Can You Predict The Future Of Your Health? You Might Be Surprised

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You might have heard of sites that claim they can accurately predict when you are going to die. In fact, there have been some sites that give a prediction to an exact day or date. But is it really possible to know when you are going to die? Actually, you might be surprised. These days, science and medicine are both evolving rather quickly. If you know a few stats about an individual you might be able to accurately predict their life expectancy. Let’s look at a few of these facts and stats, what they predict and what you should do about them. 
Your Weight 
If you are overweight, we are sorry to say that your life expectancy will be significantly lower compared to other people. This is purely due to the fact that people who are overweight are also more prone to developing serious medical conditions. For instance, heart disease and heart attacks are more likely to occur if you are overweight. You might want to think about that next time you start dieting and quickly give up on shedding a few pounds. The good news is that these days losing weight is remarkably easy. In fact, you can get trainers who will help you and push you towards your perfect size.
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As they often say, it’s all in the genes. You might have certain genetics that make you more prone to certain medical conditions. For instance, some people have gene predictors that make them more likely to develop alzheimer's. There’s nothing you can do about your genes but you can prepare by looking at the average life expectancy of someone who has the condition you might develop. Then, you can start planning your life around that prediction. This might seem quite morbid, but it can actually lead to a higher quality of life. You’ll be able to plan your finances around that prediction and buy more of what you want, saving in other areas. For instance, you can arrange a prepaid funeral. How do prepaid funeral plans work? Well, you pay upfront usually for a lower price and avoid the people who you leave behind having to pay for your passing. 
Your Lifestyle
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There are also lifestyle choices that are going to impact your life expectancy. For instance, you could indulge in activities that directly impact your health such as smoking and drinking. Or, you might engage in dangerous activities that mean you are more likely to experience and injury. Base jumping for instance, is incredibly dangerous and results in a number of different injuries. But it could be something more common like running. This can lead to the development of arthritis far earlier than usual. 
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Just how stressed are you on an average day. People who experience high levels of stress are a) more prone to medical conditions and b) have a shorter life expectancy. If you want to live for longer, make sure you are practicing ways to keep calm
As you can see then, it is remarkably easy to predict your future healthy. Although maybe not quite as accurately as you might have been told.

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