RECIPE: Vegan Breakfast Smoothie With Chia

Chia Seeds Chia Bia
Vegan Chia Breakfast Smoothie

Maintaining a balanced diet is something we should all strive towards. Little treats, the heavy sinking feeling from all the delicious Christmas food, January is the best time to detox. Indulging is part of the spice of life, we all deserve it, but taking a good positive stance towards creating a healthy future is vital for energy, fitness and your state of mind.

Breakfast smoothies are a wonderful way to jampack your tummy with a a big dollop of goodness. It's simple, quick and very easy on digestion, which make it perfect if you're on the go, or trying to lose a few extra pounds! This I like to call the 'Breakfast Chia Smoothie' which is full to the brim of fibre, and antioxidents and it can all be whipped up in your Nutri-Ninja!

Chia Seeds Chia Bia
Chia Bia Whole & Milled Chia Seeds

For this recipe you will need: 

- One cup of almond milk
- Five dates
- One banana
- One fig
- One serving of chia seeds (around 15g)
- Handful of blueberries
- Handful of kale

Chia seeds are one of my new favourite things, and a real kick of vitamins. Adopting a vegan lifestyle can mean that you have to compromise on essential oils from fish such as Omega 3, but Chia seeds are packed full of good healthy fats including Omega 3, fibre and other essentials to keep your body in good working order. I throw them onto everything! They blend into everything, with no distinctive taste, it means you can get sprinkle happy and not worry about the overwhelming taste putting you off your favourite foods! My current favourite is from Chia Bia!! I use five dates, chopped, although for more sweetness add a few more, and for less sweetness, just add 2-3.

Chia Seeds Chia Bia

I firstly add the wet ingredients, the almond milk (although I sometimes use coconut milk which gives it a little extra creaminess but that is purely down to personal preference), then I throw in the sticky dates, and then finally everything else. If you the smoothie a little thinner and less gloopy, then add half a cup of water, or ice, but I prefer to use cold water as ice chunks don't always fully blend.

I use the Nutri-Ninja and love it, it's made healthy eating more enjoyable, I love loading up the cup and whizzing it round; and you can make healthy vegan soups.

Chia Seeds Chia Bia

Zap it all up and pour it into a glass.  On top, I added the milled chia seeds which are my favourite, they're remiscent of finely chopped nuts, powdery, but not too much and definitely not drying in the mouth. They're also much easier to eat, if the thought of seeds doesn't bode well with you. I also add a few extra blueberries on top just for taste and decoration. I also use paper straws, although I have no idea why, the soggy paper does not lend itself naturally to drinking, and its often abandoned before the drink is half gone, but they look cute, and add a little bit of summery-ness to anything!

Vegan Chia Breakfast Smoothie

Vegan Chia Breakfast Smoothie

That's it! Simple, easy and incredibly healthy. For any of you trying out Veganuary, then this would be one of the perfect recipes for breakfast. I will be posting some more recipes throughout January, something very new for me, but something I'm passionate about, but for now happy cooking and be healthy! For more on Veganuary click here.

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