Getting Back On Track With Your Finance

Christmas is the busiest time of year, full of festive cheer, lots of excitment and happiness, yet it is very easy to also overspend. You've probably been treating your loved ones, treating yourself, but here are some tips to ensure that you stay on top of your finances in the New Year and how to gain back a little bit of money after struggling with the busy holiday period.

1. Budget For Next Christmas

Start saving for even now for this coming Chrismtas. This will help save money in the longrun when it comes to the next year. Collect money in a little pot/fund, and let it accumulate over the months, which gives you a little bit to play around with. Look at what your bank offer in relation to offers and savings accounts which round off each penny to the nearest pound collecting it in a separate account. Over time, you could find yourself with a small amount to splash out on gifts for the people you love.

2. Go Sale Hunting

Don't buy anything full price after Christmas and this will ensure that you don't overspend. Be wise with the sales, and look for things you only really truly need, and this will ensure that you don't keep tapping into funds just after the busy period.

3. Leave It To The Professionals

Don't let the worries of needing money get you down. It can be difficult to just forget that you have spent far too much and that you need to top your funds back up. Perhaps you have overspent on your credit card and you need to start paying back asap. Consider borrowing money and don't fear your finances anymore. There's no need to worry, we are never alone!

4. Get Selling

Take a little look at all the old junk or unwanted items lying around your home and get them photographed and up on eBay or Depop! This is a brilliant way to gain some extra income and allow your unwanted or unused products to go to a better home. It may be something you just forget to do, but it can be cost-effective. DVDs, CDs and books are always big sellers, but there's nothing to stop you selling higher priced products also, or whatever you wish! There is money to be made....grab it!

5. Check Up All Your Old Gift Cards/ Loyalty Cards

Take a sneak peek inside your wallet. You may have loyalty cards and gfits cards stored away that you have never used. You may have money on there that you never used. Store cards are always good, you may even have some from past Christmas, and they usually do not have any time limits on them. Take a little look there first, see what you can do, scour magazines for vouchers and coupons that you can use now! Have a look in local charity shops, these are often fabulous places to find unique items at very reasonable prices.

Above all, make sure you don't feel too down after the busy Christmas you may have had. Enjoy your new year!

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