Ultimate World Road Trips

The world is full of beautiful destinations, either sun soaked, or cold dreamy winter destinations, there is always some place to try out next, and another place to tick off the travel bucket list. More often than not, we pop on a flight, get a transfer to your city or resort and travel around being touristy.  We may decide to hire a car, and go for a little drive to explore and this is such a wonderful way to get around! Although why don't you take things one step further and look at some fantastic destinations to rent a car and go exploring in some of the world's most incredible places.

You can take things at your own leisure in your car, stop off at places that look interesting, perhaps spend longer in one place than another. Pick your destination. Drop off your car at the airport, look at purple parking for convenience and a hassle free experience. Get ready for your flight and check out some of these interesting destinations to get on the road! #WheelsOfTheWorld


Canada has some naturally beautiful landscapes, with snowy mountains, gorgeous icy lakes and green trees, it is lush and beautiful. Start off perhaps in Alberta and drive all the way through the mountains down to Calgary in the south and head west towards Vancouver. Vancouver in itself is a beautiful location with lots of mountainous areas to explore, little towns and although it is quite far from Europe, it is well worth it, if you want to create a holiday to remember!


As we know, Austria is a beautiful country. Again, full of mountains and the Alps on its doorstep, it has so much to offer, particularly now the winter months are fast approaching. Start off in Vienna and drive down to Graz, with plenty of log cabins to stop off at and get warm and enjoy one of your favourite tipples! Slovakia and Croatia are Austria's neighbours, so why not even cross the border and take in three countries at once, and taste three separate cultures! The possibilities are endless in Europe.


Italian Coast

The Italian coast is about as dreamy as it gets for Pinterest perfect photos and Instagram worthy shots. There are crystal blue waters, rocky mountains, windy roads, and plenty of pizza and ice-cream to go around. What could be better than parking up your car down the Amalfi coast and watching the sea with a piece of pizza in one hand and a glass of vino in the other. A popular choice recently has been Naples, and take a drive south all the way to Palermo, to catch the last of the summer sun!



Ireland is just 45 minutes away on a plane from England and it is full of so many treasures! From ancient castles, to pretty fields and lots of rivers, it has so much to offer. Start off in Dublin with a big pint of Guinness, and take a big drive down through to Cork at the southern tip. Drive in a full circle going north-west towards Galway if you want those beautiful beaches and see Ireland in its entirety. There's so much to see and it's so worth it!

The Big One - Route 66

For the ultimate in road tripping, why not do the famous Route 66? To this day it remains popular with tourists and there is such a large chunk of the USA that you can explore by taking this route. Starting off in Illinois, and work your way across to California. The route is also known as Will Rogers Highway, the main road to drive on and covers the following states, Illinois, Misouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. It takes you throuh the depths of North America, through mountains, rivers, towns and cities and is the true way of seeing the country in all its glory, at your own pace through the most famous route in the world. Have a think about your trip there!