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We all know how difficult it can be to find the precise company or individual we require for our needs. From plumbers, to event photography, there is always a time when we need a service and have an influx of different websites and info pages to trudge through, without finding the specific thing that you're looking for. For bloggers especially, finding services promptly and efficiently is a definite must, without compromising on time. A couple of quick clicks and you can enter a complete directory catered to what you need. It's easily accessible, online over on their website at Bidvine and on their app which is available for free download to any smart phone.

Bidvine Phone App
If you're on the hunt for an event photographer, all you need to do is type in what it is (event photography) and where it is (your postcode) and with a few easy questions, it can deduct and calculate your needs, to pinpoint the exact person for you. It also takes into consideration your budget, which of course is a definite thumbs up for people who may have fabulous ideas of what they want, but find they call 10 different people to find that their budget is not suited to what the companies are offering. If you're wanting photography for example, narrowing it down with questions such as 'what type of venue', 'indoor/outdoor', '4-5 hours', '100 guests or less' is how Bidvine works. This way you get what you want, and how you want, which as we know can be a challenge in itself!

Once you've filled out your questions, you can get back to business, or sit back and have a cup of tea whilst they get the quotes for you. You can request the quotes via email or text, which are both free and equally as convenient, without the hassle of having to search yourself, when sometimes the strains of everyday life are already enough to deal with, without added pressures. No drawbacks, only good positive energy and making life that little bit easier.

Bidvine Website 2017

Bidvine are available throughout the UK and they are also over on social media so go on ahead to say hi and hit them with any queries, they are active and super helpful for any needs you may have! Click here for their Twitter. Click here for their Facebook.

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