Create The Best Summer Interiors

The Great British Summers are long gone. Either bad luck or environmental issues, such as global warming have contributed to England become colder and even more dreary during these special summer months. If we're lucky, we can strike up the BBQ and enjoy a glass of vino in the back garden; but it's also very important to maintain a beautiful indoors also, a place to retreat to when the clouds roll in and you want that little bit of luxury indoors. You can always bring summer indoors!

Let's look at some of the top trends that we have been seeing lately; this way you can pick and choose what suits your decor best. I always like to opt for neutral walls, perhaps with one feature wall; mostly because my tastes change drastically and often, keeping a blank canvas is a brilliant way to ensure you can always easily go back to the drawing board.

Nautical Theme

This is such a simple yet elegant way to bring a little bit of summer into your home. I always think of Greece when I think nautical, so many beautiful islands, ready to explore on boats, and adopting a nautical print to your home can be really summery, and keep you feeling as summery as possible right the away through to winter. Dark blue sailor print stripes, or bold aquas. Seashells are a lovely way to feel summery, you can buy them in a bundle or collect them on your travels. I have a little bit of each; I've yet to find the perfect shell on my travels! Earthy objects, rope effect, cork, sand in jars, it all brings that essence of summer to your interiors!

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Plant Mania

Plants will always look elegant and classy. They will always bring the outdoors indoors very effortlessly, and a lot of plants are low maintenance. If I'm away from home on the road, I don't want my plants to die. Succulents are the most resilient and look stunning especially small ones on a windowsill or sideboard. Pick colours that epitomise summer yet will also carry you through the other months. Such as pinks, purples, these shades can last all seasons. Hanging plants are very popular now and can be found in many home stores. You do not even have to use real plants, artificial flowers can look just as good and are much easier to play around with. Create your own terrarium, that is such a brilliant way to pass time and create something pretty for your home.

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Kitchen Style

Have your summer parties in your kitchen. Find some bunting and fit it around the kitchen, choose pastels and pretty summery shades. Add a touch of summer with coloured glasses, coloured pitchers and paper straws always have that summer vibe to them. Blues are always a popular colour, according to a recent survey! Blues can also look lovely on kitchen walls, especially pale blues, and it adds a sense of calm also. Try blue in your bedroom too, especially if you suffer with anxieties, the calming effect of blues has been proven!

Keeping Cosy Still

Just because it's summer, doesn't mean that you can't still create cosy vibes in your home. Light knitted white blankets for your bed, or perhaps a netted embossed throw for your sofa. Keep the colours and textures light and enjoy layering; after all, British summers are never sweltering, and can still be very cool. Whites, creams, golds and pastels are all perfect for summer.

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You can find inspiration anywhere for your home. In a recent trip to Dublin, click here for my post "Twelve Hours in Dublin". I found some beautiful interiors and architecture in and around the city. Ireland is such a wonderful inspiring place to be, and I am constantly inspired by the cities and countries I visit. I believe you can take little parts of each of them and recreate them at home. You could of course, choose some green velvet cushions to keep in with Irish tradition of course! It is such a cliche to associate green with Ireland, but we do, and greens are such an outdoors, nature colour which really can add a touch of summer to your home. Leaf prints also work very well and look lovely with the white throws! When you have your home perfect, you have to ensure it stays that way. Be secure, and keep your home protected with Chill Insurance and be sure you're covered in all aspects. Interior design is fun, cathartic and a true depiction of who you are as a person and where you have come from. It's also your pefect haven after a day at work or a week on the road, and we should always be at our most content and relaxed when we are at home. So get perusing on the net and pinning those Pinterest interior pics and start enjoying summer until it's over!