Incentive travel and the benefits of rewarding your staff

Keeping staff motivated is an important part of running an effective business. Especially a business where employees can say that they enjoy working for you. So how can you help keep your staff happy, enthusiastic and engaged with their work?

Well, incentive travel is a great way to do exactly that, so here is a short guide on what employee incentive travel programmes are, and why they can be so beneficial for your business.

Keeping up morale

With a relaxed, motivated and engaged team working for you, your business is sure to be more productive, and your staff are sure to be happier around the workplace.

That’s why incentive travel can be such a great way to help your staff feel less like employees and more like a family. Show your staff that you value their dedication by booking an incentive travel reward trip.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, staff will return more relaxed, more productive, and more engaged with your business’s culture and vision.

Change of scenery

There are a lot of ways you can reward staff for their hard work, but few could match the experience of an entirely new destination abroad.

While offering a reward that’s a little closer to home, like a day at an escape room, paid-for work night out or spa day, for example, are certainly good options, but incentive travel can be such a varied and uniquely unforgettable experience.

Imagine staff coming back to work after a week or weekend experiencing a completely new culture, different climate, and the views and structures of your chosen location. They’re sure to feel immensely rewarded and motivated when they’re back in the office.

Any destination, any activities, any reason

One of the great things about incentive travel is that there aren’t any real limits to what you could do when it comes to rewarding your staff.

Has one of your sales teams met and exceeded targets? Have customers contacted you over the exemplary service of your staff? Has your business recently taken on some big clients and you’re looking to celebrate?

No matter what the reason is or whatever target’s been passed, you can take all the organisational hassle out of the equation for your staff. The event organiser can book flights, accommodation and any events you want to do for you. All the benefits of a holiday without the stress of planning it.

To help pick out a great destination, think about the kind of people who you work with. What are their main interests as a group? If a fair few of them have bonded over a love of fine wine, that the vineyards of Italy or France could be fantastic destinations. Perhaps they’re an active sort who love their extreme sports? Consider something in Switzerland for some amazing skiing experiences.

Wherever you go, it’s certain that a well-planned and thought out incentive travel trip will be wholly unforgettable and inspiring, and will leave your staff feeling great once it’s all said and done.

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