Heal The World: Wanting To Help Others As A Career Choice

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For those that read my blog regularly, you know that I'm very keen on promoting charities and spreading the message about helping one another. I think that it's very important to help everyone in one way or another, whether by helping someone cross the road or something as simple as that. If you wanted to turn that into a career, what are your options? Well the topic of mental health is something that comes up a lot now, and there's a lot more research being done into the effects of mental health on people of all ages, from children all the way through to old age pensioners, and at the same time there is still the generation of the “stiff upper lip” where people view it to be weak to talk about problems regarding mental health. So if you are thinking of a career path where you would like to help people, may I suggest either becoming a counsellor or a psychotherapist?
Starting out on a career in counselling or psychotherapy is a very big step. It takes a lot of time and dedication, and it can cost money to embark on, and it can be emotionally challenging in many ways. So before starting on this career path, you may want to think about how it impacts you when you go through an emotionally difficult time, as you will be experiencing this on a daily basis. Having said that, it is an incredibly rewarding and satisfying experience.
There are certain personal traits you would need to be a counsellor, and these include being able to work with people from all different backgrounds, being open, warm, and empathetic, as well as being incredibly trustworthy as you will need to help people to relax and to open up about their problems. You need to be patient, sensitive, and tolerant, and especially be non-judgemental in your attitude. In addition to these, the trustworthiness is linked to being discreet, as you are dealing with lots of sensitive information. And you need to understand what your limitations are as a person and know when to step into a situation if it needs help or to back away and let the person solve the problem on their own.
Regarding your career options, you could choose to set up your own practice after you have qualified. In which case, you will need to know how to market yourself as a business and what equipment and items you need to set up an appealing practice. From the hospital furniture through to the warm and friendly staff that would be greeting clients at the door, running an operation such as this can take a lot of time to get set up properly due to the various loopholes and certifications you would need to get.
Helping someone that is suffering from an affliction can be incredibly draining emotionally. Due to the problems you may be hearing people describe, these could be anything from abuse to an anxiety that is, in comparison, small, but the nature of the work makes it a very diverse and rewarding choice of career.

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