BEAUTY: The Foundation Of Beauty

One of the most important products in our makeup bag, has to be our foundation.  A good coverage foundation is not just going to create a flawless look to your skin but it will also enhance your natural beauty, allowing a radiant confidence that is guaranteed to make you feel empowered and ready to take on the world. Finding your ideal Foundation comes from knowing your skin type and your skin tone, which allows you to make the correct decisions before your purchase. Another common error when on the hunt for flawless skin is not spending enough money on a good Foundation, that will be both a good investment and a treat to your skin. Spending a few more pennies on your products can often be the difference between mediocre looking skin and luminous skin. Take a little look at the products you can pick up on the high street that are this year's must haves for all ladies who love to illuminate their faces! 

These Foundations favour all skin types, dispelling the myth that girls with dry/very dry skin can't achieve that natural glow and those with oily skin can't enjoy that fresh skin feeling all day long without worry of shine. Take a look at the picks.

This Foundation comes with all the vital skincare benefits whilst achieving maximum coverage. Moisturising but not oily, this would be a perfect choice for the ladies who have combination skin to really accentuate the natural oils in your skin without over highlighting them, giving you a warm glow. They have a plethora of shades, which are suitable for skin tones across the board, which also include matte shades which have a slightly more drying feel to them without causing any flakiness or discomfort around the skin. It has been trialed and tested on thousands of women who have all relayed the same information that the Foundation does seem to prevent breakouts, in addition to evening out skin tones.

The price for this Foundation starts at £37 but its shelf life is around 6 months.

Laura Mercier Silk CrΓ¨me 

For skin that is acne prone and problematic, finding an ideal Foundation may be tricky. The worry of aggravating your skin is always prevalent in your mind and you shy away from the idea of trying new products in case they irritate or worsen the look of your skin. Laura Mercier has developed a flawless coverage that is kind and gentle to both sensitive and acne prone skin. In the range, Laura Mercier has also developed a primer, which acts as a gentle base, giving the skin a gentle sheen before the application of make up. Brush this invisible magic wand across your skin to create a complexion like a Goddess! 

Price wise, Laura Mercier is a little under the price of Chanel, with a retail price of around £33.   

Armani Maestro

Armani Maestro is an everyday Foundation that melts into the skin excellently, with easy application and precision with a Beauty Blender or brush. One sweep of this luscious cream over your face and you'll feel the lightness and silkiness immediately. This Foundation is perhaps more catered towards a lady who uses her make up daily. It is natural, gives a simple and even toned coverage, which is brilliant for lazy or busy ladies who like a quick efficient application with minimal fuss. Suitable for all skin tones, particularly dry skin with its nourishing feel upon application. 

Armani Maestro is certainly higher up on the price list, however its benefits do justify the price of this product, as its current retail price is £40. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up

For a more affordable yet effective alternative to glowing skin, Rimmel Wake Me Up has topped our hot list, with its complex but powerful formula, designed to create radiance with their 100% poreless coverage radiance boosting pearls. One sweep over the face and you'll immediately see both the coverage and the sun kissed colour. Choose wisely with your shades, the range tends to include more orange-toned Foundations, so picking a Foundation a little lighter than your shade would still create an even tone and healthy complexion. 

Rimmel WMU costs £8.99 making it a remarkable and affordable choice! 

With so many decadent choices, you'll be able to embark on a dreamy skincare journey, and find the perfect Foundation match for your skin with these picks of the season. Often shops and counters allow you to take samples away, so ensure that you pick up your samples and take one step closer to skin perfection! 
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