HEALTH: Feeling Bloated? Give These Tricks A Go

Ah, the joys of being a woman. Regularly bloating is just one of those things we are taught we have to live with, like period cramps and PMS, but it can be a real drag. Well, it’s time for a revolution. Not only is it really irritating when it’s impossible to fit into your favorite pair of jeans, but it can also be genuinely uncomfortable. There are a few possible causes of potential bloating, such as hormones, digestive issues, or food intolerances. If you’re a sufferer, give some of these things a go and see if you can narrow down the cause, and relieve some discomfort at the same time.
Start a food diary
Bloating is often caused by intolerances to certain foods. These are not allergies, but they can be very uncomfortable. In order to rule this out or narrow it down to a culprit, keeping a food diary, along with notes about any symptoms or discomfort, can allow you to start to draw connections between certain food types and discomfort, which in turn may allow you to start to rule these foods out of your diet.

Give your digestive system a helping hand
Sometimes our digestion needs a bit of a boost, whether it’s for IBS or food sensitivities, and probiotic supplements are great for this. Probiotics for IBS help your body to get the good bacteria it could be missing, which can be a great help for a struggling digestive system. If you’re suffering from the symptoms of IBS, give it a go and see how these probiotic supplements can help.
Eat frequent, small meals
Often, people who experience regular bloating have a sensitive stomach and gut. This means, if you overload it with food it can start to struggle, creating lots of bloating and discomfort. People sometimes find that eating smaller meals more frequently puts less strain on their gut, and keeps bloating to a minimum. It can also be great for people who are struggling with low energy.
Avoid certain high-fiber foods
Some foods encourage your body to release a whole load of gas when they’re digested (ooh, lovely). Legumes, such as beans and lentils, are notoriously bad for this, as you probably know. Keeping your diet low in these foods, but high in other high-fiber foods such as wholemeal pasta and bread, might make a significant impact.

Keep your alcohol consumption low
Many of us like a drop of wine every now and then, but if you suffer from bloating, a single glass could help, but much more than that could be exacerbating your symptoms. If you’re a bit of a party animal, try having some time off and see if your bloating becomes reduced - you could have found your culprit right there.
Visit your doctor
Finally, if you can’t seem to get the symptoms to lessen, whatever you do, or you’re experiencing other symptoms such as discomfort or other digestive issues, a trip to the doctor might be in order. They will be able to advise on how you should proceed with your diagnosis and treatment.

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