3 Unusual Ways to Hold onto Your Travel Memories

Everyone wants to remember the fantastic experiences they have on their travels. It’s why, with the advent of digital photography and camera phones, more and more people find themselves returning home from their trips with hundreds — if not thousands — of photos to show off to friends and family. The longing to relive those holiday experiences can be so strong, that they drive people to visit the same location time and again, or to contact Dore Aesthetics to help them recapture their style from the trip.

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But what if photography, as good as it is, wasn’t the end-all-be-all of capturing those sweet holiday memories? 
Here are a few less conventional, but no less satisfying ways of ensuring that when you get back home from your travels you’ll have a world of fantastic memories to dwell on and smile about.
Keep a travel journal
A travel journal is a fantastic idea for anyone engaging on any kind of trip. In fact, it might be fair to say that keeping one is all but essential. Don’t be put off the idea if you’re not a natural writer, there’s no need to spend hours crafting novel-worthy chapters each day.
A simple paragraph each morning or each evening can be enough to record some of your more interesting experiences, and even if they don’t all seem especially breathtaking at the time, you’ll find that by looking back at those entries in years to come, you’ll awaken warm, funny, or exciting memories which you might otherwise have forgotten. Even something as simple as what you ate for breakfast on one beautiful morning.
With enough of these journals, you can even compile them into a book one day, with or without the help of a ghostwriter, and create a fully-fledged travel adventure log behind for your friends, family, and of course yourself to enjoy.
Collect a natural keepsake from each location
Small mementos that seem to capture the essence of a place for you, such as a certain pebble from a beach, can be powerful memory triggers.
As humans, we naturally anchor our memories and emotions in physical objects. Wedding dresses make us smile, old outfits make us cringe, and holiday mementos bring back a flood of memories from the places and situations where we acquired them.
To make your holiday mementos more personal, try and avoid collecting them from tourist shops, where thousands of the same item have come off a production line somewhere. Instead, go for things with a unique flavour and character. These could be hand-carved trinkets from a traditional market, or even interestingly shaped pebbles from a romantic beach.
Not only will will these trinkets help to remind you of the good times, they’ll also make great mantelpiece decorations, and serve as excellent conversation starters with friends and relatives.
Note down a local recipe to bring home
Smells and flavours are some of the strongest mental and emotional triggers that exist. It’s why the smell of a home baked apple pie can send us into a memory loop of happy childhood days visiting our grandparents.

One creative way of capturing some of the essence of your travel is to keep a "travel recipe book" where you include recipes from each location that you've visited. If you had a great pizza in Rome, on a fantastic day out, then why not research traditional Italian pizza recipes and add one to your travel cookbook? 

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