Getting Charitable With Brassybra

Brassybra is not just a company that supplies their customers with incredible adhesive bras, but they also work with charities, which is something so important to me; and to them. Every year they choose a charity that is dedicated to women, which is so empowering and furthermore, they are always ready and waiting on their social platforms to empower women furhter, showing that they can do anything and also do not have to let their 'assets' hold them back with their incredible comfy 'Brassybras!' For each charity they choose, 1% of all sales go directly to them, and this equates to a very good amount of money for the chosen charity. They have worked with The Pink Ribbon Foundation recently also!

SEA's "Diamond In The Rough" Fashion Show 

Over this past year, Brassybra have proudly supported SEA (Soledad Enrichment Action), specifically supporting their Diamond In The Rough Fashion Show, which aims to empower young women of Los Angeles. This huge city is full of diversity, from women of all ages, sizes, colour and background, but they can be united. Take a peek at this video below.

All these amazing women took a pledge and are committed to SEA's L.I.F.E (leadership, intervention, family and empowerment) group workshops and fitness classes. A brilliant way for ladies to interact and be healthy. It's designed specifically for women to engage with themselves and each other, in order for them to gain confidence, learn skills, be happy in their own skin and to learn about other cultures and communities. Their life program reaches out to trauma exposed, gang-effected young women and Brassbyra donated products for their runway show! Such an incredible company and I'm so proud to be working with them.

They are all diamonds and SEA & Brassybra have helped them shine! Brassybra are committed to empowering women and when they feel good in their own skin and their own clothes, then the sky is the limit. SEA's official website can be found here. The trials and tribulations of life can batter our confidence, the things we experience and how we react to them can also be difficult to bounce back from which is what makes SEA very important and their Fashion Show, which gives women a platform. Thank you, Brassybra for choosing this incredible charity. 

Scroll to see my Brassybra OOTD, you can even wear them with loose jumpers, which I've been enjoying, because it gives me good support, and doesn't make me sag in the wrong places! Bravo, Brassybra, click here to shop their bras and support their wonderful charity work.

Brassybra OOTD

The Ultimate Guide To Athens

Athens is a very beautiful and vibrant city, full of magic, charm and history around every corner. On my second visit to the city, I explored a little more, I was able to find my way around a little better and with my Marco Polo guide which is incredibly helpful for any first or second timer to the city! Full to the brim of important information, I was ready to explore once again, this time finding new things that I had not had the chance of doing before. Here is my ultimate guide and 'survival guide' to Athens!

Plaka area

Plaka area


Getting to and from the airport is easy via public transport, but of course it is always nice to travel hassle free, with Athens Transfer Tour, a friendly punctual service that transfers you from the airport to your hotel or destination, with kind English speaking drivers, helpful with luggage, and at affordable prices, they are my go-to when travelling to Athens.

When you're in the city, getting around is incredibly easy! There is a very easy (busy but easy) metro system. Pick up a 24 hour ticket that takes you on all the lines, from the north to the south of the city and with three major lines (blue, red and green), it's easy to navigate and it is definitely convenient for getting around. Other transport includes the ferry to the nearby islands, I highly recommend Aegina, an hour ferry ride from Piraeus and you are in a very beautiful location with beaches, the gorgeous sea and lots of food to consume!

You can grab a taxi in and around the city, they are relatively cheap (some may add on a little extra) but they are plentiful and flagging them down is a standard way of getting their attention. Helpful for when your feet have had enough and you want a little relax!


Academy of Athens


I have stayed in three hotels in Athens and I can honestly recommend all three, for cleanliness, location and value for money. My top three are:

Electra Palace Hotel 5***** (Plaka area)
Coco Mat Hotel 4**** (Kolonaki area)
Athens Tiare Hotel 4**** (Omonia Square)

Of course there are an abundance of hotels in Athens but I'd recommend a central location to make things easier for you. If you're OK with travel, then there are many hotels a little outside of the city, that also come a little cheaper, but are still beautiful. I'd recommend avoiding expensive times, October especially seems to be expensive for both hotels and flights as the temperature is warm but not excessively hot and the autumn days here are like perfect summer days in the UK.

Attractions To Make The Most Of

Acropolis - Of course no trip to Athens would be complete without a trip to the Acropolis. It's 20 euros per entry but if you are not bothered about heading to the top to see it, then the Aeropagus Hill nearby has some incredible views of both the Acropolis, Parthenon and the rest of the city.

Kifisia - Kifisia is a northern affluent suburb of Athens that you can reach on the metro in around half an hour. It is an upscale suburban area with many high end shops, little boutiques, pretty parks and lots of cafes. The Starbucks there is the best one I have ever been to. A perfect place to escape the city for a little while and enjoy the more relaxed suburbs. Good for a half day trip.


Tunic from Miss Tunica 
Piraeus - Piraeus is the coastal area of Athens which serves as a place to connect to the islands. Plenty of cruises, boats and things to do in the area, and of course, take in some clean sea air. It also would be ideal for a half day trip if you speed walk, and there are always beautiful churches around to take photos of!

Aegina - find yourself in an oasis away from the crowds on this beautiful island in the Aegean Sea. Like a holiday island with beaches, gorgeous views and magical traditional streets with quaint houses and chapels. It's not too far from Athens but the ferry does take an hour from Piraeus. You can opt for a more expensive option and take the fast boat which takes around half an hour I believe. Hydra and Poros can all be taken in at the same time if you wish to make pit stops and many companies offer day tours to all three. Or you can stay on the one for the whole day and really explore. I found quite a few pebbles under the clear waters to take home as keepsakes. Many treasures to be found and a lovely island that is well worth a stop!

Aegina coastline

Streets of Aegina

Rock picking in the sea

Kolonaki - Kolonaki is an upscale area of Athens that is based just a few streets away from Syntagma. It has upscale restaurants and boutiques and is well worth a wonder as it is away from hustle and bustle and you will find more locals around there, even though it is very much near the city centre. Lots of coffee shops and a little less traffic and the streets a little more secluded. Although there are no true points of interest, it is a nice little neighbourhood to make a pit stop in.

Rooftop Bars - no trip to Athens is complete without a rooftop bar. It is undoubtedly the highlight of the trip to really soak in the views of the city and Acropolis whilst you're there. For some ideas of where to go, here are some hotspots, but to avoid missing out if you want to dine, then book in advance or get there early. Some favourite picks are:

1. 360 Cocktail Bar - a three storey bar with two indoor floors (great views) and a rooftop bar. Popular with the locals and also popular with tourists. It serves food and is quite young and trendy but do not let this deter you. It is in the heart of Monastiraki and the area in general does get incredibly busy. 

2. A is for Athens - again in the heart of Monastiraki, this hotel serves as an incredible rooftop bar. It is higher up than 360 and has a large balcony. The views of the Acropolis are particularly special at night.

3. Royal Olympic Hotel - this five star hotel boasts views of both the Acropolis and the Temple Of Zeus. Down the road from Syntagma, it's a prime location for many incredible views and the restaurant at the top is the perfect place to have a romantic meal! I would recommend it at night for the lights and magical views although it's a great spot for lunch also. 

4. Coco Mat Hotel - I recently visited Coco Mat Hotel and have a lot of good things to say about it. You can read my review here but tucked away in the trendy area of Kolonaki, this hotel has a roof garden and the views are insanely amazing. It has panoramic views and mostly likely you will find only residents there. I would say it is one of Athens best kept secrets. Well worth the ten minute walk out of the main area of the city. It's artsy and private and above the rooftops, and feels exclusive but homely. A great choice for a calmer more chilled environment.

Greek People & Etiquette 

The Greek people are generally very hospitable. I have Greek friends and they are exceptionally welcoming, warm and very friendly. There are not many rules for visiting Athens, as it is a very multicultural and people are generally aware of others cultures and beliefs. It's always nice to speak a little Greek, it will warm people up exceptionally even if it is just "kalimera" (good day). People may not at first glance seem to be overly friendly. They do not often exchange smiles, unless you are in a shop but most often if you interact with them, they will be chatty and helpful. People are slower paced than the UK. They are polite and mild mannered, pushing, shoving or loud behaviour could possibly be frowned upon. There are pickpockets around, many people wear their backpacks at the front to be secure. You will encounter people trying to sell you things, table cloths, jewellery, tickets, but politely saying no and moving on is the best way to deal with it.

You may encounter young children selling things or walking around asking for money. It does tug on the heart strings and I often throw in a few loose coins. These children are asking for money for a reason and it is easy to see on the outskirts that there is poverty and a lack of money due to the economic crisis. I also found a list of helpful numbers and addresses in my Marco Polo book for reference!

University of Athens

Ancient ruins in Plaka
National Gardens

Street food is very prevalent in Athens, although they don't always sell Greek food. There are plenty of bistros, taverns and cafes around every corner, it is hard to go hungry. Don't stick to cafes that look touristy, the ones that don't look as inviting are probably where the best local food is served and if you see many locals dining there then it's probably renowned for its good cuisine. Here are some of my picks which include a little bit for everyone.

1. Mayor - this stylish modern and elegant restaurant in the heart of Athens, an affluent area and restaurant, and a popular hotspot with celebrities and VIPs. Offering tasty food (not just Greek food) but there is a broad range available. Cosy and chic it is a lovely place to spend an evening.

2. Royal Olympic Hotel - this hotel is situated near The Temple of Zeus and their rooftop restaurant boasts incredible views of the city. Enjoy it during the day or at night, and indulge in some incredible cuisine, in a lovely relaxed environment away from the busy streets.

3. Aleria Restaurant - if you're looking to jazz your evening up a little and add a touch of class to the day, then Aleria restaurant has had a lot of press surrounding it, with its gorgeous interiors and food.

Of course there are plenty of taverns and restaurants around every corner, exploring new ones is key!

So that is the guide completed! Feel feee to ask any questions below if you are heading to Athens. It is a very vibrant and safe city with plenty to do and a great location for many day trips around Greece. Be sure to read up on my trip to Delphi, in mainland Greece with Key Tours here

Time For An Upgrade? Expert Online Marketing Tips To Help You Sell Your Property

Have you decided that it is time to upgrade to a bigger and better property? If so, you will need to sell your current abode, and you will want to do so quickly and at a good price. With that in mind, read on to discover plenty of useful online marketing tips. 
Photo Courtesy of:
Discover why you need online AND offline advertising!

There is no denying that online marketing has well and truly taken over in the 21st century. This has led a lot of people to believe that offline advertising is no longer as important. Yet, the true key to success is a healthy balance between both.

Online marketing, of course, allows you to appeal to a wider audience and potential buyers will have quicker access to you via the likes of social media. Nonetheless, offline advertising is tangible, which is always beneficial, and you can be more targeted with your marketing when going down the print route.

People should feel as if they see your home advertised virtually everywhere they look. There is no such thing as too much exposure.

When it comes to online marketing you should embrace free online listing websites and directories. Ensure your agent’s listing is up to scratch. Update your Facebook and Twitter pages. Why not look for relevant property blogs that could help to advertise your home?

What about print advertising? Well, an advert in both the major newspapers and the local newspapers can be beneficial. You could also post flyers on bulletin boards and in popular local shops. Don’t leave any stone unturned.
Catching the eye

One of the biggest blunders people make is overlooking the importance of the headline when marketing their property. No matter whether you are creating your property’s listing, writing a blog post, marketing on Facebook or Twitter, or writing a magazine post, you need to grab attention with a killer headline. It’s the fundamentals of writing. If a headline doesn’t catch the eye, who is actually going to bother to read the content anyway?

In fact, did you know that approximately 80 per cent of people read the headline of a post? Whilst, only 20 per cent read the content? Think about how you react when you see something in a magazine or on the Internet. We often skim the headline, take a look at the pictures, and then decide whether the content is worth reading.

The best thing to do is write your content first and then play around with different headlines. Remember, you are selling the lifestyle, not merely your walls, floors, curtains and such like! Use descriptive language and allude to the life people could lead if they bought your home, for example, a luxury executive condo with modern finishes and great views. For further inspiration, see what the experts are doing! A quick browse through a few property magazines should prove to be helpful.
Does your main image make people click?

The main image you use of your property on websites and portals is so important! This can be the difference between someone overlooking your home and someone actually clicking on it to discover more about your property. It’s all good and well having a lovely description of your home coupled with a varied selection of photos, but if your main image isn’t hitting the spot no one will get there!

So, what is a good main image? Firstly, let me say, you are not obliged to put an image of the front of your home. If you do not believe this is your property’s best photo, go for something else! Lifestyle photos are an excellent option. Why not set your dining table with a beautiful dinner set and place some nice baked goods and colourful fresh orange juice on the table? This is inviting and makes your property look homely.

Get creative! Instead of taking a picture of the entire front of your home, why not go for a close-in of just the front door instead? This leaves a lot to the imagination and makes the viewer want to click on your property to find out more! Of course, this tactic only works if your front door looks beautiful!
Don’t just sell your home, sell your neighbourhood!

Unless your buyer is a hermit, you are not merely selling them your home, you are selling the entire local area – a whole new life!

When marketing your home, you have to go above and beyond the boundaries of your four walls. You need to recognise that you are not merely selling your property. You are actually selling the entire neighbourhood. After all, you could have the most beautiful property the viewer has laid their eyes on, but if the neighbourhood is a bad one, they are going to be put off.

Address the buyer’s fears and let them know what is great about the community. It is also a good idea to tell them why you are moving on. Make out that you are going to be sad to leave such a nice place behind, yet don’t overdo it by saying you aren’t happy to be moving. It’s not time to go for that dramatic Oscar-winning performance!

You may wish to provide the buyer with any information you can get your hands on about the neighbourhood. There could be some leaflets or flyers that provide relevant information about the active community, which may be of interest to the buyer. Consider including such details in your own brochures too. The viewers will, therefore, be attracted to your home and the life they can enjoy being in your neighbourhood.
Top tips on selling your home with effective testimonials

When you search for any company, service or product online you often read reviews in order to get an honest assessment regarding the item you are considering buying or the company you are thinking about using. Why should your home be any different? Some nice testimonials can certainly go a long way. They present an excellent way of indirectly selling your home and the neighbourhood.

Enlist some friends and neighbours to write a good selection of testimonials for you. Ensure there is a nice variation. Do not only ask for testimonials about your property but also about the local area, the community and the neighbours. You want to paint a picture of the good quality of living the buyer will benefit from if they sign on the dotted line.

Moreover, don’t only opt for reviews that state ‘this property is amazing, I love the character of the main bedroom and the spacious bathroom…’ This is simply pointing out the obvious and is something that the buyer can figure out for themselves. Instead, get people to write about any interesting stories about the area. Maybe you have a celebrity in your midst? This is something that would certainly drum up interest.

Fantastic ways of using Pinterest to sell your home

If you ask people to name some social media websites that you could use to market your home their likely response would be Facebook and Twitter – the king and queen of social media. However, Pinterest is a little gem you shouldn’t be ignoring. Pinterest is a social media site that is based on photographs. And, what sells a home effectively? Stunning photos! You see what I am getting at. So, how can you use Pinterest to sell your home?

·          Take people on a journey – Pinterest allows you to create different boards filled with pictures. Use this as an opportunity to take visitors on a virtual tour. Also, think about the selling points you want to showcase, you could create a board dedicated to showing your house’s various different storage spaces for example.
·          Re-pinning – Connect with the Pinterest community and ask them to re-pin your photos. What does this mean? Essentially, they will take photos from your board and show them on their own – extra exposure!
·          Don’t forget about descriptions – Yes, Pinterest is all about photos, but you should make sure the descriptions are optimised. Think about what a buyer would search on Google if they were looking for your home and include similar terms/phrases in the description.
Easy tips for using YouTube to sell your home

YouTube, the home of cute baby videos and hilarious pranks caught on cam, actually presents you with a great opportunity when it comes to marketing your home! Grab your camcorder and make a virtual tour of your home and neighbourhood.

Video marketing has well and truly taken off in relation to all businesses, services, industries, products and such like. Real estate is no different. By providing people with a video you give them the best way of getting a good insight into your home as quickly as possible. People tend to react better to visuals rather than reading text. Therefore, a virtual tour of your house will be more effective than a list of what your property has to offer.

How do you create a good video of your home? Well, why not start by telling the viewers what you love about your house and why you bought it? Aside from this, take the camera out of your home and explore the neighbourhood. This helps people to envisage living there and is highly effective. You are essentially providing a short video that shows the individual the life they could enjoy. There are not many other forms of advertising that are as compelling as this one.
So there you have it: plenty of tips to help you get started. Good luck!

Delphi, Greece With Key Tours

Back in March, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Cape Sounion with Key Tours. It was a beautiful drive down the Athenian coastline all the way to the amazing Temple of Poseidon, and I highly recommend that. You can read about that trip here. However, second time around, Key Tours and I collaborated on an incredible trip that they offer to Delphi. The magic began and if you are interested in exploring and seeing more of mainland Greece, then this is the tour you need to take.

Delphi is situated in mainland Greece, buried deeply up in the beautiful highlands it is a beautiful and wonderful archaeological site with the most incredible views of the neighbouring mountains and in the distance, the Gulf of Corinth. It is situated on the slope of Mount Parnassus and includes the Sanctuary of Apollo, which is the site of the ancient oracle. The true beauty can be seen when you climb a bit higher, to see the site in its entirety. It overlooks the Pleistos Valley.

The Schedule

You are picked up early in the morning by an air conditioned coach at your hotel and you are returned to your hotel at the end of the day. I love that it's door to door and all things are taken care of, with amazing tour guides, Evangelos was our guide who was very good, funny and very informative. The drive was around 3 hours, perhaps a little less, and completely worth the trip, just for the drive! After wandering around the site and museum, there was a pit stop for food at a local family restaurant and then heading back to the wonderful Athens!

The Drive

The drive north out of Athens is truly incredible, especially once you leave the last parts of the city behind and delve into the countryside of Greece. Through small towns, there are many mountains, a lake, and as you climb higher, you can truly see the panoramic view of the entire area. You drive through the amazing Arakova, a place that needs to be explored separately and known for being a ski resort in the winter months. It has a Slavic influence, with stone and styles of building and it makes it even more charming, mixing eastern Europe with the beauty and style of Greece.

The Site

Delphi is there to be explored, and it certainly is a long hike upto the very top to see the stadium, however you can walk as far as you wish, or just sit and admire the views. Delphi became the site of a major temple to Phoebus Apollo, as well as the Pyrthian Games and the prehistoric oracle. There is much more information in depth, for some heavy reading about the history of the site, but of course, it is very deep set within the heart of the Ancient Greeks. More information can be found here. There are too many stories for me to tell about this incredible site that you must read up on it before visiting, but it is full of charm and character and there is plenty to feast your eyes on. Scroll down for some more photos!

The Food

The trip includes a meal at a local family run restaurant. It was a beautiful location in a lovely building, with friendly staff. Most people integrated on the tables together and we were served a three course meal (drinks not included), but there was plenty of food to go around. Although it was not all to my taste, I did absolutely adore the olives, fresh and aromatic and all in good time before heading back home on the road.

Next time you are in Greece, make sure you take a look at Key Tours, as they are friendly, reliable and affordable and lots to do no matter where you choose in Greece! Click here to see what tours they offer and book your next adventure!

*This post was in collaboration with Key Tours but all views are my own

Coco Mat Hotel Athens

I recently had the pleasure of returning back to Greece for a mix of business and pleasure and my first night, I was staying at the incredible Coco Mat Hotel, the most unusual, chic, and artistic hotel I've ever stayed in. It is known as a 'design hotel' and it was certainly full of gorgeous and modern design!

At first glance, I thought this hotel was a shop, and in fact, it is! Full of gorgeous comfy beds, pillows and the bed was truly amazing to sleep on! In the Kolonaki area of Athens, it is very central, in an exclusive area, around a ten minute walk to Syntagma Square (the main heartbeat of the city) and it boasts many upscale restaurants and shops in the area, which is lovely for someone wanting to taste the more affluent side of what Athens can offer. Coco Mat's raw stylish and modern aesthetic is incredibly pleasing, with kind helpful staff and a gorgeous stylish restaurant downstairs which was a joy to eat breakfast in. It was a lovely beginning to the trip and of course I'm going to tell you all why I loved it and show you what makes it so good!

The Lobby

The Room

Clean, modern, elegant, stylish, and complete with a little balcony, the room was everything I'd expected and more. The cool tones were relaxing and made it very homely. The balcony was an added bonus for those warm mornings, and a perfect place to relax with your Nespresso coffee. The pillows were incredibly comfortable, as was the bed itself, and the perfect thing I needed after a long day of travel.

The Bathroom

The bathroom areas were separated, with the shower in a separate area and the sink around the corner, complete with a vanity and necessities for your stay. Marble and white are the main colours and textures with a wooden element which is my favourite, keeps everything incredibly clean and stylish. The shower was easy to work, and everywhere was impeccably clean and new!

The Restaurant

The restaurant is on the lower ground floor, as is the whole hotel, on the floor beneath the store (such a novelty for those who love stylish modern artsy hotels). There was a choice of cold buffet food for breakfast or you can choose hot food from the other menu. I always opt for fruit and of course you cannot resist Greek yogurt when in Greece, it truly is the best you will find!!!

The Balcony

This was perhaps my favourite part of the hotel!! With panoramic stunning views of the city, of course including the amazing Acropolis, this hotel boasts an incredible rooftop area to relax, with a drink, doing some work, reading, or perhaps just soaking up the magic of Athens. It must not be missed if you are staying here, it was incredibly quiet on a morning after breakfast which is when I visited, and the wall is covered in intriguing art, another nod to its incredibly artsy background.

Overall, a lovely stay, easily accessibly to the city centre, and stunning views with an artsy modern feel. To look at Coco Mat's pricing and what they offer and availability click here.

*I was a guest at Coco Mat but all opinions and views are my own. 

Take A Luxury Winter Trip

The crisp winter season is almost upon us; when we can wrap ourselves up in knitted scarves and dream about the copious amount of wine and food we can ingest over this period. However, traveling through the winter is the perfect way to embrace the cold weather and immerse yourself in the festivities of the season. Keep it luxurious and look at some top places and travel ideas to put on your travel bucket list this upcoming season.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay
Christmas Markets

Pick your favourite European city that you’ve always wanted to experience during winter, perhaps a new city you want to explore, or a city that’s famous for its luscious Christmas markets. Going to a Christmas market is a great way to impress, for finding little hidden gems and gifts that nobody else will have picked up. Take in the culture and all the food that comes with it, particularly popular choices are Copenhagen and Berlin for the traditional taste of the European markets. Whilst Christmas markets can be a popular choice, there’s a substantial chance that you have missed the peak of the tourist season; and are more likely to encounter the locals of the town, getting a more genuine and welcoming feel.

Skiing and Log Cabins

Winter sports have become increasingly more popular over the past few years. If you’re a skiing enthusiast then Europe has to loads to offer. If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway with some time to relax and unwind, then a fully catered ski chalet is the answer. Val d’isere in the French alps is an idyllic resort for all your friends and family to enjoy both on and off the slopes. What could be better than enjoying the crisp cold air with stunning mountain views and a crackling log fire in a luxury ski chalet like these from Le Chardon Mountain Lodges. Indulge in some French cuisine, bask in the sloping snowy mountains and allow yourself time to unwind. Sit and bake in the sauna, and forget the icy outdoor weather, it’s a little taste of summer in the midst of winter!

Image Courtesy of: Le Chardon Val d'lesere
UK Spa Trips

Spas are always a good choice any time of year, but during the festive season, the stresses and strains of Christmas shopping, catering for friends and family, can take its toll. Take a look at a luxury weekend spa break. Enjoy a full body massage, a Jacuzzi, and a hot stone treatment, whilst being able to stay closer to family, if you prefer. You could even research Ireland if it would be easier to stay within the British isles but still feel as if you’re having a break away. Explore places nearby to take long winter strolls; heavenly and magical.

Northern Lights At New Year

If you want to wait until the rush of Christmas is long gone, and your not quite feeling the effects of the Christmas slog, then booking a trip to see the Northern Lights could be a wonderful way to kick start your new year. Take a look at Iceland; with its rugged volcanic terrain, and icy waters, you can appreciate its beauty, whilst taking in one of the world’s greatest spectacles. Iceland offers a small handful of luxury hotels that can serve as your base whilst planning your post-Christmas trip. The Blue Lagoon spa is a popular choice with it’s outdoor mud baths, although flights can be difficult to find, research, and plan thoroughly if the Northern Lights is on your wish list.

So this season, take a look at some luxury travel ideas that could leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for the year ahead. Share your travel plans below and let me know which of the ideas above take your fancy!

Brassybra - Getting Chatty With Mindy

The absolutely stunning girlboss Mindy from Brassybra stops by to chat a little bit about her involvement with Brassybra and to talk us through why it is such an incredible brand and also about her journey with the brand upto now. She is not only a sassy red hot Influencer, she is also, wait for it... a mom, model, actress and a host. She's utterly gorgeous (see below for one of my favourite photos of Mindy)! She's been involved with Brassybra for some time now and Brassybra as a company is only growing and developing in the most incredible way, so I wanted to find out what makes Mindy tick and it's not difficult to see what makes this girl so incredible! 

Photo from Instagram: @Mish_Mindy 

Question: Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are, what you do, what you love?

Answer: Hi Jennifer! My name is Mindy, I am a mom, influencer, “curve” model, occasional actress and co-owner of Brassybra. I love a lot of things! Haha, but overall? I love life, I've come to love taking risks and giving myself a shot. It's something I struggled with in my younger years. Unfortunately, self-confidence is definitely NOT something everyone is born with or taught.

Question: How did you get involved with Brassybra and what’s your role?

Answer: Ahhhh Brassybra…. It was about 2 years ago and one of the most transitional times in my life. I suddenly became more active on social media (it became sort of a theraputic outlet) and Kat (Creator of Brassybra) had JUST got Brassybra up and running on Instagram, but no one knew what the heck it was in U.S. and neither did I. I can’t remember who came across who first but at the time, we were both small on the scene (this is before I started to really grow my social media) and I remember we followed one another. I thought the concept of Brassybra was amazing and when Kat started looking for influencers I was quick to raise my hand! No one had ever tried it in the States (I didn’t know that either) and so when she sent me far too many (I guess she was excited hahaha!) I decided to really give it a genuine test run. I was immediately obsessed! I started sharing feedback with Kat and before you know it we became friends! I really and genuinely wanted to help this new brand grow here. I started promoting it as i grew and we both started growing! We were really helping each other, I am so thankful for her presence in my life during that time. Flash forward to a few months ago, I was asked if I wanted to really take my involvement with brassybra beyond influencing ( hello?! Of course!) Now? I am Chief Communications Officer for Brassybra.  It’s become my baby too and watching it grow has been wonderful.

Question: What do you think BrassyBra wants to achieve in the fashion world?

Answer: We want to be on every boob possible! Haha! We want to hit more runways, bridal shows, etc. But honestly? We just want women to feel the freedom that Brassybra offers. We want them to be badass and wear what they want, without having to think about the feeling or visibility of a bra. There is a wonderful physical freedom in this product and we wont stop until every woman knows we ARE an option.

Question: What do you love the most about Brassybra?

Answer: The Freedom to wear what I shyed away from before due to bra visibility and the free feeling simply wearing them.

Question: Do you think women with bigger chests can feel confident with Brassybra?

Answer: I would like to think so! If anyone, it is the larger breasted women that are really drawn to us, they too deserve the opportunity to wear what they want and not simply what they HAVE  to, you know? “The Little Extra” (Rectangular Brassybra Strips used to enhance or supplement Brassybra) has been great help for the ladies just outside or at the largest of our size range. We are really proud of this, so many women are enjoying their closets because of us and that’s awesome!

Question: What do you see in the future for Brassybra?

Answer: We talk about this often, beyond the obvious, which is becoming a successful business. We do want to expand as a brand. I can’t get into specifics but let’s just say we are ALWAYS thinking, working and trying to push the envelope. In the meantime? We want all women to see us as a trusted option and I truly believe we are well on our way!  

Question: If you had one superpower what would it be and why?

Answer: Hmmmm… sounds Cliche but my first thought was to fly. I was always terribly fearful of flying. I’ve gotten much better since moving out of NY and having to fly back and forth but ahhhh to be able to go anywhere quickly? That would be amazing! I would travel to all the wonders of the world and then some. I love historical cities and learning about them. Minus an airplane, flight, turbulence and costs? Sign me up!

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