HEALTH: Why Good Health Requires Clarity Rather Than Vanity

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Everybody wants to be healthy, but we’re not all motivated by the same reasons. Some people may want to be slim so as to avoid issues with their heart later in life, whereas other people may want to be slim simply because they’re unhappy with their appearance. Whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle is good no matter what the motivation may be, appearance can sometimes be the wrong type of motivator, as it leads people to opt for quick fixes such as fad diets or simply denying themselves food.
The key to a healthy lifestyle is clarity rather than vanity. This means that you should be driven by a desire to look after your body rather than simply looking after the appearance of your body. Good health can only be achieved by respecting yourself enough to take self-care seriously. Fluctuating between weights even time you feel like slimming down for photos or a holiday is more damaging than maintaining a consistent, healthy diet as will be discussed further. Here are some reasons further proving why good health requires clarity rather than vanity.

Your eating pattern should be a long-term habit

This is perhaps the most important element of a healthy lifestyle because so many people have a bad relationship with food. You might see food as a frustrating necessity because it always piles on the pounds, but that might mean you need to rethink your long-term eating pattern rather than starving yourself on a salad-based diet every few weeks. Perhaps you have a bad relationship with your weight and the food you eat because you’re eating the wrong kinds of food.
The solution to finding a balanced diet and maintaining a consistently healthy weight permanently is to find a consistent eating routine which doesn’t pile on those pounds. This all starts with a diet low in sugar and high in nutrients that your body desperately needs such as protein, carbohydrates, and many other vitamins. If you change your long-term diet to include such foods, cut out the bad sugars and starches, and start exercising more to keep your body active then you’ll definitely notice a healthy difference in your weight and general demeanour.

You should be looking after your face for the right reasons

Your face likely gives you no end of grief, as it does for many people. We are our own worst critics, and that means we often punish our bodies to alter our appearances when there’s actually nothing wrong with us. When it comes to looking after your face, you should be appreciating the way it looks on a natural basis but striving to look after your health on a practical level. You could also look into options such as Belgravia Clinic for safe skin care treatments, as cosmetics can be helpful.
Still, beyond looking after your skin, you might also want to start visiting the dentist more regularly if you’re self-conscious about your smile. Getting teeth whitening isn’t always the answer; again, your teeth may look nice but that doesn’t mean your mouth is healthy. You should be flossing regularly to prevent plaque or gum problems. You’ll be much happier with your smile when you have something to really smile about: a healthy mouth.
You need to remember that your mind and body are closely interlinked

Mental health is crucial to being healthy not just in terms of external appearance but in terms of internal thoughts and feelings. Your body can be massively affected by your mind, as stress, anxiety and depression can all lead to overeating, lack of motivation to remain active, and even other physical problems or illnesses directly caused by your mental state. A strong mind can lead to a strong body, and practicing daily meditation could really help you to re-center yourself and regain clarity on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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