Alex Carro Skincare Review

As an avid traveller, I am always keen to find good skincare that I can take with me that wil be reliable and able to fit in my suitcase easily! I am currently using Alex Carro Skincare, multi-useable and unisex, it makes it brilliant to give as a gift or just for yourself. Blended in Barcelona, the Spanish knowledge of skin puts a lot of faith into me! Here are the things that I received in my Discovery Set, which you can purchase here! It comes in a little durable pouch which is perfect to travel with.

The best part about Alex Carro is that their products are cruelty free and 100% natural, which makes using them an even bigger pleasure! I am a huge believer in natural products.

Balancing Face Oil

This smells really good. The whole set has a herbally smell, made with natural ingredients, it truly is a perfect unisex smell. The oil isn't greasy, and it settles nicely into the skin making it a great choice for post-fight skin or even something to have in your carry on bag to use during your flight.

Facial Cleanser

This is a real pick me up item for the mornings or evenings after a long day of travel. Cleanse your skin before you leave the house for your travels, or after a long day to wind down, with it's gorgeous smell!! It's refreshing and lightweight which would also make it a good choice for a warmer climate.

Exfoliating Powder

This is such a novelty and also a brilliant idea. It's proven to help breakdown the dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling rejuvinated and generally healthier. Radiant skin whilst you're travelling can be difficult to achieve, but with this powder, it generally makes life a lot easier in the longrun!

Multiuse Balm

Again this is by far the most practical of all the items. This is brilliant because it can be used on chapped lips, dry hands, or any dry skin areas, and is completely multi purpose. It's such a huge brilliant little pot of goodness and perfect to keep in your handbag whilst you are out and about!

Face Cream

Everyone needs a facecream. Whether you are male or female, your skin can be exposed to harsh weather conditions and a little nourishment will go a long way! This is a brilliant choice, packed with hyaluronic acid and other good stuff, this really nourishes the skin and makes it feel supple and moisturised.

They are brilliant travel choices and even better as they are unisex, you could share with your other half to save time, money and space in your case!

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