Protect Your Eyes Whilst You Travel

Anyone who travels regularly will appreciate how travel can really affect your eyes. Whether that's tired eyes, dry eyes, headaches from eye strain, or general wear and tear of using your eyes, in airports, whilst driving, or working whilst you're travelling, your eyes go through a lot. It's essential anyway to take care of your eyes, but I've noticed that when I travel, my eyes tend to feel sore, sometimes very tired and I want to share some tricks and tips I have on how to take care of your eyes when travelling.

Take Supplements & Meds

Keeping vitamins and supplements on you whilst you travel is a brilliant idea. Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc help promote healthy eyes, and they can be purchased in travel size if you wish so. Push them into your case and take one with your breakfast. If you suffer from dry eyes, or irritable eyes, it's probably a good idea to purchase some eyedrops to take with you whilst you travel. Most of the time you don't need to get a prescription, the chemist could probably advise you on what is best, but they can soothe the eyes, and this is particularly good when you are on a flight with all the grimy recycled air that can contribute to dry eyes. 

Get A Good Pair Of Glasses

Glasses are often essential to keep yourself from having horrible headaches, whilst you travel. There's nothing worse than being struck down with a pounding headache or pain behind your eyes from straining them too much. I am very mildly longsighted, so I do have a pair of glasses just to ease the pressure, especially when I'm tired. My favourite pair and my only pair are the Ambr Eyewear. Brilliant computer glasses that will help sheild your eyes whilst also making you look insanely fashionable. With prescription and non-prescription glasses, Ambr offer a large range of glasses that are perfect for travellers and people who sit staring at a computer for most of the day! They also block out blue light, the damaging artificial light from screens (computers, TV), which is a major contribution to eye strain, and Ambr eyewear combat this incredibly well, making them a fab choice, not just your average glasses!  Why not look at their shop, by clicking here, and see what glasses you can pick up.

Bathe Your Eyes 

If you feel your eyes are a little tired and sore, then bathing your eyes can be a brilliant way to help ease them. If you're away in a hotel room, your home comforts are sometimes hard to find, but ask for a large bowl from reception, boil your kettle and add the water into the bowl. Use a clean towel and soak it in the water, gently cleanse the eyes. Wash your hands first of course! 

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Drink Plenty 

Drinking a lot of water seems like such an important thing for any part of your body, but it truly is the best way to help your body. Drink at least four glasses a day, or bottles if you are out and about. It can be difficult to travel with water, perhaps buy yourself a water bottle to travel with, this way you can just top it up at water coolers. Drinking water just keeps the moisture locked into your body and this can also help with your eyes. Drinking less alcohol is also a good way to look after your eyes also. A little bit of light exercise can also be good for your eyes, as it aids circulation. 

So there are some of my top tips of how to look after your eyes whilst you are away! With these top tips, you are sure to have much better eye health when you're out and about on the road! 

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