HEALTH: Allergy Season Tricks

For some people, Spring is a welcome change. It means warm days, soft breezes and longer evenings. But, for some, along with Spring comes pure dread. It can also mean that people are more prone to allergy reactions and if they aren’t prepared, it can be total misery. When it comes to allergy season, you must have a few tricks up your sleeve to tackle the sneezes and sniffles, in order to enjoy what Spring truly has to offer.
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Trick 1
The best way to fight off allergies is to foresee them. It’s a good idea to check the weather report every morning and take note of the pollen count. Obviously, the higher the count, the more you’ll have to do to protect yourself.

Trick 2
Did you know that pollen can get stuck in contact lenses? This can be especially common during windier days. The best advice is to wear large sunglasses while you’re outside. This means you have the best of both worlds – you protect your eyes from brightness and pollen, and you get to look stylish at the same time.
Trick 3
You never totally protect yourself when it comes to pollen. The last thing you want to do is confine yourself to your home and never experience all the wonders Spring has to offer. In which case, it’s important to have allergy medications, namely an antihistamine, at the ready. You can quickly and easily access what you need by visiting an online pharmacy.
Trick 4
During the Spring and Summer months it can get pretty sticky while you’re trying to sleep. The logical thing to do would be to open the windows and let some fresh air in. However, when you’re allergic to pollen, the windows should remain shut. Your home should be somewhere you’re safe. Try using a bedroom fan instead.

Trick 5
It’s easy to put your faith in the drugs you’re prescribed by your doctor, but you may want to try alternative therapies as well. Finding a good herbalist or acupuncturist could put your body at ease at a time when it’s struggling to cope. You can start alternative therapy treatment at any time during the season, but it may be a good idea to start a few weeks ahead of Spring so your body is at its strongest when allergy season arrives.

Trick 6
Have you considered your diet? There’s a reason that our vegetables are seasonal, even though we now have access to them all year round. Try adding seasonal fruit and vegetables to your diet to give your body the nourishment it needs to stay as healthy as possible. The fruit and veg that are seasonal to Spring are tailor made for helping you to fight off allergies.

It will be much easier to enjoy the season when you’re prepared for any eventuality. Don’t hide yourself away just because you’re prone to itchy eyes and sneezing. Make yourself a master plan for tackling these pesky allergies and get outside to live life to the full.

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