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The word tea must be one of the most comforting words. “Let’s have a cuppa” has graced the English language for many a year, and makes the most sad, and difficult scenarios more bearable. As a self confessed tea lover, I’m constantly on the hunt for tea brands with good ethics, and exciting blends of tea, that incorporate taste and health benefits effortlessly. Jeeves and Jericho multi-award winning teasmiths, offer a varied range of tea blends blended in Oxford, and are shipped worldwide. There is a blend for everyone, with extracts of green tea, black tea, herbal varieties, and a personal favourite, Matcha; the blend that has been on everyone’s lips this year. Each box has incredibly beautiful artwork, classy and artistic, giving each packaging a style of their own; and at affordable prices. Pick up some fruity delicious teas from just £1.00! Tantalize your taste buds with three of my favourite mixes and the benefits they can have on your mental and physical wellbeing.

Green China Rose

Green tea has many proven health benefits, including aiding with weight loss, being packed full of those important anti-oxidants, and those healthy vitamins that can help prevent type two diabetes. Although green teas can be very bitter, I find the rose blossoms, to tame the natural bitterness of the green tea, making it a very sophisticated tasting drink. Tastes equally as good hot or cold, a touch of honey to sweeten if this is your preference, and the texture is incredibly smooth; giving the tea a very soft, delicate feel, a perfect mid morning pick me up, with its natural boost of caffeine, and of course, pouring out of your favourite teapot.

Chamomile And Lavender

With every mouthful comes a little taste more of relaxation and inner calm. This is a lovely delicate blend, which is easy on the stomach, and can provide a wash of calm, with a soft but aromatic taste, it has a very pure taste of chamomile, which I think is always a plus and the lavender brings a hint of nature to the drink, making it taste earthy but also giving a sense of tranquility. A real winner before bed, take to bed with you or enjoy in a warm bath.  Floral combinations are always a nice choice for a tea connoisseur, is beautiful choice for those cosy home evenings.

Mojito Mint

Mojito mint is one of my favourite examples of a peppermint tea with a brilliant twist. As denoted in the name, a zingy fresh fruity note in this tea makes it an all round good choice for those who enjoy a peppermint tea any time of the day. As we know, peppermint is a good way to combat stomach bloating, and stomach issues in general, from indigestion, to cramping, it is a great tea to store at home, specifically for its medicinal benefits. Yes this peppermint tea would be a wonderful choice as a breakfast drink with its limetree blossoms, lemongrass, cornflower blossoms and safflower blossoms; it creates the perfect equilibrium. Drink it cold, as advised by Jeeves and Jericho, drinking over ice; it’s a lovely cooler, and try a sprig of mint and dash of lemon, and you have an all round delicious cup of tea!

Jeeves and Jericho also offer the best Christmas gift ideas, ranging from all the tea equipment you may possibly need, from teapots, to spoons and infusers; or why not treat your loved ones to a gift card this Christmas instead and let them pick their own selection of goodies. Take a little look at their Instagram page also, here, for more lust worthy photos that will make any tea lover drool with excitement, and start choosing your blends today! Lovely team, and high qualities teas, that make drinking that little cup of tea even more of a comfort!

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