Nostalgia For 90s Packaging

We all grew up with a favourite packaging or design of packaging that made us think about the good tiems of the past. Packaging is everything, and even now I gravitate towards pretty packaging or something that takes my eye, because it's inviting and it makes you want to see more. We can clearly see the change in product packaging over the years and how it has changed due to our culture and what is now fashionable; yet there is a nostalgia for the past! It's super special to open a box with your facourite design on or perhaps tin packaging, that is easily accessible and looks pretty on the dresser or cupboard. It is all about packaging.

Here are some of my top packages from the past that always get my nostalgia running wild! 

1. Loreal Kids Shampoo

There was something exciting about the colourful and oddly shaped packaging of this shampoo that made bathtimes that much more fun, even when you had to wash your hair. They smelled good and lathered up really well and they are by far a true blast from the past for most 90's kids! 

2. Lipsmacker

This is a perfect example of where most girl's beauty additions began. The coolest packaging and back in the 90's everyone had these little hardened plastic cylinders with the little ball roller at the top to add a little glow to their lips. They tasted pretty good from what I can remember also! 

3. Push pops

These little plastic push pops with tasty candy inside were a huge hit in the nineties. You could push it up and down and finish the rest of the candy off whenever you wished. They even came inclusive with a little plastic clip on the side for you to slot it over your belt or pop over the side of your strap! 

4. Altoids

Although these seemed to be more for the adults, their super cute tins were perfect on those road trips, and you can pick up mints or different flavoured candies. They were a perfect example of retro packaging and also very convenient packaging! 

5. Quality Street Xmas Tins

These tins were the perfect storage tins for post-Christmas sweets and they were the epitome of Christmas! Of course now their packaging is plastic and much smaller, and more difficult to get into! Bring back the old packaging it was definitely the best! 

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