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Being a blogger is one of the most exciting jobs you can have. There is still unfortunately many grey areas surrounding blogging and many people can look at you, tilt their heads to the side and frown in a desperate attempt to figure out what the heck blogging actually is! The blogging scope is huge, and it's a majestic sphere of opportunity and excitement, with many areas yet to be tapped into. We are only just scratching the surface, and yet we can make a comfortable living, and put our restless creative minds to good use.

Being a good hustler and working with companies who are going to either pay you, or fund your travel or give you something in return is vital. You must never compromise on the quality of your writing, as it's vital to have crisp clean copy that's engaging and informative. A little style never goes a miss, and above all personality, with a polite friendly personality. Here are some good ways to save money, make money and ultimately create a fabulous platform for you and your blog.

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Approach Companies With Your Pitches

This can be daunting but collating a group of email addresses of companies/brands that you want to work with is important, and keeping them on an Excel spreadsheet to ensure you keep track of who you have written to and when. Don't forget to chase them after two weeks - never forget the two week rule, and a polite chase up is more than fine, as long as you don't appear aggressive at the lack of response. The likelihood is your carefully crafted email fell straight into the junk pile of the company's email, or slipped down their list because of the countless amount of emails they already get. Figure out, what your first three main goals are:
  • What do you want from them
  • What do they want from you
  • What defines you 
Approach them with the title of 'blogger collaboration' or 'advertising opportunity' or 'working to promote your company', a little something that shows that there could be something in this for them, that's always key. Take a look at your branding, giving yourself a good logo to add to your media packs is key. It shows you have thought out your strategy, and consistency is vital when you're pitching to brands. Take a little look at a logo for your blog/company; it's a brilliant way to get your show on the road! Use it on emails also and of course on your business card.

Earn A Little Extra On The Side

Being a blogger essentially is being a writer. Of course many successful bloggers are also highly skilled photographers and designers, among other things, but working on your blog may not be the steady fantastic income you were hoping for. There is hope however, especially for the budding writers who write their blog specifically to create content. Freelance writing is a good way to top up your income, whether it is writing blogs for other companies, or writing copy for upcoming companies, there are always ways to put your writing to good use.

  • ProBlogger - a platform and forum that lists jobs for bloggers and freelance writers that are looking for people to work from home and this is worldwide so it's open to a magnitude of offers!
  • Blogger Jobs - another forum that lists jobs suited to your skills and super good for sassy writers looking for additional income.
  • Affilate Window - post ads on your website and earn revenue from each click - bear in mind this is probably not going to be the biggest money earner but having ads on your site makes your site look a little more professional and there's a chance you may earn a little, even pennies, or a few pounds, it's worth it.

Save Coupons & Do Online Surveys 

There are a plethora of sites where you can get coupons, free trials, and discounts which can assist you through those quieter months. In addition to this, there are some legit websites that cater towards people who are looking to make a little extra cash. There are so many that you sign upto and they can be so spam heavy that your inbox is ready to spontaneously combust and your phone number that you innocently tapped into an online survey is buzzing every five seconds. Here are some good legitimate websites that you can make cash from, quickly and relatively effortlessly with an easy structure to follow.

  • 20 Cogs - complete little tasks, such as signing up for a free box or subscription, or a quick survey, some do require you to spend a bit of money although not usually much (upto £5) unless you do any bet tasks but you are free to switch your task up if it's not suited to you
  • Money Saving Expert - find good deals and coupons...saving every little penny can help!

Hustle, Hustle, Hustle

It does not ever harm to ask. Drop a tweet to a brand asking if they work with bloggers, asking if they will give you some samples in exchange for social media coverage. Ask if they do samples or if they have any upcoming events. Ask a hotel or a restaurant for a complimentary or press rate stay/meal in exchange for a mention in a blog post. Keep in touch with as many people and companies as you can, ask around, don't feel you're bugging them, a tweet is a non-invasive form of communication that is actually one of the most benefical for people in the blogging industry. Ask them if they work with bloggers, ask if they want to collaborate, do some networking. If they say no, then you have tried, but they may subconsciously make a little note of you and if something comes up in the future, then your name is there! Go to events, any events, meet as many people as possible. You never know where the road may lead...

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