The Beauty Of The Lake District: Why You Should Live There

The Lake District, is one of Britain's most beautiful regions. In the heart of Cumbria, The Lake District is home to 16 incredible bodies of water, that thousands of tourists flock to each year. It offers serenity away from the busy cities. Penrith is the largest city to the Lakes, which has all the big ammenities of any city. The Lake District is dripping with beauty, endless trails and walks, the prettiest tearooms and quaint gift shops. There is also no lack of stunning hotels in the best locations you can think of. Along the lakes, just waiting to be explored! It has oodles of charm and here are some top reasons why it is also high up on the best places to live in the UK.

With its clean, crisp fresh air, it isn't subject to the pollution in the cities. For your health, the peace, quiet and clear oxygen is brilliant for those suffering with any longterm health conditions; and it is a great place to keep active. So many walks, bike treks and even water sports, there is never a lack of things to do. Ullswater is famous for it's boating and camping grounds along the lake and it is the epitome of the area.

It has booming tourism. Although this may not be as prevalent during the winter months, it still attracts walkers and groups throughout all seasons, which means it is a wealthy area, good for businesses, new and old; perfect if you are wanting to try something new and create a new lifestyle for yourself. There are so many shops to browse in, either in shop and online, becuase some of the cutest gifts are made up in the lakes. Take a look at address verification if you're looking to start a new venture in this beautiful location.

The Lake District is in a surprisingly good location, it is not too far from three major cities, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds; and a few miles north, you can drive upto into beautiful Scotland and to the west, you have the Isle of Man.  There are plenty of places to holiday inn, especially if you are not bothered about traveling outside of the UK. You could holiday in The Lake District, even if you lived there, with a new location around every corner and something exciting to see, you will never get bored.

There are some stunning properties in the Lake District. From all price ranges, from flats, to houses, to caravans, to mansions! There is something for everyone and a style to suit each taste; every house has a different style, charm and there is a definite individuality. Imagine opening your curtains up onto the beautiful waters of the Lakes.

Where is your favourite place in the Lake District?

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