Top Locations for Expanding Your Kids' Horizons

When you have kids, you want the best for them. This is a natural instinct. After all, you want them to have what’s best in the world. Now, travel may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about boosting your child’s wellbeing and potential. We generally focus on education, hobbies, and socialisation. But extended periods of travel really can make all the difference when it comes to making your child a more rounded individual. Not only will it expose them to new cultures besides their own, but it will allow them to re-examine their own morals, . What’s more? They’ll begin to realise that world is truly their oyster! There’s no stopping them from going anywhere or doing whatever it is that they please. Here are just a few different places that could prove perfect for a longer term trip with your little ones. You never know, they could be calling any of these places home in the not-so-distant future!

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When we raise our kids, we want them to have good morals and values. Iceland is renowned for this. Just take a look at their track record. Not only are they the country with the highest levels of gender equality in the world, but the country is also filled with individuals who are trying their hardest to protect the planet. Let’s take a longer look into this now, as these are such important subjects that they deserve much more than a sweeping statement. In Iceland, the right to equal resources and opportunities is a widely considered a fundamental right and one of the foundations for a prosperous and harmonious planet, regardless of an individual’s gender. As of 2017, the country has topped the World Economic Forum’s Survey for gender equality for the seventh year in a row, despite being pitted against a total of 143 other countries. The gender income gap is to be non-existent by 2022 and women boast 44% of representation on company boards. What better place is there to see your kids thrive in equality? As for the environment, Iceland is renowned for maintaining its unspoiled natural beauty. Where other countries have destroyed their natural habitats for the sake of profit, Iceland is still home to lagoons, waterfalls, geysers, green valleys, active volcanoes, and more. They champion geothermal energy and campaign for green projects year round. On top of this great moral values, there’s a thriving cultural scene!

Indonesia’s seventeen islands make up the world’s largest archipelago. So there’s bound to be someplace out there that will interest each and every . Now, let’s face one of the most prominent differences between your current home and Indonesia: the language. If you stay in Indonesia for a prolonged period of time, it may be the first time you ever find yourself immersed in a country where people don’t necessarily speak your native language. Instead, people will generally speak Indonesian. However, kids pick different languages up quickly and think how profitable it will be for your little ones to be bilingual! Once you’ve immersed yourself in the culture, you’re likely to be able to speak the language well too. You can start learning Bahasa Indonesian before you leave, as this will allow you to communicate on a basic level with others in shops, restaurants, and in general social situations. The rest will come naturally as you spend more time around people. Indonesia is a great place to expand your children’s perception of the wider world if you’re going to have to work at the same time too. In most places, you’d end up spending a fortune on childcare while you work from home. However, you will also have easy access to childcare in Indonesia, with live-in helpers not being out of the ordinary. This means that you will be able to focus on your career without having to worry excessively about finding childminders or other help to occupy your children. So, if this sounds like the kind of adventure that you want to take your family on, take a moment look at the different types of accommodation available to you. From spiritual locations in Yogyakarta - - to bigger cities such as Jakarta, there's bound to be something that stirs your interest.

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The U.K.
The U.K. is an easy step when it comes to a move. First of all, we share the same language! This can make a move so much less daunting both for you and your little ones. It will allow everyone to settle in more simply, making new friends and acquaintances and feeling more at home much more quickly. So, why take a long trip to somewhere that seems pretty similar? Well, the U.K. has a profound amount of culture for such a small set of islands. Yes, there are castles. But there also museums and a huge number of blue plaques on buildings to mark out significant culture moments or inhabitants. Britain is home to Shakespeare, the Beatles, Princess Diana, Alfred Hitchcock… the list goes on. Whether you’re interested in literature, film, or music, some of the classics hail from here. Your kids can learn about all of them. This will stir interest in all sorts of areas. Chances are that your little ones will return home with a new career in mind each day. It’s best to open their eyes to all of the creative possibilities out there from an early age! What’s more? If you’re interested in travelling from one place to another, the U.K.’s location means that subsequent travel to most parts of Europe is affordable and fast. It’s a great place to start out that could lead to further holidays or excursions to France, Spain, Portugal, and the Canary Islands for next to nothing!
Sure, when we think of Australia, the outback may spring to mind - crocodiles, bogs, wildfires, scorpions, poisonous snakes and terrifying spiders - but in reality, the majority of Australia’s population are kept well away from all of that and inhabit large, modern cities. We’ve just been watching a few too many survival programmes! So, why not take a look at some of the more modernised and habitable places that this great country has to offer! While you may not find yourself face to face with a Kangaroo, petting Wombats, or tussling a Great White, one of the stereotypes that does tend to ring true when it comes to Australia is the laid-back lifestyle. Rather than launching your child into a lifestyle of panic, pressure and stress, why not allow them to spend time somewhere where things aren’t rushed? What’s more? The cities have comparatively low crime rates, which might be attributed to this very laid back outlook. This means you don’t have to worry as much about your family’s safety while you’re away. Other benefits include a multicultural society and low population density (Aus has fewer inhabitants than Britain despite being a profoundly larger country), meaning that your children can interact with others from all sorts of different backgrounds and with a whole array of cultural heritage. But when you think that things can’t get any better, bear in mind the country’s astounding climate and stunning natural scenery. Where else in the world could you snorkel the world’s largest coral reef on the weekend? Or lie back and relax on powdery sands without straying too far from home? Like the U.K. you also don’t have to worry about picking up an extra language. Bear in mind that instead of being a necessity, languages can always be taught as an extracurricular activity! Key cities to consider include Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.
While these are four brilliant alternative places to raise your kids, there are plenty more countries out there. You just have to make sure to take the time out to do your research. Sure, you might not move in the end. But it’s always worth having a look. At the end of the day, you can always travel to these places recreationally to check them out. If they don’t suit you, then you haven’t lost anything! You’ve just had a nice trip away from home. But in some cases, a given location will catch your heart, and you could be calling it home before you know it.

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