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Travelling can not only be stressful but it can be incredibly tiring. Long airport waits, short haul flights with no in-flight entertainment, train journeys that seem to last a lifetime, bus or coach rides that get stuck in traffic every fifteen minutes, or those car journeys you take with family and you're longing for the next coffee stop. Having a travel companion is always important if you're wanting to have a little me time for those non stop travels, when you need a little break away and to pass the time productively. Or on those restless evenings when nothing will get you to sleep, a little bit of relaxation is key. Your best companion is Audiobooks. Always with me, because it's downloaded on my phone, so whether I'm relaxing at home, or on the road with work, I can access my books.

Audiobooks is part of my current essentials

Travel books for those restless nights

Audiobooks are the perfect travel companion. I love to read, as a writer, reading is very important, but sometimes, with tired eyes and a weary mind, reading can become a bit of a chore, your mind can skim over the words on the page and instead, drift off onto other thoughts or worries. Audiobooks allows you to listen to books straight through your phone, or tablet, and there is a wide variety of choices, from classics to modern novels and lots more in between. You can download your first book free, and after a 30 day free trial, you can download one audio book a month for $14.95 or around £11.50 from the UK and payment is quick and easy through PayPal.

A few top reasons why this makes the perfect travel companion:

  • It's much more convenient than carrying books around in your bag/luggage
  • It's a great alternative to the radio whilst you're driving alone
  • It's easy and quick to download and use 
  • It's a brilliant alternative for night time reading, you can doze off without straining your eyes
  • Plenty of choices for any taste
  • There are always deals to browse through

I'm currently reading one of Audiobooks' free options, an interesting listen, "The Untroubled Mind" by Herbert J Hall, which is in the category of Health & Wellness. Listening to these kind of books really help the information seep into your mind a lot easier.

Current read
It took me a little while to get onto the bandwagon of Audiobooks but because of its convenience you can really enjoy a book at a steady pace, and it can always be playing whilst you're doing daily chores. I sometimes find it fun to listen to a book whilst I'm packing, or unpacking, and you can save a lot of time this way and ultimately get through more books. It's such a savvy way of consuming novels and the stories can stick in your mind a lot easier. To download the app and have a little play around, click here.

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*This post was written in collaboration with Audiobooks.com

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