Twelve Hours In Dublin - Speed Tour

Ireland may only be around a 45 minute flight from most places in the UK, but it was a country that I had never ventured to before. Ireland has untouched coastlines, stunning cliffs, luscious green fields, and some heavily dosed in beautiful lavender and flowers. Dublin itself, is essentially on the east coast of Ireland, but the city doesn't boast any sea views, the city is predominately surrounded by the marina and lots of water sections, a large river, the River Liffey runs through the heart of the city, where you can find bridge after bridge, and multiple Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.
Halfpenny Bridge (Pixabay)

Dublin has such a continental feel, the culture is very British in essence but you can feel the European edge which seems to have infiltrated the city, and this makes it so intriguing. Lots of outdoor cafes, and plenty of modern architecture, strolling down the river is reminiscent of somewhere such as Rottderdam or more closer to home, Liverpool. It is a colourful, happy city, with a large bustling shopping centre. If you're only in Dublin for a short amount of time then here are some places you should see and some handy hacks for your time in the city.

Travel easily into the city centre from the airport for €7.00 on the frequent bus service, the number 747. The bus tells you over speaker where you are so you know where to get off, but you will have a sense of when you're at the right place.

Dublin Castle

Be sure to take a trip to Dublin Castle. It is a fabulous beacon of royal history and has the most incredible pieces and interiors. It is a must on your trip here.

*The first Wednesday of every month, entry to the castle is free* - usual price is €4.50 

Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle
The Halfpenny Bridge

This can't really be missed when you're strolling around, but as cliched as it sounds, you should take a walk over it to tick off the bucket list. It was built in 1816 and is a popular sweet place for photos and is the landmark if you're a little lost walking down the river. To read a little more about the bridges of Dublin for any architecture loves, click here.

The Guinness Storehouse

If you're only in Ireland for the good booze, then the Guinness Storehouse is going to be on your stop.   Ticket prices start at €14 for adults. If you want to find out about how the drink is produced, the history of the drink and much more then this trip is definitely worth it, but Dublin's pub scene is plentiful and bustling and there are many places to find a good glass of Guinness.


There is an abundence of restaurants, so, finding something to suit your taste should be relatively easy. A little place I stumbled upon was a The Lotts Cafe/Bar, with beautiful decor, a laid back vibe with good food, good prices and friendly staff. For more information on their food choices click here.

Lotts Cafe & Bar
Dublin Spire

Athough this may not be the oldest piece of art in the city, it is one of the most incredible. The spire is a must see, and you can't miss it, at its height of 120meters. It is known as the Monument of Light, a piece of art meant to inspire and display Dublin's artistic, colourful and multicultural way of life. Some of the Dubliners have mixed views on it, with one taxi driver believing it was a waste of money and a complete eyesore, but it is quite a magnificent piece of architecture, especially for people who enjoy modern art. Take a look here for some interesting pieces of the spire.

Hire A Bike

Simple and may seem like a no brainer if you're limited to time in the city, but this truly would be the best option to explore the quaint backstreets without staying on foot, and you are able to cover so much more ground.

Enquiry About Taxis First

Just like in any city, this is a good rule of thumb. Before jumping into a taxi, ask them how much it is likely to be, and this way they shouldn't charge you aymore than this. In big cities, it can often happen that people try and make a quick buck, especially from tourists. This is a good hack in every city.

Have Access To A Map

You can pick out landmarks, but it is easy to get lost, many streets look similar and there are a lot of  streets designated to offices, so it can make you feel like you are quickly out of the hustle of the city. There are usually shops around to guide you but making sure you don't walk around in circles is important!

Download Audio Guides

Download an audio guide to Irleand, make a quick search on your app store and find something simple and free. This way you can quickly soak up all the information for free, and take things at your own pace.



  1. I love Dublin and you've captured it beautifully. Great tips, too!

  2. I really want to go back to Dublin as I didn't manage to see much when I went. The castle and the guiness factory would be essential visits x

  3. Gorgeous photos! I have Dublin on my list but have yet to visit. You've reminded me that I better get on with it. :-)

  4. I wish I'd have read this before I visited Dublin in May. It's such a beautiful city isn't it.

    Ami xxx

  5. I love Dublin, it's such a pretty city and there's so much to do there apart from just drinking. I definitely agree the Ha'penny bridge and spire are must visits.

  6. I have saved this post to read again later! I keep see the cheap flights to Dublin and thinking how great it would be to go there and back in a day!

  7. I have only been to Dublin for 20 minutes... back in 1999. We have been talking about taking a visit though as I think we would really enjoy it and this post would be great to look back over if we do decide to x

  8. I have always wanted to do the Guinness Storehouse. Hubby loves Dublin but I have never been