Post Summer Pampering At Q61

After the memories of summer start to become a little distant and the weather turns a little crisper, we all tend to feel a little sluggish right before the start of the festive season. It's the time ot take a little more cre of yourself and perhaps spruce yourself up after all that summer fun. Earlier in the year I worked with Q61 studio in the centre of Leeds and loved all my treatments, you can read about that here. I really wanted to work with them again, this time trying out their LVL lash lift. It's something I had seen on other bloggers and it looked fantastic, and being one of those people who just cannot ever seem to achieve those curly lashes that last all day, I thought this treatment would be perfect to get and I want to bring you along with me!

The Main Event 

I was looked after by the lovely Sharday, who did my nails, my eyelashes and stepped in as a photographer also! I opted for a dark pink with a purple undertone, Miami Beach I believe it was called and I always find gels are the perfect way to go if you're happy with your nails. They last upto three weeks and they look lovely! This was my first time receiving an LVL lash lift. I wasn't sure what to expect, although the finished product looked so good, and looks like you're wearing mascara, which makes it so natural and incredibly luscious!

Eyelash Treatment

The whole process takes around 45 minutes. Lash sheilds are first placed on your eye and a series of treatments that vary in time are carried out. I also opted for a lash tint, which Sharday recommended, which I'm glad I did, it really makes the lashes pop that little bit extra! It doesn't hurt, it's not uncomfortable, but you do need to keep your eyes closed to make the process easy; which isn't a problem for me!

Sharday spoke through each treatment and it seemed to go very quickly, and the finished product is well worth it. My vision was a teeny bit cloudy for a little while after from having my eyes closed for so long and having creams rubbed over them, so maybe take a rest from driving just after, although it may not even affect you! The finished product looked so good, so natural and really elongated my lashes; I even felt that it made the blue in my eyes pop a little more than usual!  Aftercare was simple, keep brushing through your lashes with the spooly given, and avoid water for 24 hours, which is super easy. I'd say, make sure you avoid make up in the area before your treatment, just so you don't need to worry about having to use any kind of make up remover around the lashes after.

Gel Manicure

Gel manicures typically last upto 3 weeks. At Q61 they have a huge range of OPI colours and I of course gravitated towards the pinks, like usual. I also opted for almond nails, I find this shape suits my hand better, and it's more of a timeless shape that I always enjoy wearing. A manicure takes around 25 minutes, and is complete with cuticle treatment, shaping, buffing and painting. It's a lovely pick me up and I have really truly started enjoying having my nails done this year. I used to hate the feeling of nail polish on my fingers, but I have broken through the barrier, and now gels are my favourite! Scroll to see the finished product!

The team at Q61 are lovely, based in the centre of town it's perfectly located for a trip there in your lunch break, after work, or even during a Saturday shopping spree! They do a whole range of different beauty treatments, click here to see what else they do and what may take your fancy!

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