CHARITY: The Importance Of Assistance Dogs

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Living with a disibility of any kind is challenge. There are a whole spectrum of ailments, disabilities and issues that millions of people live with, and the fear of lacking independence can dampen confidence, it can also severely blight people's lives. The importance of having a dog as a companion can ease the pressures of day-to-day life, allowing people to feel less suffocated with the day-to-day tasks that most people take for granted. My cousin who has been suffering with a disability from birth is in the process of getting her first assistance dog, and already the difference it has made to her mood is incredible; and it can only continue to blossom.

Photo Courtesy of: DogsForGoodUK
We see guide dogs for the blind around on our streets, offering support, and awareness to the public and assisting those with vision problems. However, it is not just the blind who may need a dog in their lives. Dogs can be trained for a number of reasons, for people with disabilities from autism, to epilepsy, physical disabilities and more. They can provide comfort for those who may struggle to connect with other people, there is a gentleness in dogs that can ease worry, it's a proven fact that dogs can help lower your blood pressure. They become a friend, a loyal companion that will stay with you, watch over you, and keep you safe, when it feels the world is closing in. Crossing a busy street is daunting for anyone, but if you suffer a form of disability, then these tasks are naturally more magnified, and it can easily swirl out of control, and a loss of independence is imminent. A dog can create a sense of security, and that is only the beginning of the endless list. Some of the ways they can provide stability for a vulnerable person is: 
  • Assisting with opening doors
  • Assisting with dressing and undressing 
  • Retrieving dropped items such as a wallet 
  • Pressing a pedestrian crossing button
  • Reaching upto shop counters 
*All information provided from www.dogsforgood.org 

Photo Courtesy of: DogsForGoodUK
Dogs for Good UK is a charity that supports these incredible animals, and they are always in need of people to support them, whether it be fundraising, or training the pups, or even just spreading the word, it's vital that more people are aware that dogs can be such a lifeline for many people. You can find more information regarding what they do on their website. By allowing vulnerable people to have a dog, whether it is a small child or a fully grown adult, dogs can enrich someone's life, and create a brighter future, where before there may have only been darkness. Please take a moment to have a look at the charity Dogs for Good and spread the word about the importance of assistance dogs. Do you have any blogs or videos to share relating to the subject? Share your stories and let's make the world feel a little smaller and a little safer.

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