3 Ways to Connect More Deeply with Nature on Your Travels

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The natural world is amazing, and though many of us today live in cities and rarely ever spend much time in the deep forest, or on the top of a mountain, we still give away the game and reveal our amazement and fascination in the natural world by tuning into nature documentaries in massive numbers.
But what about if, next time you’re traveling around on an adventure, you took the time to really connect with the natural world in person, and not just through your TV?
Here are key travel experiences that have the power to dramatically deepen your connection to nature.
Go whale watching
Whales are, without a doubt, some of the most incredible creatures on the planet — mighty giants who live in the endless oceans and have complex social dynamics that we’re only just beginning to understand.Whale watching gives us a direct insight into the lives of these majestic creatures, head-on, and this in turn causes us to make the connection between all those documentaries we’ve seen, and animal conservation campaigns we’ve read about, and the real world in front of us.
Exotic animals like whales are easy to forget about in day-to-day life, because they seem like they come from some other, far away, planet. Seeing them up close and personal reminds us our place in the natural world, and can inspire us to be more conscientious about the ways we interact with the natural world in general, via the products we use, the charities we donate to, or the ways we dispose of our waste.
Hike up a tall mountain
The old story goes that the famous mountaineer, Edmund Hillary, when asked why he climbed Everest, responded “because it was there”.
Something about mountains naturally draws people in, and archaeological evidence shows that humans have been climbing up inhospitable mountainsides for about as long as we’ve existed on this planet.
Mountains almost seem like living organisms, with each having different textures, layouts, microclimates, flora and fauna. Climbing a mountain isn’t just a good way of getting some exercise, it’s a way of overcoming your own sense of struggle and strain.
And once you’re at the top of a mountain vista, you can see the world from a new perspective which you’ve earned directly through your own sweat.
Seeing the world from the top of a mountain gives us a sense of the scope and scale of the natural world, it reminds us of the intricacies and connections between things, and the struggle to reach the summit reminds us that even we humans with our advanced technologies still exist within the natural world.
Get involved in wildlife rescue programs
Many different types of animal rescue programs exist, and many of these rely on volunteers from overseas for assistance. 
These programs can include everything from helping to protect turtle nesting sites so that the eggs have the chance to hatch, to cleaning sea birds whose feathers have become contaminated as a result of oil spills.

Whatever kind of animal rescue program you get involved in, taking the time and effort to help injured creatures will serve to remind you of the ways in which humans and different lifeforms are interlinked.
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