TRAVEL: Smart Sightseeing: Take A Historical Stroll Through The South Of England

It’s easy to believe that you know a place because you’ve driven through it. Or maybe you even work in it. But still, does it mean that your eyes can see beyond the modern structures and discover the signs of a glorious past? If you are not sure what there is to see in the South of England, here’s a quick overview of the main spots. They are not only places to see, but places to talk about and inspire too!
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Where The Land Disappears Into The Ocean: Land’s End

Land’s End is, if you have not heard about it, the most westerly point of England. It is located in Cornwall and offers to the visitors stunning views of the Cornish coastline. More than just a historical landmarks, as it has been a point of visits for over 200 years, Land’s End is a jewel of natural and breath-taking landscapes. On sunny days, you can even see the Isles of Scilly and the Longships Lighthouse. But this is the force of the natural elements that fight every single day against each others that visitors come. Standing in between the ocean and the wind, on the last bit of land that there is in England, is a truly inspiring experience. On days with a good weather, you can even spot dolphins and seals swimming along the coast! In short, Land’s End is a place to visit, just for the pleasure of saying that you’ve been there. It feels like the achievement of a lifetime!

Bath: Lose Yourself In The Magnificent Roman Baths

Bath is not only a trendy and attractive town, it also has a long history within its walls, and more specifically under its ground. The natural ground of the town has been elevated throughout the centuries, so that in the 19th century, the discovery of an almost intact baths temple has forced the town to improvise. As you walk in the town centre, you will find a decorated balcony that is now several metres above the main entrance to the old baths. But this is not all, you can find great visit tours to take you through the history of South England: The windsor, stonehenge and bath tour is a full day of sightseeing that combines prehistory, Romans and medieval architecture. 
Bristol: Where History Meets Quicky Modern Thinking

Bristol is a lovely little town that is both rich in history and incredibly quirky and trendy at the same time. Recognised as the most sustainable city in the UK, Bristol is a paradise for everyone who is keen to discover how to make a difference in the environment and the economy of the world. Not only it is a vibrant place to live in, but Bristol lets avid historians visit the completely renovated SS Great Britain ship from Brunel. Its d├ęcor has been rebuilt to match the original descriptions, and you will find plenty of interesting characters as you take a walk through history. If this is not enough for you, have a look at the Bristol museum where you can learn more about the Roman past of this beautiful city. 

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