What Are Timeless' Best Products For Oily Skin?

Timeless Skin Care is committed to offering natural skin rejuvenation products for all skin types. However, Timeless products are not ‘one-size-fits-all’. If your skin is naturally oily, for instance, the 20% Vitamin C+E Ferulic Acid serum is not an ideal choice because Vitamin E promotes the production of skin’s natural oils. Here are a few skin serums from Timeless to try instead since they are safe to use on oily skin:
Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum: The serum combines the anti-oxidant powers of Vitamin C with the hydrating powers of Hyaluronic Acid. Vitamin C has a variety of protective properties not only as an anti-oxidant, but also as an anti-inflammatory agent. Applying Vitamin C to your skin can help soothe irritation and repair damaged tissue. Meanwhile, hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, which can help make dull skin appear plump and vibrant.
Hyaluronic Acid Pure: If your skin needs a serious vitality boost, Hyaluronic Acid Pure from Timeless has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid on the market. The serum is non-greasy, fast drying and can be used in the morning and at night to help skin feel suppler. You can use Hyaluronic Acid Pure on its own or added to your favorite Timeless serum.
Matrixyl 3000 Serum: For a powerful wrinkle fighting ingredient, try the Matrixyl 3000 anti-aging serum. When we are young, our skin is constantly regenerating and healing damage. However, the capacity for our skin to heal itself diminishes with age. Matrixyl 3000 works by helping older skin behave like young skin when it comes to self-regeneration which in turn helps smooth wrinkles. The Matrixyl 3000 serum also contains hyaluronic acid for extra plumping action.
Whether your oily skin needs a bit of anti-oxidant protection, or a powerful anti-wrinkle boost, you can find your idea serum at Timeless. If you are in doubt about which new serum is the best choice for your skin, you can always consult with your dermatologist.

BEAUTY: Be Your Most Powerful Self With Neom

Every woman should endeavour to strive for the best. Every woman deserves to be drenched in confidence and beauty, but this may not be the eaisiest task. We are held back in the tornado of day to day tribulations, we can be easily swayed and influenced, demotivated and you can easily manifest bad feelings towards yourself, inside and out. That is why Neom, the fabulous organic are launching their #MostPowerfulSelf campaign, and the question on everyone's lips is, 'what makes you feel powerful?'

It's easy to embroil yourself within the stresses of life, and this is why Neom are launching this campaign, to firmly imprint the necessary steps to create a more confident, happier and energized life. They're offering 30 small steps to follow to begin to orchestrate a more positive lifestyle, in addition to three beautiful bundles of products, filled with organic natural oils. You can find what these 30 simple steps are here.

Neom Organics
The pure ingredients include grapefruit, lemon and rosemary, which smells divine, and is just perfect for those stressful moments when you need to take a moment to relax and rejuvenate. Add a few drops to your bath (with or without your own bubble bath), and allow the aroma to envelop you, inhale, breathe and already you are hit with the dazzling lemon, and it's truly stimulating for the body and mind. The oils in this product are like silk. My skin feels so nourished just sitting in the bath and the dewiness on the skin after bathing is delightful. For dry skin sufferers, this product is a delight to use, and has a classy, luxury feel to it, it's pure indulgence with pure benefits.

Add a few drops to your bath
Neom Energy Burst Bath & Shower Drops
If you want to be a part of this campaign and show some love to Neom, then use the hashtag #MostPowerful self on Twitter @NeomOrganics and you can browse and shop for the three bundles here.
"Small steps, big difference"

First Class At The Feversham Arms

View from room - Deluxe Suite
Sat in the picturesque market town of Helmsley, North Yorkshire, lies a hidden gem of a hotel that boasts charm, style and oodles of luxury all in one. This is the Feversham Arms. Helmsley, the charming little town, sat at the tip of the North Yorkshire Moors, has everything you would expect from a quaint Yorkshire town; church bells ringing, meandering little streams, wide open fields, appealing coffee shops and little vintage stores. The Feversham Arms definitely brings a streak of glamour to the unassuming countryside. The Verbena Spa is attached to the hotel, and the delightful Weathervane Restaurant, all drenched in effortless sophistication. Elegant decor, and superb facilities that visitors of any age can enjoy, this is the perfect weekend getaway.

The history of the building in itself is seeped in history, with the orginial building dating back to 19th century when it was an old Coaching Inn and today, perfectly restored, stylish edge, whilst still retaining the character and charm of the old traditional building it once was.

The Room

Stylish and welcoming, the Deluxe Suite overlooked the pool, which made me feel like I had stepped straight into summer, and naturally my eyes deviated towards the inviting Jacuzzi sat prettily in the centre of dangling fairy lights. So magical! The suite included a cosy living area, suited nicely to those travelling in groups, who feel like a relaxing social evening with a glass of Prosecco at the ready! There was a free-standing woodburner, a particular favourite; exuding warmth, it was so cosy you felt you did not need to venture out into the cold January air. Plenty of big perky pillows and cushions, a home away from home, but better! Big comfortable bed, which uttered a silent beckoning, and from the bed, you could glance out onto the water outside. I would highly recommend the rooms with a pool view!

The Bedroom - Deluxe Suite

Bathroom/Living area entry - Deluxe Suite
Wood burner - Deluxe Suite
Cosy bedroom - Deluxe Suite
The Restaurant 

The award-winning Weathervane restaurant has 5 star accolaide and rightly so, a sense of true culinary art and taste is the main focus, with each dish carefully crafted to create explosive unique tastes, and creating perfectly designed dishes, that any foodie would take pleasure in. Gentle on the palatte and stomach alike, there is a dish to cater to any taste, and the restaurant has a calm, quiet ambience, which makes you feel incredibly welcome. I opted for a vegetarian option, deliciously fulfilling, with a side of tenderstem broccoli. There is an A La Carte menu, Tasting Menu and the Market Menu, which our dishes were from. Even down to the bread rolls, that were baked fresh with champagne flour, huge attention to detail in the restaurant, and a range of sumptuous desserts, which could easily stand up to any swanky 5 star restaurant in London.

Breakfast at the Feversham Arms
Weathervane Restaurant
Champagne Flour Bread
Carbonara Style Chicken
Potato Dumplings (Vegetarian Option)
Great hosts, Laura and Neil and delicious Cheese Platter
A huge thank you to the lovely Laura and Neil, who very graciously allowed me to take photos of them, by the delectable cheese table! So incredbly hospitable, welcoming and nothing was too much trouble, which is such a good quality in hotel staff, when you want to feel that extra little bit special and well-treated, I very much did! Two huge thumbs up to the staff in the Weathervane!

The Spa & Facilities

The Verbena spa was a delight; a lavish treat, and it was a rare indulgement for me; but a very welcomed one! The Heat Experience, ultra invigorating, starting in the Aromatherapy room, which smells like heaven, a nice ease into the heat, before spending time in the steam room, with a delicate salt mist which at first feels a little strange, almost suffocating but be sure to wait it out a few minutes, your body soon adjusts and you can feel the salt mist cleansing your airway and skin alike. The Verbena Spa is complete with a little place to eat, drink, relax, chat, and 6 treatment rooms for the spa essentials. Of course no spa is complete without a Jacuzzi. At night, a perfectly pretty, magical experience, laying carefree under the stars, immersed in gorgeous hot water with that delicate January breeze on your face! The swimming pool is also outdoors, a few lengths first thing on a morning outdoors is such an energising start to the day before your morning coffee.
Verbena Spa de-stress area
Bar/Lounge Area

I felt incredibly fortunate to spend time in such a lovely hotel, in such a quaint location. The only downside would be...I didn't stay longer! A fulfilled, relaxing trip, nothing too much trouble, and of course, quality all round. Their website is home to some incredible offers, including spa breaks, and package deals, which is the perefct getaway from anyone wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of mundane life. Take your mind away from your troubles, and go first class at the Feversham Arms. Click here to look and book your stay!

*I was a guest at Feversham Arms Hotel but all views and opinions are my own.

The Little Luxuries Of York

afternoon tea york
Grays Court Afternoon Tea
York is the hub of arts, history, tradition and above all, culture. With over 6.8 million people ambling through the magical Shambles, it is safe to say York's tourism is red hot. It isn't just seeped in history, it is also ringing with poetic artistry around every corner, and untouched backstreets, which resonates with tourists and natives alike. York sits perfectly on the River Ouse, with boat tours being a hit throughout those beautiful summer months, you can indulge in afternoon teas, parties, and dinners on the river whilst snapping picturesque Instagram shots. You can find out more information on the boat tours here. What else could you want?

York has such a grand, authentic feel with a semblance of regal charm and it perfectly preserves the history. The architecture is stunning and many buildings still have the original brickwork. The Shambles is most famous of course, you could almost feel transported into the world of Harry Potter with its exquisite charm! York is home to so many beautiful artisan cafes, and there are an abundance of restaurants of all cuisines around every corner. You'll never go hungry in York! The streets of York are a treat in themselves. So many little alleyways, and walks, and roads that even the most seasoned York visitor may not have seen before. Of course, no trip to York would be complete without a visit to the incredible York Minster. More information about opening times and prices can be found here.

Tudor buildings behind the Minster
Quaint shop in town centre
Little Shambles
York shopping area
Betty's Tearooms cake shop


For all the travellers who love a little touch of luxury, hotels are usually the place to go. Relaxing and charming, hotels often represent the city that they are in, I find them the most intriguing of places to visit in cities that I love. A lot of people can be under the misconception that hotels are not open to the general public, that hotels are just for residents, but that is usually far from true. Hotels are open to anyone, they are often fabulous meeting places and often have incredible restaurants! There are quite a few hotels in York, and many of them are hidden round little corners, or in unassuming buildings, meaning going on a little hunt online before you come to York is essential, especially if you're wanting to find the hidden gems of the city.

Grays Court Hotel, tucked behind the Minster is one of those gems. With beauty, style and bundles of charm, it is a quaint little place, dating back to 1080, and surely has many a buried secret and spirit lying within its walls. Stopping by for an afternoon tea was a must, it is the traditional thing to do, and is never a bad option. With welcoming and obliging staff, the stay was cosy and so much so that with the quietness and stillness away from the bustle of the city, you could easily take a nap!

Gray's Court Afternoon Tea

grays court hotel
Grays Court Hotel Afternoon Tea
It also has the most stylish little nooks and crannies to explore, with a library and restaurant and little quiet rooms perfect for writers, or even anyone travelling alone who wishes for a little quiet time. There are never enough hours in the day to soak up all the glory of a beautiful place but it is sure a place you should stop off at especially during these chilly winter months, a warm welcoming place to feel like home is exactly what we all want!

Grays Court Hotel library 
Grays Court Hotel library
Grays Court Hotel library
Of course the blog post wouldn't feel complete without a mention to one of my old faithful hotels, a place I first went to when I was aged 7, then called the Royal Station hotel, since called The Royal York, and now renamed The Principal, which has had an elegant, beautiful makeover and is again another luxury hotel in the city worth a stop by for a coffee. It is situated right next to York station, perfect for commuters and travellers. Or if you have offices in York, The Principal would make for an exquisite location to entertain guests. It has such a cosmoplitan feel, golds, creams, rose gold, crystal chandeliers, it's a great place to stop by to check out since its huge refurbishment. Will always hold many nice memories and deserved to make it into this blog for sure. You can see more about The Principal Hotel here.

york principal hotel
The Principal York
The Principal York
The Principal York 
The Principal York

For more information on what to do in York, and what to watch (yes there is a wonderful Theatre in York for all you theatre lovers - I'm one of them!), click here. There is never a dull moment in York, from street performers, to hard working buskers, to flower stalls, to quaint shops, to artists, the city is vibrant and breathtaking. If you haven't visited York already, put it on your 2017 travel list, you won't be disappointed.

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Remarkable Ripon

Yorkshire has some hidden gems that is for sure. Every country lane in Yorkshire leads to a village or town, or countrywalk, riddled with majestic qualities, pure country air and always the typical northern humbling smile. With oodles of artistic flair and style, Ripon possesses so much potential for people who love to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Just a few short miles out of spa town Harrogate, Ripon is a city, with a stunning Cathedral, picturesque riverside, lots of little vintage shops and bargain shops (aren't we all on hunts for bargains) and a few restaurants that cater to everyone's tastes. Prezzo, being one of my favourites, always on point and stylish to the max.

Although on first glance, it may be seemingly suited more so to the more mature person. It probably easily could be, but for those people who like to find beauty in new places, with charm and culture mixed into one, then Ripon can be what you want to make of it. It is limited on its bars and clubs as nightlife is not its primary focus and it doesn't need to be, with Harrogate just a few short miles away, which makes Ripon such a tiny haven for those wanting to lead the quieter life.

Ripon Minster
Ripon Minster
River Ure
Every street tells such a story, building after building of untold history lies inside. So many of these buildings in Ripon date back to the 1700's and I imagine some even before that, the Minster was founded in 672AD. There are many little shops to wander into, lots of little knick-knack shops, full of antiques and vintage items, handmade crafty homewear. It seems to lack the little quaint coffee shops, but houses all the popular ones, such as Costa and Cafe Nero. Finding intriguing architecture is such a rarity, with each building being one of a kind, it makes for the perfect picture postcard.

Ripon, Yorkshire
Behind Ripon Minster 
Ripon, Yorkshire
Saint Agnes Lodge
Ripon, Yorkshire
Ripon Street
Ripon, Yorkshire
The Old Deanery
Ripon, Yorkshire
The Old Deanery

Here is a little list of my top 5 places to visit whilst in Ripon. 

1. Ripon Minster - see more here.
2. Prezzo Restaurant - see more here.
3. Karma (Spirutual/Alternative Shop) - see more here.
4. The Old Deanery Hotel - see more here.
5. Courthouse Museum - see more here.

Of course there are plenty of family friendly activities, all of which can be found here. The next tieme you're looking for a little, relaxing and very underwhelming day out with plenty of zesty cobbled streets and a plethora of places to spend your money. Ripon also offers long river walks which would be perfect coupled with a delicious dollop of vanilla ice-cream through the summer.

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BUSINESS: Growing Your Blog

Starting your blog will be the most exciting journey for you. You're ready to go with your ideas, your thoughts are running at a mile a minute and perhaps, this is the big leap you have taken towards a new career goal. It is achievable but growing your blog and branching out in the world of PR and marketing is a big step, and it takes a little bit of guts and a little bit of luck to get started.

So your blog is going steady, but now you want to help monetize, and smarten it up, grow your reader base and your blog to the point of being able to earn money, and grow good solid relationships with blogger outreach and PR companies. Here are a few tips and strategies as well as downloadedable documents to help you achieve a well run, professional and ultimately more successful blog.

Step One - Brand yourself as well as possible. Your blog design is a huge reflection on yourself, your style, your likes, and your personality. Perhaps you have a specific colour scheme, logos, shapes, or something that truly defines your blog. If you opt for a monochrome, then black and white theme can be just as easy to work with. Branding is super important because consistency in branding creates professionlism and shows a dedication to your craft. Pick a specific design that you like, for example, you want to use this specific colour scheme and logo, make sure you do this across the board.

Brand yourself on every platform of social media that you use, business cards, that you can give out at events or to people who ask, your media pack and even your email signature. All very important things to have to create brand that people will want to invest into. Remember they are investing in you, your style and your work. Consistency is key, and that is across the board, down to your blog posts, your Instagram posts and everything, plan ahead and make sure you stay consistent with your presence online.

Step Two - Make contacts. This is perahps the most vital thing. It can be a daunting thing to pitch to someone and to communicate about your blog, but your blog is your baby, you are probably very proud of it, and this must resonate in your communication. Be proud, be bold and do not fear rejection, as it is something that is such a common problem among people across the board, no matter their background or career. Interact with people on the social medias, comment on other blogs, make friends, this is how you spread your name around the blogging world, and make friends with likeminded people which gives you a good sense of community. Interacting and proving you possess good solid commuincation shows you are reliable, present and makes people more intrigued by what you do.

Send off emails to companies. Speculatively sending emails, or any form of communication is a tough one. When sending off spec letters for jobs, it often proves to be not worth the time, or there is very little in return, but sending them off in bulk doesn't have to be time-consuming, and one reply out of twenty is better than none. Try and focus on what you would like to achieve. If you're wanting sponsored posts, then writing out to PR companies could be a good start. If you're wanting to look at product reviews of affilates, then perhaps look at the companies that are suited to your niche (if you have one) and approach them. Writing is the hard part. Tell them who you are, what your passions are, speak of any past work you have done and your future aims, and of course, attach your media pack, just to give a little touch of professionalism. Try Canva for all of you your design needs.

Marketing Diagram

Step Three - be present on Social Media. Be savvy on the social medias. It is a powerful tool. Make sure you use it. Using Facebook and Twitter to promote your blogs is a must and is probably something you already do. Scheduling tweets and posts can be vital if you are busy or are trying to juggle a few things at once. Try and be present at least 3 times a day, even if this is just favouritising other people's blogs. Spend an hour or so reading through and commenting on new blogs, be sure to leave a link to your blog on the comment, if you don't already. When you're trying to grow your blog, people won't come to you, you have to go to them, and in turn this generates interest, and people may give a quick click to your blog and really enjoy some of the posts, or perhaps some topics resonate with them and they keep coming back. There really is no end in the social media circle - be present.

Use Pinterest more. If you want to, add a Pinterest button to all your blogs photos, for people to pin if they wish, which in turn gives you more online exposure. There also so many other websites where you can get your blog out there, for example, BlogLovin,  and Stumbleupon which are two of my personal favourites. On Twitter there are often chats, that happen every week at a set time to chat about blogging, and of course you can always get online with the hashtag #blogginggals and ask for a natter and someone will probably reply to you.

Step Four - SEO. This is a big thing, and I do not have the knowledge to delve into the depths of SEO because it is a huge topic, and there are so many dos and dont's. However, never underestimate the power of a no-follow link. The more good links on your page, the more command you have of your blog, the higher your DA and so on and so forth. Do-follow links, well they come at your discretion, and they can be a bit taboo to talk about, but it really depends on if you're willing to risk penalties and possibly your DA dropping, or if you're OK with that. The keywords to make your blog apear higher up in Google searches, depends on where you use your keywords. Good clear titles, consistency with the keywords and the topic of the blog is also key. Key in your buzzwords when adding any image to your site, which helps with Google searches too. Overtime, Google picks up on this and you may start seeing your photos appearing in Google searches, it's pretty exciting!

All in all, the key to success in any job or industry is passion. if you love what you do and your writing reads that way, then you're half way there. You may have quiet days, or days when your stats are so low you want to just nuzzle your head into a glass of wine and forget about the world, but sometimes it picks up, and sometimes all it takes is a little bit of perseverance and patience. Above all though, just remember you are never alone and there are always other bloggers who can relate to what you're going through. But, don't give up.

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