BEAUTY: You're Not Beyonce, And You Don't Have To Be!

The thing about the beauty industry is that it's full of insider tips and tricks that we regular girls often don't get to hear about. But we can spend hours comparing ourselves to images online and in magazines, wondering why no matter how hard we try we can't achieve the same standard? But what can we do about this? Well, we can take some inspiration from these secrets and apply it to our own beauty regime. Read on to find out more. 

Be realistic

First of all, before we get into the secrets of the beauty industry, it's just necessary to know that they are there. 
Why? Well, it helps us to be more accepting and not put less pressure on ourselves to live up to beauty standards that aren't 100% natural. You're not Beyonce, and you don't have to be! 
Of course, there is nothing wrong with taking a leaf out of the celebrities book and doing something to maximise our look like the suggestions below. But just realizing that they need help too, can make it a lot easier for us to be at peace with ourselves. 

Realise that a lot of celebs have work done 

Now, you will probably be fairly aware of this ‘secret,' as it can be pretty obvious when celebrities have had extensive work done. Such as facelifts and nose jobs. Even if they don't like to admit it in public.

Photo Courtesy of: Flickr
But having work done doesn't need to be so extreme. In fact, if you are looking to improve your appearance you can do much more subtle things like facial fillers, and lip plumpers that can really change the look of your face. As well as being much quicker, cheaper, and less invasive than going under the knife. 

Realise a lot of celebs wear wigs

Photo Courtesy of: Pixabay
Another well-kept secret in the world of celebrity beauty is that famous people wear wigs. Especially for an important occasions like red carpet appearances and the like. 
Now, you may think, well it’s understandable if they are losing their hair, but wig wearing isn't just limited to those going bald. It’s a commonplace article for anyone and everyone that wants to look their best. 

Photo Courtesy of: Pixabay
These wigs are expensive too, as they are often custom made to match the celebrities own hair colour and texture. But exactly can we learn from this? Well, first of all, that looking after our hair is a vital part of any beauty regime. 
Secondly, you can try wearing wigs for big nights out, as they are readily available online. Or you can choose to enhance your own locks with extensions making them longer, or giving them a totally different style without having to go through the risk of actually getting it cut. 

Realise a lot of celebs have professional makeup artists

Lastly, it always helps to remember when you are looking at a picture of celebs at their best that they have a professional makeup artist in their employ. That means not only do they have the benefit of having someone do their makeup for them, but that person is also a professional with extensive experience in making people look their best.

We can learn from this by practicing our makeup looks before we wear them for real. As well as ensuring that our makeup is always well matched to our skin tone and applied properly so as to look flawless in all lights.