Visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands? Here Are a Couple of Tips to Help You Out

The U.S. Virgin Islands, also known as America’s Caribbean Paradise, is a fantastic place to go on a holiday with your friends and family or even on your own. There are plenty of festive parades, lots of unique culture and traditions, delicious food and sights that will never get old. If you’re planning on visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands for the first time, then you may want to take a look at some of these tips that we’ve put together. Although it’s a brilliant holiday to invest in, it’s never a bad idea to prepare yourself before you head out into the unknown.

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It’s an Area Susceptible to Nature
The recent hurricanes this year have knocked power out to most of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Power lines have drooped, houses were ripped apart and people like Kirk Chewning had to step in to deliver generators and care for the locals in areas like St. Croix, the largest of the islands. The thing to remember here is that the area can be fairly unstable especially when there are strong winds brewing. It’s a region that is incredibly susceptible to nature, so make sure you’re prepared for the potential of visiting the U.S. Virgin Island while a natural disaster is occurring.
It’s a Great Escape From Winter
One of the best times to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands is actually during the winter. The warm weather and relaxing atmosphere are huge draws for people in the northern hemisphere that suffer from long and cold winters. As a result, you might expect to pay more for travel costs during the winter, but there are plenty of good reasons to come over to the U.S. Virgin Islands to escape a harsh winter.
Embracing Nature
The U.S. Virgin Islands have a lot of natural beauty and much of the fun from visiting these destinations is going out to explore the landscape, the rural backdrops and even the hiking paths. Don’t come to the U.S. Virgin Islands expecting it to just be partying on beaches–find an appreciation of nature and you’ll enjoy your holiday a hundred times more.
Etiquette on the U.S. Virgin Islands
Although good manners will get you far in life no matter where you are, it’s important to practice good manners when you’re visiting the islands. To start with, make sure you greet the locals with a friendly good day, good morning or even a hello before you ask them for help. Whether it’s discussing business, asking them for directions or trying to get someone’s attention for help, be polite! In addition, despite being a Caribbean paradise with plenty of beaches and watersports, it’s important not to wear skimpy bathing suits or go shirtless unless you’re at the beach–cover up! Lastly, you need to remember that the U.S. Virgin Islands operate on “island time”, meaning the locals take things at a leisurely pace, so don’t expect things to always be on time.

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