This Christmas Stay On Top...Of Your Finances!

Christmas is the busiest time of year, full of festive cheer, lots of excitment and happiness, yet it is very easy to also overspend. Treat your loved ones, treat yourself, but here are some tips to ensure that you stay on top of your finances and how you can budget better ahead of this busy period. Christmas is there to enjoy, but it's not always enjoyable with hefty charges and debt. Here are some quick and simple ways to plan ahead, and still enjoy a fun-filled Christmas!

1. Budget Way Ahead

Start saving for Chrismtas presents as early in the year as you can. Collect money in a little pot/fund, and let it accumulate over the months, which gives you a little bit to play around with. Look at what your bank offer in relation to offers and savings accounts which round off each penny to the nearest pound collecting it in a separate account. Over time, you could find yourself with a small amount to splash out on gifts for the people you love. It is easy to find yourself overspending and it's always best to keep on top of your finances and your debts, ensuring you have the right help and planning in advance. Click here for help.

2. Buy Designer Gifts At Cheaper Prices

If you're wanting to splash out a little on a bag you have seen, perhaps a designer, or you're looking for some good brands at good prices, then have a little look at some online stores, such as Lyst, who let you know when the deals are in, and when the price of the products you love have dropped. Keep on top of all the online sales. Take a little look at designer outlets in your area. For example McArthur Glen have a lot of designer outlets across the country. You can read more about my trip to York Designer Outlet here.

3. Give Free Gifts

The most cost-effective gift is a gift that has not cost you anything! Take a look at gifting someone something you have made, perform to them (if you enjoy singing or music), or take them out for a special day out to some free places to visit in the local area. There are probably more than you realise, and afterall, building memories with someone and giving your time, is by far the most precious gift anyone can give.

4. Get Selling

Take a little look at all the old junk or unwanted items lying around your home and get them photographed and up on eBay or Depop! This is a brilliant way to gain some extra income and allow your unwatned or unused products to go to a better home. It may be something you just forget to do, but it can be cost-effective. DVDs, CDs and books are always big sellers, but there's nothing to stop you selling higher priced products also, or whatever you wish! There is money to be made....grab it!

5. Check Up All Your Old Gift Cards/ Loyalty Cards

Take a sneak peek inside your wallet. You may have loyalty cards and gfits cards stored away that you have never used. You may have money on there that you can use for gifts. Store cards are always good, you may even have some from past Christmas, and they usually do not have any time limits on them. Take a little look there first, see what you can do, scour magazines for vouchers and coupons that you can use for added bonus gifts! Have a look in local charity shops, these are often fabulous places to find unique items at very reasonable prices.

Above all, make sure you enjoy Christmas. It is the season to be jolly, don't let financial troubles get you down. Stay on top of it all, and enjoy.

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