Make Your Garden Part Of Your Home

Your garden can easily become neglected. We don't live in a country where we have wonderful weather all the time but I know that I love outdoor living. I can however forget to take good care of my garden and more often than not, I throw a few plant pots in and plants some bulbs and forget about it but there are some ways and tips to make your garden a little more liveable and create a happy space outdoors, because a little bit of fresh air and having making the most of your outdoor space is a very important thing to do for your physical and mental health.

Add Furniture

Take a little look at your local charity shops for furniture that you can use outdoors. A little bistro table, perhaps an old wooden table that you can paint up! If you already have some furniture, then giving it a little makeover can make it feel like new. Add colour, perhaps add some weather resistent cushions and blankets for evenings when it can get a little chillier. A swinging bench is always a great addition to any garden for cosy evenings and reading but if you can't find anything within budget, then a smaller bistro table will get the job done - you can even take your office outdoors if you need to!


Add a little texture to your garden or driveway and get it repaved or add some decorative flooring. This is a lovely way to bring a bit of style to a bland garden and make sure that it looks good and feels good under foot. This then can enhance what you already have, and make those little plant pots look even cuter!

Add Lights

Lighting is key, indoors as well as out. You can intertwine some fairy lights around your fence or perhaps around your door. These can be solar powered so you don't have to worry about leads, and there are plenty of garden centres that sell them for reasonable prices. This way you can make it cute and cosy and looking pretty. Get something a little different, butterflys or rose gold lanterns, or perhaps something that just suits you and your needs. It also brings the indoors outdoors a little, and will of course make your garden that extra little bit Instagram-worthy!

Make Your Garden Practical

Your garden can be used for so many things, but of course, growing your own vegetables and fruits is a big one. It saves a lot of money in the long run and you can have fresh organic veg everyday. Simple fruit trees are easy to maintain, or even herbs if you enjoy cooking can be grown on patios and it just adds a little more homeliness to your garden. I thoroughly enjoyfinding new things to plant and grow as it feels like you're creating such a lovely environment to live in, and it's healthy!