Summer BBQ and DIY Candy Buffet

Is there anything more fun than a summer barbecue? Yes! A summer barbecue with a DIY candy buffet! Candy buffets make any event special. Let’s explore a few ideas to make your next BBQ a big hit!
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Choose your color
Your candy will be various colors, but you need a color theme. Summer barbecues are the time for red checked tablecloths, wicker baskets, and lemonade. But, you can get creative and use denim cloth or even your favorite floral print, purchased at your fabric store. Remember the tablecloth should accent the event, but not distract from the table.
DIY candy table
In keeping with the summer BBQ theme, use SOLO cups with the “chalkboard label”. These cups come in a variety of colors and are available at most stores. You simply peel the label off and it reveals a small chalkboard. You can use your finger to scratch the names of your candies on the cups. Using a retracted ink pen does the trick as well. It is a really cute and fun look. Note; use SOLO “kids on the go” cups and glue dots to raise some of the cups for extra height. Use a contrasting color. They are very sturdy.
Another fun idea is to buy plastic buckets and shovels. The buckets look great and the shovels are your candy scoops. But don’t forget your little guests. Take a couple of buckets and fill them with mini chocolate chips. Through out the bucket hide gummy worms. The kids can use the shovel to dig their worms. Give them a small SOLO cup to take their prize. Gummy worms are easily added to the chocolate chips to keep the game going. Some people use crushed chocolate cookies to make their “dirt”, but the chocolate chips stay with the candy theme,
You can fill in empty spots on the table with colorful and inexpensive paper hot dog holders. You can buy them in red gingham design. They make a cute addition to your BBQ candy buffet theme. Candy Ice Cream cones. Fill the bottom of ice cream cones with the candy of your choice. Stand the cones on a tray and place cotton candy on top to mimic the look of ice cream. Use a spoon to round it and press it into your cones. “Lemonade” Fill a tall glass picture with lemons. In front of the lemon picture, place small paper cups of lemon drops and other sour/sweet candy. Use peppermint sticks to mimic the look of straws. If your barbecue features ice cream for your guest, stage an ice cream topping station with all types of candies. Set the candy toppings in front of the ice cream and add teaspoons for easier use.
Buying Candy
Because our DIY candy buffet, is a casual and fun tone, specialty candies are not required. You will order your candy in bulk from a bulk candy store. My favorite is Sweet Services. Estimate 4 - 8 ounces of candy per guest. Most candy is sold in 5-pound bags.
The theme of our DIY candy buffet was Summer BBQ. The supplies we used were inexpensive and clean up is very easy as many containers are disposable. The fun thing about DIY candy buffets is “anything goes”. So incorporate your own ideas and create your masterpiece. Take lots of pictures!

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