LIFESTYLE: Fall In Love With Modern Greek Theatre

Everything about Greece screams theatre. The very conception of theatre began some 2500 years ago, where the Greeks celebrated the famous "City Dionysia", a festival dedicated to the celebration of their Gods. This has inevitably opened the doors to a future of lavish performances, timeless creations and characterisation which we now refer to today as 'theatre'. Theatre in Britain is undoubtedly seen as a privilege. The excitement of live theatre, the up close, tense, magical atmosphere of a packed theatre is like no other experience, and The National Theatre holds the torch in British theatre, for its integrity, longevity and the actors it attracts.

modern greek theatre
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In Greece today, the theatre seen is bustling, more specifically in Athens, the home of theatre. The evolution of theatre in Greece is colossal, and there is a bustling Broadway scene, although with the economic time of the country, visiting the theatre has become less reachable. The musical scene in Athens has been a huge hit for some time, with outdoor ampitheatre performances still being a hit. This is such a refreshing delight, for those who thrive on the traditional outdoor theatres that are so blatantly reminiscent of the crisp summer nights in ancient Greece, when actors would step on the stage with grotesque and exaggerated masks, and create masterpieces. When travelling, have a taste of the culture, and go see a show. Do not let the language barrier hold you back, as I believe any true, raw piece of outstanding theatre speaks for itself. For the people who enjoy musicals, there is always one around in Athens to head to, and the classics are crystalized in the heart of the Athenian theatres, with shows such as classic Beckett or Ibsen. For more information on where you can watch theatre on your trip to Greece click here.

Photo Courtesy of: Pixabay
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