How To Give Up Tobacco Cigarettes By Using E-Cigarettes

The use of tobacco cigarettes has been proven to be very harmful to our health. There is a lot of information on the NHS website that explains why smoking tobacco is so harmful along with the countless benefits of deciding to give it up.

However, quitting smoking is typically a very difficult task. This is true for the smokers that already understand the risks associated with tobacco. The truth of the matter is that smoking is highly addictive and it is the nicotine inside the tobacco which makes it so addictive. In addition, the act of reaching for cigarettes is also addictive and trying to quit requires extensive will power and in many cases added help.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay
Today, many people are choosing the alternative of E-cigarettes to assist them in giving up traditional tobacco smoking and many people have experienced success due to the following reasons:

Cutting Down The Chemicals

Chemicals found in manufactured tobacco based cigarettes feature highly dangerous ingredients that include butane which is found in lighter fluid, arsenic that is the same poison used in rat poisons, and a toxic by-product known as gas carbon-monoxide. The majority of the smokers are aware of these ingredients and even though they are constantly given this guidance on the actual labels of their cigarette packets, from their doctors and on the TV, they still continue to inhale these substances on a daily basis.

One of the initial steps to quitting smoking and repairing one's health includes banishing these chemicals. This is possible by choosing E-cigarettes in order to accomplish this goal. The E liquids inside E-cigarettes feature non-toxic ingredients such as nicotine, propylene glycol and flavorings without any nasty and dangerous chemicals. The switch from tobacco cigarettes to E-cigarettes is an important step in quitting smoking and getting rid of the exponential harmful side-effects.

Lowering Your Nicotine Levels

One of the big benefits for people in search of a way to quit tobacco cigarettes is that the E-cigarettes provide the choice to slowly decrease nicotine intakes while at the same time enjoying a smoke that is significantly cleaner. E-liquid available for E-cigarettes and the pre-filled disposables types come in varying strengths. This offers a way for smokers to choose nicotine level that they enjoy inhaling with a goal to reduce the strength levels gradually until such stage that they are able to enjoy a chemical and nicotine free smoke.

The typical e liquid in an E-cigarette features around 1.2mg of nicotine which is around the same strength as a standard cigarette. With nicotine levels that vary from 3.6mg up to as low as 0.2mg onto nicotine-free E-liquids it become easy to see how smokers are able to slowly decrease nicotine levels without having to battle the loss of comfort along with the habit associated with smoking.

Breaking Habits

It is well known that the harder of the habits to break when it comes to tobacco cigarettes happens to be the habit in itself. The physical part of reaching for cigarettes and inhaling the smoke is the hardest habit to break. The act of smoking is often calming, a stress reliever and enjoyable. E-cigarettes allow for a nicotine-free or low nicotine smoke so that the smoker can enjoy a smoking past-time reducing or eliminating the harmful effects.

At the stage that they chemicals are now eliminated from your system or you have decreased the amount of nicotine you take in, the only aspect left is to work on the physical habit. This is the stage that many smokers are able to kick the habit altogether. Some smokers find that they are able to decrease the amount of E-cigarettes that they smoke that they only require an occasional use. Others make the decision that they have given up on the harmful chemicals and carry on enjoying the cleaner yet comforting and familiar feeling of e-smoking.

The Future Of Quitting Smoking And E Cigarettes

It is obvious that choosing E-cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes with the goal of quitting smoking has worked for many people. It is definitely associated with a number of health benefits and makes a lot of sense for those who truly care about their health.

In fact, there have even been discussions that the NHS plan to officially adopt E-cigarettes for patients to make use of through a prescription over the next few years in the form of smoking cessation devices and it is obvious as to why many people view this as a great idea. While the E-cigarettes are not really cessation devices on an official level as yet, the truth is that many of the tobacco smokers have successfully made this switch.