Keep Safe On A Nightout This Year

It is definitely the season to be jolly, and the season of parties, late night drinks, meeting old friends and going out. It is also the time of year that more and more incidents have begun to occur, with girls not being safe, or being taken advantage of. This year needs to mark the start of a safe, happy year and here are some little tips you can follow, to ensure that you are not put in harm's way this holiday period, and that you can continue to implement these tips throughout the year.

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Keep Your Phone Charged & On Your Person

Never leave your phone in a bag in a club, or on the table. Always make sure it's charged and keep a portable charger with you. Your phone can be your lifeline, to either call someone to pick you up, or call for help. Keep it on you, either in a zipped pocket, or somewhere on you so that it doesn't get stolen as even now, phones still go missing in bars and clubs!

Plan Your Trip Home

When you go out, it's sometimes difficult to anticipate what time you will be finished, but to ensure you are safe, have a general time in mind and either pre-book your taxi or get your boyfriend/dad/friend etc to pick you up at this set time. Be safe, and don't be caught unavoided. Waiting for taxis can be long and tedious after 1am on a weekend.

Don't Separate

Don't separate from your friends, even if it's going to the bathroom. Take someone with you, stay around people. Don't go ahead of anyone, or don't lag behind. Anyone prying on you may notice your habits throughout the night, and someone who is always with someone is less likely to be a target.

Don't Drink Alcohol Every Drink

To avoid getting dehydrated and drunk too quickly, ensure that you have a soft drink in between alcoholic drinks. Especially now it is the New Year, it is a brilliant way to make a fresh start, stop drinking as much and look after your body a little more. We all like a drink and that's fine, but don't over-drink, it will only cost more money, and make you feel a little less in control.

It is not common for girls to have had a bad ordeal in a club or on their way home and not felt they could speak up about it. That's why, if you have ever had a bad experience, any kind of assault, then get in touch with CICA UK, who are a specialised team, on your side, to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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