Tips And Tricks For Dealing With Migraines

From time to time a migraine will kick in, and it can be exceptionally debilitating. Without knowing what causes your migraines and how to combat them, it can be daunting and take away from your daily life, leaving you drained and unable to do anything.

The key causes of migraines are stress, hormones or eye strains. Women tend to get migraines or can suffer with general headaches around the time of her period. Stress, this is just sometimes unavoidable but trying tricks like yoga and meditation, can really assist your stress levels. To avoid any problems with your eyes, ensure that you get your eyes tested yearly. It may be that you need glasses or stronger lenses, it may be connected with overtiredness or a bug, but it's best to get things checked.

Ways To Help

  • Cool dark room - expel as much light as you can, wear an eye mask in bed if you bed to and keep it cool. The migraine can get worse in the heat. 
  • Medicate - try over the counter remedies, or look at Independent Pharmacy for some other options for effective migraine relief. 
  • Excerise - if you feel upto it, allow yourself to get up and try to do a little bit of exercise. This will get the blood flowing and you may start to feel a little better. This can be a little jog, or a walk, perhaps even swimming, and it can aid. 
  • Avoid caffeine & stock up on vitamins - may seem obvious but some people think the caffeine will wake them up a little and therefore perk them up but this isn't always the case. Definitely opt for some healthy options, salmon, vegies, any food with magnesium in is very good. 
  • Hydrate - drink plenty! We forget to do this usually when we do feel OK and the effects can be very bad. Keep up your fluids, this will really help also and get some rest! 
So here are some of your tips to keeping healthier and happier when a migraine strikes! Don't allow your life to be dictacted by migraines any longer and be sure to try all of the above to feel better quicker!