Stay Luxurious And Stay Thrifty

Living a life you envisage is not always easy but it's something we must always strive to achieve. Travelling is one of life's biggest pleasures, it broadens your mind and horizons, gives you inspiration, and creates scores of memories that you can treasure throughout your entire life. Whenever I am travelling, either for work or pleasure, I like to find luxury places to stay that either feel like home, or better. We should not ever settle for substandard, in any shape or form, although it's
also a fact that luxury comes with a large pricetag. I have complied a little list of how you can achieve a luxury lifestyle even when you're living on a budget. It may take a little more preparation, and a little bit of sacrifice, but in the longrun, you should be able to enjoy the more finer things in life. I have to be honest, sometimes planning a trip, no matter how short, or how long can be a full time job. I'm constantly scouring the airlines and set up so many notifications and rechecking comparison sites, to see if the price has altered. It takes a little bit of dedication but if you're as passionate about travel and living a more luxe lifestyle, then a little bit of dedication goes a long way. For a taste of true travel luxury, I would highly recommend heading to Tidlrs Luxury Travel section for a huge directory of some of the most incredible places on the planet.

Flights & Luxury Travel 

When you're looking for flights, you can come up against problem after problem. If you're flexible with dates, then you're definitely onto a winner. Here are some of my top tips to get good prices on your fayres.
  • Switch and change up your flight companies - sometimes flight companies will have really good deals on one way flights, but the flight home can be extortianate. Expel this by looking at one way flights home on another airline. If this isn't a big issue for you then you can even fly out from one airport on one airline and fly home on another airline, to another airport. It is often a good way to find cheaper flights. 
  • Don't spend too much time looking for flights - as we know flight prices zoom up if you're on the page for a long time, and browsing the same page frequently. Delete cookies, and spend less time browsing. 
  • Book in advance if you can - budget airlines are always going to be your best friend; but try and book in advance as often flights nearer the time can sky rocket, sometimes they go down in price, but more often than not, the further in advance, the better deals you get, and of course off season, August is the most expensive month of the year for flights. 
  • If you have booked a long haul ticket; it's always worth asking at check in desk if there would be any chance of an upgrade. Sometimes it can be automatic, but a little hustling never hurt anyone. 


Trains can be a great way of getting around, although they are usually heavily overpriced; and flights can often be cheaper. 
  • Play around on National Rail - If you take a little sneak peak on National Rail, there are usually a choice few tickets from your city to another that you can grab for as little as £3 but they are non-flexible. For example, there are routes from Leeds to York and Leeds to Manchester for £3 one way. Play around and opt for the bigger cities as they are usually the ones with the good deals. More remote destinations tend not to have many hot deals. 
  • Return tickets are not always cheaper - If you're not too fussy with the method of transport, then sometimes taking a one way train ticket and coming back by coach is the cheapest option. A lot of coach fayres start from as little as £5 to and from major towns. Mix and match your travel and keep within budget.

Hotels - Staying And Visiting 

When you're looking at hotels, comparison sites can be a good place to start. They are like search engines for hotel rooms, and I have found Trivago pretty reliable in most areas. If you like a taste of the elegant lifestyle, then you don't always have to stay at a hotel
  • Hotels ARE open to the public - I know so many people who often get very intimidated at the thought of walking into a hotel if you're not a resident. It's a fact that many hotels often have incredible bars and restaurants inside and the general public are always welcome. It is a hobby of mine, to find amazing local hotels on Sunday afternoons and sit and have a little coffee whilst enjoying the surroundings. It's a much more elegant way to drink your pot of coffee. 
  • Book last minute - hotels are more renowned for giving away cheaper rooms if it is last minute; but for every blogger out there who has a passion for hotels, just like me, then dropping them an email to let them know that you are all booked in but you're a Blogger could mean an upgrade, or perhaps a free meal. 
  • Judge hotels by their travellers ranking not their own - If you look on Trip Advisor, you will notice many of the top hotels of the city may not be a 5 star and some of the so-called 5 star hotels of the city are much lower down the list. It's because a 3 or even 4 star hotel is not necessarily lacking in class or elegance. It may just the fact that it is lacking a posh restaurant or a full spa with pool facilities. These are all things to consider. 
It's never an easy task to navigate the luxury market on a budget, and being a blogger definitely does help with this as opportunities are much more frequent than of a person who is not a blogger. Little tips to keep luxurious include, saving less money be frittering it away on many nights out; save the money up and instead go for one or two cocktails at a plush bar, preferably on a night where they have cocktail deals, as many do! Scour the sales and pick up a staple blazer and a good pair of classic heels; these are two classic pieces that you can grab on a budget that make you feel elegant and incredible! Don't forget on your travels to look luxurious and elegant with a fabulous new watch, take a peek here at some of the most incredible luxury watches that the world has to offer, with Tidlrs.

Never feel you are not worthy of trying and hustling for a little bit of luxury. Enjoy yourself and always keep your eyes peeled for airline deals! If you yourself are a luxury brand, then I highly recommend taking a peek at Tidlrs to take your luxury brand to the next level. Become a member today and take your luxury brand to the top.



Discover 10 Ways You Can Keep Your Teen from Smoking

Discover 10 Ways You Can Keep Your Teen from Smoking

If you want to stop your teen from smoking it should begin with learning how to talk to them about the dangers of cigarettes. Often when they pick up the habit it starts innocently enough but it soon becomes a problem. A significant number of smokers begin in their teens.

Here Are 10 Ways You Can Keep Your Teen from Smoking

1. Start by Understanding Why They Might Be Attracted to Trying Cigarettes

It's very common that teenagers will rebel against their parents and to fit in easier with their peers. Other teenagers will use smoking to control their weight. Another very common reason that they're attracted to smoking is that it makes them feel cool or independent and grown up.

Make sure to speak with your children about this topic and ask if they have any friends that are already smoking. If you find your teenager is making good choices make sure to applaud them for it and remind them of the consequences of making bad choices. As well as these things, you can also let them know that tobacco companies are businesses that try to influence potential customers by placing advertisements and paying movie stars to smoke so that doing so looks to be glamorous when it’s something that is damaging to your health.

2. Be A Good Example

The most typical teen who begins smoking comes from a family whose parents also smoke. If you smoke and you want to help play a part in preventing your teen from doing so, then you should consider quitting. The sooner you do so, the more likely it is that your teenager will refrain from trying a cigarette for the first time.  If you're having difficulty quitting, then consult with a doctor to see if they can help.

Until you quit you can refrain from smoking at home or in the car. You should also consider not smoking in front of your children and never leave cigarettes where they can find them. Make sure to tell your children that you really don't like smoking and explain to them how difficult it is for you to quit. Let them know that you want to quit and that you're going to keep trying until you are successful.

3. Try to Appeal to Their Vanity

It's a good tactic to remind your child that smoking leaves you and your clothes smelling bad as well as turning your fingers yellow. It will bring early aging and wrinkling to your skin and leaves your breath stinky. It gets into your hair and makes it smell and can turn teeth yellow. It often causes a person to develop a chronic cough and it reduces your energy levels and often segregates you from many fun activities.

4. Tell Them It's Against the Rules

Often parents feel that they're teenagers aren't listening to them but that shouldn't stop you from saying it anyway. Make it clear to your teenagers that you won't allow them to smoke. It is surprising to parents to learn that their disapproval really does have an impact on their teenagers. Those teens who have parents that are very firm about the rules of smoking will usually smoke less or not at all, much more than teenagers whose parents are less strict about it. It's also a fact that when you develop a deeper and closer relationship with your teenager that you have greater influence over their decision making.

5. Smoking Has A High Cost

Smoking not only has a cost to a person's health but it's also financially expensive. Sit down with your teenager and help them understand what this habit can cost them on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis by simply smoking one pack a day. You can compare those costs to other things they might be interested in such as clothes, electronic devices and other essentials that most teenagers would want to have.

6. Express How Serious an Addiction Is

It's completely normal for teenagers to think that they can try cigarettes without any consequences and that they won't become addicted to it. They may even think that if they do start smoking on a regular basis that they can quit anytime they want to. Even those teenagers who smoke a fairly small amount very often end up addicted to cigarettes and nicotine. Let your teenagers know that most addicted adults began as teens. Let them know that once they are hooked it will be extremely difficult to quit.

7. Understand That Peer Pressure Is Going to Happen

Help your teen by giving them tools they can use when peer pressure happens. Work with them and rehearse with ideas on how to handle social situations when they come up. Even simple ideas such as practicing saying, 'no thanks, I don't smoke', is enough to be helpful in many situations.

8. Talk About More Than Just Cigarettes

Tobacco comes in many different forms and not just cigarettes. Candy flavoured e cigarettes are just a couple of examples that teenagers may think is less harmful than regular cigarettes and yet it's not the case. Many teenagers believe that if they use a water pipe that it's a purer experience and healthier. Of course, all these ideas are completely wrong, and they have significant health risks. Make sure to speak with your teenagers so that they aren't fooled.

Electronic cigarettes are another device that many people believe is a safer choice. In these devices, an atomizer is used to heat up the liquid for smoking the nicotine by inhaling vapor that looks similar to cigarette smoke. Because of the nicotine content, it still has as much potential for addiction as any other method of consuming tobacco and nicotine.

As you might expect, there is some research that shows the teens who use these electronic cigarettes have an increased likelihood of trying other types of smoking. In fact, these studies show that within a year most of those teens will try other types of tobacco after smoking electronic cigarettes.

9. Let Your Teen's Know That It's Not Just Other People Bad Things Happen To

It is extremely common for teenagers to believe that the bad things that happen to people only happen to others and won't happen to them. They think that heart attacks and strokes as well as cancer and other occurrences will never happened to them. Try speaking to them and even point out family members and celebrities who have had these things happen to them because of smoking.

10.  Stay Involved with Your Teens

Actively take a stance against smoking. Take as much time as you can to participate in school-sponsored programs for the prevention of smoking. Play a part in efforts in your community to create smoke-free zones and encourage your government to increase taxes on all tobacco products. All these things can help in reducing the chances of your child becoming a smoker.

If your teenager has already picked up the habit don't try to correct the problem by making ultimatums or threatening them. Try instead to talk with them and understand why they chose to start smoking and help them understand ways they might quit. Help them understand that the earlier they stop smoking the better it is for their health over their lifetime.


7 Things I Learned In The Lake District

The Lake District is ultimate in beauty. It has something to offer everyone and is inspirational as well as enjoyable; afterall, Wordsworth wrote some of his best works in the area. In every little village and town, there is something new to find, with beauty around every corner. Here are some of the things I love the most about the Lake District including fun facts, tips and what I truly learned from my visits to the Lake District.

1. Boats Are The New Cars

Exploring the untouched areas of each lake is best done by boat. Windermere is a good place to take a trip because there is lots to explore on the boat, Wray Castle and beautiful parkland. It's always a good idea to plan your route but Windermere Lake Cruises are a fabulous option, friendly and punctual with a little bar inside you can get to so many different places on the lake and enjoy the rural beauty of Cumbria. No trip here is complete without a boat trip.

2. It's Not Just For The Older Generation

People are under a misconception sometimes that The Lakes only attract walkers or middle aged people but there are plenty of young people enjoying what it has to offer and also lots of hostels too which are nicely situated. A lot of the hotels are afforadable for students also, it depends what you want, the B&B market is thriving up there, but of course there are more luxury hotels. Just recently, was the hotel I stayed in at Windermere. Read my review here. The Lake District offers pubs and true vibrancy, and can be enjoyed by all ages!!

3. Plan Thoroughly & Keep A Map On Hand

If you're not there for a long time, you could easily miss spots you truly want to see. Everywhere is beautiful but you may want to walk a specific walk or stop at a specific town. Make sure you plan it beforehand and have a map in hand too. A hard copy of a map is very important because some roads may not pick up on a sat nav and if you're walking you may not always get strong phone signal. It's the best way to get the most out of your trip.

4. The Popular Lakes May Not Always Be The Best

Many people have heard of the Lake District, and when they're asked to name names of lakes, they'll probably be able to tell you about Windermere, Grasmere, and perhaps Coniston. However, having explored a little more, I was utterly wowed by Lake Thirlmere and Derwent Water. Lake Thirlmere feels completely nordic, with almost a swiss vibe from the road, and you really feel completely emmersed in nature. Take time to visit the lesser touristy lakes also, as well as the popular ones, you'll be surprised!

5. Only ONE Body Of Water Is Actually A Lake

This is a fun fact for those of you who love to find out more about geography! The only true 'lake' in the Lake District is actually Bassenthwaite Lake, the others are made up of different types of bodies of water. Either way, they are beautiful! For more facts and figures of the lakes, click here!


6. It Has That Northern Hospitality Everyone Loves

Being a northerner, you appreciate and understand how northerners work. Friendly, hospitable and salt of the earth, but sometimes when you move out of your area to a tourist area, you can find a lack of Northern Hospitality, but in Cumbria, people seem happy (no surprise), and very friendly. It has a very relaxed vibe, and nobody is in too much of a rush, it has a very European pace of life, which is very welcoming! People will be happy to give you directions or offer you advice on where is good to go. A really friendly warm place and always a good cup of tea ready to be found in a cute tearoom!

7. You Come Home Feeling Like You've Had A Holiday

Away from all the hustle and bustle of the city and the mountainous terrain, it truly feels as if you've escaped England! It is such a treat, with so many hotels and cafes and bars that you feel as if you're indulging in a summer escape! There are a few main areas to shop also, Windermere, Keswick and Penrith being the major ones, and a little down in the south there's Kendal, the home of the famous Kendal Mint Cake, and there's always plenty of that to find in gift shops!


The Travel Essentials For Holidays That Turn Into Long Term Stays

Travel is something that many people love to do, but if you get the chance to turn a holiday into something little more long term and permanent, many would jump at the chance if they coupon do it. Sometimes these things happen spontaneously, whereas other times you may get a little planning time ahead for you to decide on what you want to do and when. I thought I would share with you some of the essentials to think about if ever this opportunity arises for you.

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

Finding the right accommodation for your stay
One of the biggest issues people face with turning what was a holiday into a more of a longer term option is the accommodation side of things. Many people stay in hotels initially, but as a long term thing this is not going to be very cost efficient. This is when you may want to look at rentals such as apartments, and websites like Meriton could be a great place to start. Having the right base will help you tackle other things such as working or what you might do while you are there. 
Making sure you discover every aspect of the destination 
While you are there for some time, you may want to ensure that you enjoy every aspect of your chosen destination. From historical sights to the things that you just have to witness and experience. If you are not too knowledgeable about the place, a quick look online will help. Reading travel blogs can be a great way to find out about hidden gems or get the low down on a destination. A search online may also identify specific websites where you can book experiences and tickets in advance for a cheaper deal. 
Can you work on the go 
Are you fortunate enough to be able to work anywhere? If that is the case then make sure you bring everything with you when it comes to your work so that you can continuing to earn a living. This will help avoid you having to find work in the new place, which means you may not need certain visas or permissions. 
Finding your network and tribe
Staying in one place for the time being may sound exciting, but you also need to think about tackling any loneliness you may feel which is why it is important for you to network and find your tribe. Facebook is great for this as there is bound to be. Page or group where people are in similar situations. You could also be outgoing and talk to people while out and about, asking questions and generally being an approachable person yourself. 
A capsule wardrobe could be key
Finally,packing light will be important, and although you may have a case with you,planning to stay long term means you need options. A capsule wardrobe could be the ideal solution to this problem. Enabling you to create differently outfits with just a few items. 
I hope these tips help you if you plan on turning a holiday into a long term stay.


A Night At Storrs Hall

The Lake District has been a particular favourite place of travel for me for so long, Windermere gives the ultimate in British holiday vibes, even as rainy and wet as it's been. Storrs Hall, situated in the more quieter sedate part of Windermere is a haven, with beautiful private views of the lake, with 5 star treatment and an incredibly lovely warm vibe. Even in early September, when we're still in summer mode, the burning logfire was such a cosy touch. Storrs Hall has 5 star treatment across the board, their staff are impeccable and nothing is too much trouble.

Storrs Hall was built in the 1790's by Yorkshire landowner John Legard, and it's not difficult to see why this was a popular place for famous poet William Wordsworth to stay for some writing inspiration. In 1890, it was properly established as a hotel, and through the 20's and 30's, it saw many guests come, including American tourists, and you could truly feel the history inside this building. Perhaps even spirits, who knows! In 1997, Lancashire businessman Les Hindle restored the hall and it's now a beautiful luxury hotel in the heart of The Lake District.

The Hotel & Area

The hotel itself is one of those beautiful locations that would make for a perfect wedding venue. It has such a magical feel, and in summer, it would be incredibly divine. The hotel does of course offer weddings! The decor downstairs is bright and airy, modern but chic, with a hint of traditional and very classy. Plenty of little nooks to sit and read in with an afternoon tea, or perhaps just a coffee. Lots and lots of grounds to explore, including the lake walk which is perfect before you head to dinner. Thankfully the rain held off for us just in time! On its doorstep, you have Storrs Temple, which now belongs to the National Trust. It's a lovely traditional little monument, and lots of little waterside places to sit and stop and enjoy with quaint little benches and tables; it made me feel so summery even now this chilly weather is descending.

The Room

The room had a beautiful traditional vibe, with mahoganny furniture, it felt regal and special. The colour scheme was cream with beautiful orange tones throughout which brings such a bright vibrancy and complete with the most incredible Pinterest themed blue velvet chair. The view is the first thing that hits you, is the magnificent view. I would highly recommend getting a room with a lake view; it has copious amounts of wanderlust just consuming you! There will always be something calming about water, and sitting pondering life with a glass of prosecco (thank you to the staff at Storrs Hall) is a perfect way to end the week. The bathroom was a beautiful marble, so instagrammable! A large bath, wet room, with a shower that felt like tropical rainfall, and such a treat, and underfloor heating which is such a bonus. Each room comes complete with a dressing gown and slippers, which is the best after a large dinner and a hot shower, cuddling up in bed and reading or watching TV. Perfect!

The Restaurant

This is truly a gem and one of my favourite parts of the hotel. It's elegance is visible in its stunning gold decor, it's gorgeous views and an opportunity to indulge in some beautifully crafted dishes, with taste and art at its core, whilst sitting contendedly looking over the serene Lake Windermere. With an option for an a la carte or tasting menu, you can choose from three incredible dishes, starter, main and dessert with small dishes in the interim to delicately cleanse the pallete, including a pre-dessert, which was fruity and delicious. Each course was named simply, after the main ingredient in the dish. For the starter, I opted for the "Artichoke", which came with so many different flavours and colours, it's a true culinary delight. The main meal, the "Chicken" was also particularly delicious, so light and delicate, nothing on the menu was too heavy on the stomach, and the chicken melted in your mouth. Incredibly tender and cut like butter. For dessert, I chose the "Strawberry", full of tangy strawberry pieces and sorbets and a pistachio ice-cream which was the creamiest divine ice-cream I've tasted in a really long time, if not ever. The food was 5 star, highly recommended and very much a luxury feel to it, boasting the kind of service and food that you would expect to see in a top London restaurant.

The Breakfast

The breakfast has a fabulous wide range of hot food which I really was impressed by. I opted for the vegetarian breakfast which was so delicious and cooked to perfection, still with a gourmet feel! There were choices of fruit, cereal, croissants and a moderate choice for a continental breakfast. It's a choice of self-service and serve yourself, which I think is a lovely compromise and the staff are very friendly and hospitable.

Storrs Hall is the perfect weekend hotspot and getaway in one of the Lake District's most vibrant areas, but away from the hustle and bustle of the town. It's a brilliant way to explore the lake and take walks, soaking up what it has to offer. The hotel is lovely, it's a little gem that is renowned for its luxury feel and brilliant service. I will definitely be coming back, thanks for the wonderful memories!

For more information on how to book your next British getaway, click here.

*I was a guest at Storrs Hall but all opinions are my own.

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