Mixing Business With Pleasure In Malaysia

Any work that involves lots of travel can be a dream job for many. You role might be in fashion, marketing or even travel itself. Of course, it can be quite tiring flying all over the globe. But if you have the opportunity to mix business with pleasure while you’re away, it can make everything worthwhile. Plus - you get paid for it! One of the most important up-and-coming business centres of the world is Malaysia. And it’s also one of the most beautiful! Here’s how you can spend a little more time enjoying the tourist side of your business travel:
Finding Tim

There are several ways you can grab more time on the ground in Malaysia. You might take an earlier flight and sleep on the plane. When you land, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle a great night out after some sightseeing. Just don’t forget to check in at your hotel! At the other end of your stay, why not delay your flight back until the morning? It gives you another spare night to make the most of a city centre fun-packed evening.

Another way to find extra time is to buy a property of your own in Malaysia. This is a good idea if you are here very often. You can find a reasonably priced Penang apartment that puts you right in the centre of things. Penang is famed for its optical illusion museums and artwork, as well as some of the most stunning temples you might ever see. If that isn’t enough to delight your eyes, then head to the Gurney Plaza for food and shopping.

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As Malaysia is such a great place for startups right now, you might be here to get your very own business off the ground. This will require extended stays, so an apartment you can call home is a good idea. Wherever your business is sited, you should aim to be only a short distance away. This saves you time commuting back home when you’re exhausted after a long day. Then simply change to your evening outfit, and head back out for the night.

When you have your own apartment, you can always keep plenty of spare clothes and other accessories available for quick changes. After all, the quicker you’re glammed up, the more time you can spend socialising and enjoying yourself. You can also invite people back to your place, host dinner parties, or entertain business acquaintances with ease. Hotel rooms are often too small and lack any of the creature comforts and facilities from home.

You might also be lucky enough to have access to some outside space like a patio, a balcony and a pool. Some apartment blocks have a gym and even some stores, so you always have access to snacks! As with everywhere else, size is at a premium. If you want a really big space, you might have to buy something you can do up yourself to save the extra cash.

Meeting People

Malaysia is about as multicultural as you can get! There are, of course, districts that are more multicultural than others. You would get on just fine speaking English to anybody there. This means it is really easy for your to network on business, and meet new friends during your downtime.

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There is no shortage of venues for a great date. If you love animals you might choose between the National Zoo, the Payar Island coral reef, the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, and Aquaria KLCC. The Langkawi sky bridge is a favourite, assuming you don’t mind heights! If you like something even more high adrenaline, then the Sunway Lagoon could be just the theme park for you. Or maybe just a walk around the KLCC park is enough for you

Eating Out

There is no shortage of diversity in food when you’re in Malaysia. With so many different types of food available, you might struggle to make up your mind. There are literally influences from all over the world, and you might find some of your favourite global chains there too. When you’re staying for a while, it’s important to mix things up after all. If Chinese is your flavour, you might head to The Ming Room in Kuala Lumpur. For Mediterranean, head to Quivo. Because there are so many eateries, you’re bound to find something delicious even without a booking.

Business Meetings

There are lots of business centres opening up all the time in Malaysia. The services on offer vary as much as the type of businesses that come here from all over the world. Malaysia is a fairly central point in the region, and it is easy to travel from here to most other countries in the area. The cities are all very dynamic and multicultural, and you’ll find office lets to be the same. Even if you only require a desk share from time to time, it’s worth renting one because you’ll be able to network with so many other people from all over the world.

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Of course, if you already have an established business, you might be keen to purchase a business premises. There are a few companies out there that specialise in helping foreign business owners to firmly establish themselves in Malaysia. They will give you all the assistance you need to make sure you are operating within the law and abiding by local regulations. You might need to make special arrangements to purchase some types of business premises here.

Entertainment And The Arts

As Malaysia has influences from so many different cultures, you won’t be short of extraordinary things to see. Like Thailand and Japan, you’ll find traditions of the region that you won’t get to see anywhere else. And just like those other countries, you’ll also find a large tourist trade. This means that signs and the spoken word are often in English. And it also means that tolerance of different cultures and traditions is also high. All this adds up to a marvellous mix of authentic and influenced arts and entertainment.

Dance is very important in Malaysia, but you can also find opera, comedy, musicals, and the odd West End show! There are also a large number of cinemas that collectively show movies from every continent including the latest Hollywood blockbusters. If you love the theatre and the arts you won’t be disappointed in places like Kuala Lumpur.

Music is also very popular as an art form in this region. You can find amazing classical concerts and fun pop bands performing regularly all over the city. Live, unplugged music isn’t as prevalent as you might be used to back home. Still, the nightlife is energetic enough, and there are some DJs making quite a name for themselves internationally too. Of course, you might prefer a quiet cocktail bar or some jazz piano. After dark, all of these options are available, although some are exclusive to the swankiest hotels. Perhaps one of these might be an impressive venue for entertaining your business guests?

Most people would love a job that involves a lot of travel, even if it is all long haul! If you have business connections in Malaysia, why not make the most of the time you have there and enjoy the more pleasurable side of this region? Perhaps you’re thinking about setting down roots here, and making the trip back home only occasionally?

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