Poland before. In a prime location for some of Poland's fabulous skiing spots, and of course, Auschwitz concentration camp. For history and culture, Krakow is a brilliant cityscape!


Budapest is the Paris of the East and it is easy to see why. My first visit was in 2011, during a beautifully crisp Autumn. Walks down the Danube, strolls around the market and coffee stops around every corner, I was sure to find happiness there. Budapest is genuinely a city I would return to, possibly in the warmer months, to enjoy the city even more, however for a quiet weekend break, Budapest is perfect. It's quiet, and although some may say a little repressed, it is friendly and relaxing, making it a brilliant choice. Such a magical little city and I wish more and more tourists begin to flock here. Hungarian Goulash is also something you must try if you're in the city but of course there are plenty of western restaurants in the city also.



Faro is the main pit stop in the south of Portgual. When you head to the Algarve, you head straight to Faro and it's the gateway to the wanderous beaches of the Algarve. I stayed in Faro back in July, staying at The Faro Hotel overlooking the marina in this charming little town. Although it is a bus ride away from the main beach, most hotels in the area offer transport shuttles there and the Praia De Faro has plenty of beach clubs and restaurants. It is a cheap and affordable summer hotspot without the fuss of a long haul flight you can lots of very hot sun and good food. Be sure to wander round the Old Town of Faro, it was quite possibly the prettiest 'Old Town' of any city I've visited, and very well kept with lots of history to soak up. Read my review on The Hotel Faro here.


Barcelona is the beating heart of Spain, in my opinion more so than any other Spanish city, it's vibrant, artsy, multi-cultural and has the perfect dose of city and sea, to make it a brilliant city break but during the summer, you can make the most of the beach. Barcelona itself has so much to offer, and not just its shopping scene, but it's views. You would need at least three to four days in the city to see all its sights as it is vast and you do need to hop on a tour bus to get round to all the major points.


I visited a very busy Prague in the summer of 2015. Full of culture, Prague is an incredibly gothic, historical city with a lot of charm. It's renowned for it's party scene for stag and hen dos, although it's a generally quiet unassuming city, with no sign of rowdiness. It is in reach of Vienna for a day trip. It has a distinct European feel, and I imagine at Chrismas, the lights would be lovely. Summer can get incredibly busy, but the perfect excuse to stop for a large double scoop of ice-cream!

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*I was invited to the Jet2 Influencer Dinner as a guest but all opinions and words are my own.

5 Big Reasons Australia Is A Traveler's Paradise

I would say 90% of my friends that have gone traveling in the last two years have all spent some time in Australia. In fact, it’s one of the top places that people visit and then decide to just live there! It’s an absolute paradise of a destination for any traveler looking to get the most out of every minute they’re away.

On that note, if you’re planning a new trip, then here are some big reasons to enjoy the magic of Oz:

Oz:The Great Barrier Reef. Credit

Incredible aquatic wildlife

The wildlife, in general, is pretty unbelievable over in Australia, but it’s the underwater beauty that’s truly breathtaking. There are so many places where you can enjoy a bit of scuba - as the locals call it - putting on some equipment and diving deep into the clear blue sea. You’ll see coral reefs, turtles, starfish, and pretty much everything you can possibly imagine. It’s like you’re living in the Finding Nemo world, and you struggle to match this experience anywhere else. 

Syndey is amazing

Yep, that’s it; Sydney. This city alone is worth a trip around the world two times to see. Few places on planet earth match what this great place has to offer. With iconic architecture like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, and a stunning skyline, it’s Instagrammers heaven! Along with this, the coffee is amongst the best in the world, there are loads of stunning parks and Bondi Beach!

Experience a unique culture

The Aussies have definitely got life figured out. Well, they’ve got the approach to life down to a tee. Everyone here is relaxed and ready to have a good time, the people are unbelievably friendly, and there’s an almost ‘say whatever you’re thinking’ vibe to the place. It’s a unique culture, but one that’s so easy to get lost in and enjoy. 

See the Outback
There aren’t any words that will ever be able to describe the Australian Outback. It’s the complete opposite of the typical Australian scene. Here, there are no busy cities packed full of chatty locals, it’s just mile upon mile of hot red earth and sand dunes. This is something you have to see, and you might even get a chance to learn about the aboriginal tribes while you’re there as well. 

It offers entertainment all year round
Lastly, Australia is one of those unique countries that offers fun all throughout the year. Their summer months last a long time and get really hot. You can spend months chilling on golden beaches living your best life. But, during the winter months, there are areas of Australia that see a decent bit of snowfall. So, it’s a great place to go on a ski holiday as well!

I could go on and on about how unbelievable this country is. It’s definitely a travel destination you need to put on your bucket list right away! The only downside is that the flights to Australia tend to be long for most people. However, I’d argue it’s more than worth the effort. 

Festivities At East 59 & Christmas Cocktails

Victoria Gate in Leeds is by far one of the most elegant shopping areas in the centre of Leeds. Filled with beautiful shops and trendy restaurants, it's definitely my favourite new place to go with friends. I was lucky enough to go upto East 57 with my best friend Janine for some Christmas cocktails and delicious foods just as the festive period begins! East 59 is a Manhattan-style restaurant and bar and it's perfectly located so you can sit out on the rooftop terrace and see the graceful rooftops against the gorgeous sunset over the city. It's a brilliant place to hang out with friends, have a good catch up and enjoy all the delicious cocktails on offer. It has a nice vibe, cool, stylish, open and bright, a brilliant lunch spot after a spot of shopping in nearby Victoria Gate.

The Restaurant & Food 

The restaurant is large and friendly, the staff are incredibly attentive, helpful and will gladly be of assistance with advice on what to choose from the menu. The Christmas menu is now in full swing but we were just a little too early, so we picked from the standard menu. We enjoyed some spicy chicken wings and I opted for the aubergine tacos - not too spicy, but spicy enough that you could taste the seasonings well. We perhaps had only one critique which was, perhaps a little bit more chicken and pasta could have been added to the menu but the food was incredibly good. Cooked well, presented nicely, nice and hot and good service, there is no reason to fault the staff or the kitchen in any way. The dessert however was a treat! You can't resist a brownie with ice-cream if it's on the menu, so we decided to take advantage! This wasn't before we were treated to some delicious xmas cocktails that they have just introduced. More on those later!

The design of the restaurant is modern and stylish, it's large and can get very busy but isn't intimidating like some places, the acoustics seem fabulous and you can still have a good conversation with friends; it's really lovely! The terrace outside has its own bar, great views, outdoor heaters, and blankets on the chairs, making it incredibly cosy and homely. It was probably the highlight for me!

The Cocktails

The cocktails were absolutely delicious. Creamy, sweet, and serves as a dessert in themselves, they are utterly divine but perhaps a little strong for us alongside our brownie heaven! Our cocktails were the Gingerbread Eggnog specialty and Mince Pie; you can browse the full range of their menu here. Creamy and very festive, complete with gold glitter, it was super cute and needless to say got all over our lips -we called it a new fashion look!

At night, this place would be perfect for an after work pick-me-up, or a Friday night with the girls, for the cocktails, the atmosphere and East 59 has events on, and it's incredibly social, so be sure to head down there this Christmas for an elegant night out.

Now that their Christmas menu has launched, and the festivities have begun, make sure you book your table this month and enjoy one of Leeds' trendiest and newest restaurants. Click here to make a booking today.

Or be sure to take advantage of the other menus and events they have to offer.

*I was invited as a guest to East 59 but all opinions and words are my own.

3 Tips for Making Your Vacation More of an Adventure

There are many different ways to enjoy a vacation, but a few key “templates” tend to dominate. People will generally prefer to go somewhere warm rather than somewhere cold. Tips will typically be somewhere in the region of a week or two. Often, the focus of the trip will be to relax, enjoy some good food, and maybe see some local museums.
Photo Courtesy of: Pixabay
Of course, there’s nothing wrong with any of this. But every once in a while you might want to take a trip with a slightly more adventurous edge. Something different to break the usual routine, and to provide some interesting and worthwhile stories that you can carry with you throughout life.
Here are some tips for making your vacation a bit more of an adventure.
Explore the high seas and waterways
There's something about travelling via water that just completely transforms your entire perspective on life. Suddenly, you’re in a very alien, yet still somehow familiar environment. You feel the rhythm of the water swaying the boat around from side to side. You see the sun sparkling off the water’s surface.
And if you’re on a large river, or on the sea, you’ll experience the weird sensation of space. No buildings cramping you in — just you in the middle of the world.
There are many ways you can take advantage of the high seas and waterways on your vacation. You can charter a yacht in the South of France and journey up along the coast at your leisure, maybe with some friends on board to keep you company. Or you can hire a smaller boat and go island hopping around a scenic region in the Balkans or Scandinavia.
Go for an extended trip in a fully-furnished apartment
Normal vacations and travel excursions tend to be a bit on the short side. You get in, soak up some rays, see some museums, have some local cuisine, and get back home again ticking off the major items on the tourist’s checklist.
If you are in a position where you can take extended trips, or are location-independent in your work, however, you may well want to try going for an extended trip in a fully-furnished apartment.
This trend of longer-term travel has several upsides. For one thing, it means that you have much more of an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, study the language, and expand your sense of what it means to live in that place.
Get involved in adventure activities you normally wouldn’t be able to do at home
There are all sorts of adventure activities commonly available in destinations you might travel to, which may not be available at home. 
Some of these activities include, for example, SCUBA diving or even testing out guns at a firing range, under the supervision of professionals.
What’s more, some of these adventure activities are things you can undergo basic qualification in overseas. You could, for example, get your PADI SCUBA license, and then use it for future trips to locations with a good SCUBA culture.

Trip To Auschwitz & Birkenau

I felt that after writing all my blog posts regarding Krakow, that this trip to Auschwitz and Birkenau Concentration Camps deserved its own spot, with its own gallery and story. It is a place I had wanted to visit for many years, and although I had a sinking feeling that my emotions would be clouded a little by the consuming tourist vibe and over commercialisation, I did walk away feeling quite numb.

Auschwitz Birkenau Concentration was built outside of Krakow, and over 1 million Jews were exterminated in this camp during WW2 from all over Europe. Brought in on trains, they arrived at the famous tracks of Birkenau, separated from their families and chosen for either work and starvation, or immediate death in the gas chambers. The trip was taken with a local copmany, many hotels will offer this service and you can usually book the tours the day before if it is a little off season. It is around an hour's drive to the camp. Auschwitz and Birkenau are separated, in two separate spots in the village of Oswiecim. In itself, it's a sad town, feels a little forgotten, perhaps never quite recovered from the atrocities of WW2. Auschwitz is the main camp, the most preserved with the exhibitions inside the blocks.


Walking through the security gates, you see a small courtyard and the famous sign, which translated into English simply means, "Work Will Set You Free". So eerily ironic. You can see the blocks that still remain in the camp. All numbered, and built in what almost feels like a communal village. Sounds silly, but the buildings are not imposing or ugly, the feel there is not solemn, there is a sense of peace and the preservation is incredible. Some of the buildings cannot be entred but many can be, and inside there are many glass cabinets of old posessions of the Jews brought here, hair, shoes, glasses. Far too many for your mind to comprehend, and even more so, knowing that they were taken from victims who most likely succumbed to the evil acts made here at Auschwitz.

Auschwitz does attract many people, even in colder months. Wear suitable clothing and shoes. The terrain isn't brilliant. After looking inside the small museums, as they felt like, we moved onto the horrific gas chamber which still stands today. Walking inside felt surreal, you cannot comprehend it, perhaps only afterwards, your main processes the images and you begin to realise where you have just visited. I was struck firstly with how small it was. I expected a huge space, they most definitely look bigger on television; and this is when you realise how much fear, and chaos there must have been inside when so many people were crammed into these chambers.


Birkenau is an area around fifteen minutes on foot from Auschwitz, where the famous train tracks lie. They remain untouched, and it's a particularly haunting place. The tracks are long, almost too long to see the end from the entrance. There are a few tourists who abuse the area, but you musn't let this detract from your own feelings and emotions. Birkenau is vast. This is where the majority of the work was done, and it is so vast and flat, it does feel a little more abandoned than Auschwitz, particularly because this is less museum-like. There are blocks to walk in, you can see the bunkers where they slept, the toilets, and there are still remnants of the destroyed gas chambers. The ruins of the chambers and buildings are in some ways, more eerie, there's a sense of abandonment, as if it is forbidden territory. Make sure you walk to the bottom to the end of the track you can see the train trakcs in their entirity, and it's the best place to sit and think and realise where you are, you can almost see the horror of the past unfold in your mind.

You can spend as much time at Birkenau as you wish, it feels a little less rushed and chaotic there as it's all outside. The wire fences are particularly disturbing; as during the war, these would have been live, and any prisoner who tried to escape would have had a large voltage surge through them, most likely killing them should they try and touch it. These are all difficult things to imagine; or even comprehend, but well worth a visit if you enjoy history and want to pay your respects to the victims.


I would recommend visiting the site alone, without a tour group as you are not restricted to time or areas you can wander. Tours are more specific in where you go and how long you have, and whilst alone, I imagine you could truly feel the essence of the place much better than stringing along with a large group.

For transfers and picks up to and from the airport I use Welcome Pickups.

Styling With Victoria PLUS App

Gracing the runway shows at this year’s London Fashion Week was yet another vast compilation of styles stretching from bright vivacious colours to deep earthy street tones, in what felt like the most diverse fashion week to date. Each designer eloquently conveyed styles and textures, with Claire Tagg being a popular choice with many in her presentation show at The Freemasons Hall in Covent Garden. With so many fashion inspirations to delve into, picking out the season’s trends was certainly a tough ask. A little swipe through the photos on Instagram proved that the trends this season are undoubtedly laced with textures, popping with those beautiful spring tones, and both simplicity and complexity with patterns are noticeably present. There is however a common theme throughout, unique style. With a huge nod to being yourself, loving yourself and exploring through fashion, the key fact remains that whilst fashion may be pervasive in its trends, you can recreate the looks you love, not just on a budget, but with a subjective eye.

Style Seeker helps you find outfits with one click!
How To Recreate

Recently, I have been working closely with Victoria Leeds, the city’s most lucrative and luscious shopping areas, to show exactly where you can recreate the hot trends, your way! Re-invent the looks, your way, with a just a couple of clicks. The Victoria Leeds PLUS app; is a free app, that encapsulates everything you need to know about the centre, from news, to offers and events, but of course the piéce de résistance is the amazing Style Seeker feature. In essence, the Style Seeker is your personal shopper, indicating where you can find the styles you have seen. Take a snap of a piece of clothing you may like, perhaps from the runway at London Fashion Week, perhaps on a friend, anywhere, upload the photo, hit click and wait for a plethora of results to pop up and scroll through. It will show you where similar items can be found in the shopping centre. I chose a few items from some of my favourite looks, and I found similar matches in John Lewis, Reiss, And Other Stories and Anthropologie.

Firstly, I was highly inspired by incredible dress designer Mimi Tran, whose looks last year were utterly mind-blowing in a display of sequin and lace heaven; and this year the lace yet again an inspired move by Mimi. The dress itself, a black lacy sparkly evening dress highlighted for me the importance of a black dress for evening occasions. After imputing it into the Style Seeker, I was guided towards the Karen Millen section in John Lewis, where I found the Lingerie Lace Dress, with the three quarter length sleeves, and the delicate touch of lace that really captured the red carpet look whilst still keeping the authenticity of a classic black dress. This was a dress with a twist and thread of gold throughout, which gives this look a truly glamorous edge. First look complete, and highly successful!

Karen Millen (John Lewis)

Secondly I had been inspired by some of the classic simple looks, that use simple colours, whites, blacks, greys, to create an effortless style that can be dressed up or down. This look, highly inspired by Rohmir, saw blazer jacket, styled with a hat and touch of fur to bring a little decadence to the outfit. This style can be so heavily accessorized, to inject chic style, or it can be a more day-to-day choice, but either way, I felt the need to recreate this look. Although white blazers seem currently out of season for February, the Style Seeker took me to Reiss, where I found a beautiful duplicate, which seemed to be perfect for this time of year, highly impressed by the choices the app threw up for me. Thankfully within store, the accessories seemed to be sat waiting for me, a faux fur scarf, and a little cream bowler hat which complimented each other just as well as the looks I’d seen at Fashion Week. With a little inspiration, it is not difficult to find items that marry elegantly together, whilst still keeping a strong personal identity and definition.

A little faux fur and simple bowler hat to make things chic for winter-spring!

Thirdly, the Claire Tagg presentation had been the most colourful show of the season. The piece merged girly goodness, with womanly sexiness, and it was perfection, with florals and shades of pink I had not seen in many months. The dresses remained classy whilst also highlighting the contours of a woman’s body, with cut outs, waist ties, and strapless dresses. Claire Tagg keeps her integrity throughout the entire collection, and this felt like a spring dream, and although I felt these dresses were going to be too detailed and intricate to find, I managed to find some inspired pieces in Anthropologie, after uploading one of my favourite pieces from the collection into Style Seeker. A little skirt and blouse duo, felt like a perfect combination, to combine fussy prints with the plain simplicity seen at the show. A crisp white shirt, giving structure, and a floating colourful skirt, that highlighted the pink tones so well. Despite the Boho edge in Anthropologie, I was pleasantly surprised by how stylish this came out. Thanks to the Style Seeker, I managed to find one of my favourite skirts of the season so far.


One trend I noticed at London Fashion Week that was cleverly emphasized by the designer KristelKuslapuu, was large bright coloured jumpers that could be worn with anything; and colourful accessories such as big belts and colourful sunglasses. The Style Seeker app brought up a large quantity of jumpers; however, I was drawn to the brilliant yellow jumper that was found in And Other Stories. With a little bit of street style but keeping it simple, this is a very wearable look, that may be bold, but is brilliant, and add a couple of accessories, and this is highly inspired by the look at London Fashion Week. I picked up a pair of chunky red sunglasses that completed the alternative trend look; which had strong spring vibes, and would look heavenly with a pair of jeans, leggings or colourful skirts. The world is really your oyster when you play with fashion; but even better when they’re inspired by the trends of the season.

And Other Stories - bright colours on trend!

Dress Like A Queen

We all saw the incredible photos of Queen Elizabeth at London Fashion Week and it's no surprise that she dressed impeccably, with a gorgeous grey jacket, with an undertone of muted blue. With the Style Seeker app, you can easily find similar items, that will allow you to dress like a queen every day! 

The Victoria PLUS app, found in the app store, has been a fruitful and pivotal turning point in my shopping routine and ideas. I no longer have to troll through aisles and aisles of clothes, or go into every single shop to try to find an item of interest, I can get click happy with my app, and as easy as that, I am able to find what I want, when I want, and what’s even better is that I can confirm the prices of each item before I choose which duplicate I want to pick up. It lists the brand and retailer, and if you would prefer more choice, then click on refine to change aspects of your search. A perfect shopping companion that you must download, and of course, make sure you head to Victoria Leeds to find a brilliant mix of high street and designer brands, that cater to all needs, male, female and closing the gap between young and mature.

Download the app today here, and be sure to tag Victoria Leeds in any looks you recreate this season!

Victoria Leeds Twitter: @VictoriaLeeds_ 
Victoria Leeds Instagram: @VictoriaLeeds_

*This post was written in collaboration with Victoria Leeds and London Fashion Week.